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LCUs (Local Colleges and Universities) are higher education institutions run by local government agencies in the Philippines. LRC offers local college brochures. York's local service allows parents and young people to see which disability services are available in their area and how they can use them. The College of Southern Maryland Adresse : The Chelsea FC Foundation cooperates with Uxbridge College in the Football Development Centre.

The local range - universities and colleges lists

Find information about Swiss Post 16 educational institutions in the Bradford district and the Bradford area, as well as information about 16 independently owned companies. There is also a web site to the National Association of Specialist College Suppliers (NATSPEC). Continuing training provision provides appropriate adaptations to make sure that all pupils, even those with illness, disability and educational disability, are fairly cared for and get the most out of their continuing training lives by offering extra educational tools.

The local FE colleges and vendors are shown below: Aspire Igen - Aspire offers hands-on help, instruction and assistance in the next stages of studying and working so that you can realize your wishes and visions. Seashell Trust - Royal College of Manchester FE Colleges for 19-25 year old learners with serious or serious educational problems and handicaps.

WORCESTER New COLLEGORATE - boarding and FE colleges for young adults from 11 to 19 years old, whether sightless or not. Find out more about other independent national providers here: NatSpec (National Association of Universities of Applied Sciences): The Natspec has over 70 member and associated member universities. Natspec Colleges Directory contains the contacts of the individual colleges, information about their classes, departments and colleges.

Find out more about Yorkshire and Humber universities here: The Gap is England's biggest theater group for people with disabilities and works with people with disabilities to deliver thrilling, amazing and provocative performances to local, domestic and foreign audiences. e.g., the Gap is the world's biggest theater group.

FEChoices - Skills Funding Agency - Service and inspecting information from all universities and education institutions in the UK. The UCAS Progress Search is an online index that enables youngsters to find 16 Swiss Post classes and offers in their region. The UCAS Progress works with colleges, universities, education and local government to deliver information on 16 to 19 year old students about study outcomes.

You can use it to find a course in a particular city, zip code or city. Teenagers can look for a course or a provider:

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