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Best Online Colleges List

Technical University was included in the list of the best online universities in Georgia. The Mississippi hosts several accredited online schools offering courses of study. Browse our comprehensive list of accredited MS Online schools. University of Cincinnati's online programs were rated the best in Ohio in a recent ranking. Read more about our ordered schools below or see our list of the best online colleges for students with disabilities.

30. University of California

On-line colleges have become more and more fashionable in the 21 st st cent, a period when even millennia of mileage cannot keep someone from getting the education to fulfill their desires. In recent years, there have been the emergence of remote learning programmes throughout the entire countryside, opening their online door to pupils in all 50 states and many other states.

They use the best the available technologies - such as tutorials, group chat, multi-media presentation and hands-on programming - to deliver an educational level of excellence that reflects the tradition. So if you are looking for a list of the best online universities in the U.S. by 2018, you have found them!

We' ve been looking at online collegiate graduate colleges for this rank. In order to be qualified as an online university, a primary and secondary level institution must provide at least five full four-year bachelor's programmes that are fully funded by the University. Since this list focuses on affordable prices, we have only included universities with average* fees of $20,000/year or less.

Once we had compiled a list of all universities that met the above mentioned criterions, we gathered information in six categories: Please be aware that the price range is relatively low in our rankings. This means you can be confident that all universities in this rankings are accessible, and the order in which they are arranged is a greater mirror of their overall qualitiy than cost-related ones.

Once we have collected and sorted all the information, we have sorted the applicants according to their achievements in the individual areas. Eventually we summarized the results and gave each individual schools a grade with a graph so that the best online university even received 100 points. To find out where you can find the best low-cost collegiate qualifications online, please see below!

Today, this Episcopalian-associated HBCU is also one of the top online colleges in the Country. Wilberforce has much to provide with more than 20 online programmes, a remarkable 9:1 pupil to teacher ratios and extremely accessible teaching. Canton' s SUNY Collegium of Technology deserves a place in this online university rankings, thanks in part to its 85% rate of retention. 85% of the students are enrolled in the SUNY Collegium of Technology.

And for beginners, the 13-grade GCSE, from general (e.g., plus, online students can avail all the same resources as their ones on-CCampus matches, and include careers benefits, tuition, and a tough first year consulting routine. SUNY' numerous foreign studies programmes are even available to you, whether you want to discover the Peruvian government or the Belgian economy.

Since Ohio University has a large eCampus website for correspondence students only, it is no wonder that many of its online grades are among the best in the world. If you register online for one of the OU's OU accelerated collegiate programmes, you will find assistance not only from the eCampus, but also from a separate office for teaching innovation.

Several of these innovating ventures involve a powerful educational programme that gives credits on the basis of personal experience, and a Success Center where you can talk to your employees online or over the telephone. In particular the Mid-America Christians University will be considered by Christians for their online study needs. This Oklahoma language center not only includes Wesleyan principals and encourages pupils to minister to others, but also provides a complete online B.S. in Christ services.

The MACU also has some of the best online collegiate diplomas for vets. The Arizona State University is willing to show you the opposite if you think that participating in an online certified university will restrict your opportunities. The ASU has something to provide for every prospective students with over 30 correspondence courses. No matter whether you are looking for a conventional, art-oriented qualification (e.g. a B.A. in Global Studies) or a more career-oriented opportunity (e.g. a B.S. in Information Technology) at ASU, you can do so entirely online.

Since you are pursuing an affordable online higher education degree from this Kansas establishment, you can take up the counseling, mentoring, a careers centre and more. You can even take a demonstration course that will introduce you to online study and the Fort Hays world. Once you enroll, you will have a broader online student community to help and encourage you to graduate.

The Dickinson State University provides a range of online study experiences. As well as the popular Moodle and Blackboard platform, you have NetTutor (a online tutorial system that complements the school's own tutorial center), Tegrity (which tracks real time courses that you can watch later) and more.

You will also enjoy a great 10:1 relationship between students and teachers, a wide range of programmes and accessible lessons while attending this top class online. The DSU even encouraged graduates to go on foot in their final celebration - if you make it to the North Dakota schools crossroads.

However the compromise for worrying this immensely affordable academy is that it will offer a relatively small selection of low-cost online colleges diplomas, most of which concentrate on businesses. In addition, with the extremely adaptable Bachelor of General Studies you can create a course of studies that is suitable for almost every professional objective, from legal practice to entry into the property markets.

If you believe it or not, the University of Memphis has an award-winning website dedicated to its correspondence schooling. Indeed, in fact, the institution prides itself on large indefinite quantity of certified online prison system that acquire approval for their cost and their degree. This is because the institute has conceived its web-based degree programmes to suit the needs of non-traditional undergraduates, which include a heavy dependence on flex, asychronous grades.

It also runs a number of online programmes for undergraduates, ranging from vocational economics to an amazing range of lesser-used socio-scientific and arts related option. You can, for example, obtain a B.A. in Political Sciences, English or even Philosophy completely online. The Central Washington UCU is so dedicated to online education that it has created a multi-modal educational center specifically designed to deliver "teaching and multi-media technology, assistance and training" to on-docutors.

It underlines the amount of devotion it needs to get a place in this online rankings of the Collegiate Programme. This centre provides potential undergraduates with a comprehensive list of materials, plus a quick guide to help you assess whether you are up for online tuition. And if so, you should take a look at some of the more exceptional courses at CWU, such as the B.S. in Aviation Management and the B.S. in Paramedicine (Note: the latter require personal training).

Piedmont is one of the best online universities for biblical oriented undergraduates. Whilst you can undoubtedly practice a more worldly programme, the countless religious choices will be appreciated by Christians. Such as associating a B.A. in the Bible with one in ten children, which includes North American church planting, child labor, and church upbringing.

Challenging young people may want to discover the five-year bachelor's and master's courses in Christian ministry that will help them work with the churches and include an intern in their congregation. Moreover, all Piedmontese programmes are of great value: the language center provides an approximate yearly education of less than $10,000! As many similar colleges on this graduate online rankings, Davenport University primarily provides career-oriented programmes.

Included is a comprehensive correspondence course within the College of Business, where you can acquire everything from a B.B.A. in accounting to a B.S. in leadership and organizational performance. However, the boarding kennel really does shine for its medical programmes. As well as a B.S. in Nursing (graduation option), you can obtain qualifications in Medical Case Management, Medical Information Management and similar programmes that will prepare you for a position in the emerging realm of eHealth files.

Old Dominion University has been providing good educational services to correspondence courses for over 30 years, and this dedication is reflected in the school's many top online university programmes. You will find plenty of resource for non-traditional undergraduates ( "tips to help you combine your study with a full-time career"), but you will also appreciate the school's effort to bring online learning together with the wider student population.

As Penn State evolved its world campus to help mature learner resume their training, all strip trainees will find much to love about this top online university. In addition to offering bachelor's degree courses in countless areas, the institute also offers a free nine-week course to help workers make the switch back to the study world.

By qualifying, you will also gain admission to specific funding and general university scheduling capabilities. In addition, the academy has a section of Alpha Sigma Lambda, a nationally honorary association for mature students that allows you to connect with like-minded people and join a fellowship of like-minded people. Altough Colorado State University - Fort Collins only caters to a handful of the more accessible colleges routine online, it balances more than its scarce amount with spectacular qualities.

It is a well thought-out programme that reflects the characteristic feature of the CSU: a genuine dedication to offering online students powerful programmes that result in rewarding career paths. The Washington State University may be the only institute on this list to support a students' administration devoted exclusively to online students. If you visit this top colleague online, you can look for a job in the Global Senate, join a commission or just participate in the Senate meetings.

It is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to get active outside the schoolroom and help design your distant student experiences. Our offices offer support for discussions, individual counselling and even help you to find an industrial placement if you want to integrate practical training into your studies. University of Cincinnati recognizes that you have probably enrolled online for an accelerated collegiate programme because you do not have enough free access to tradition.

Obviously these awards would be insignificant without sound university programmes, but you can be sure: UC's Grade deserve top positions in various online ranks. Be it firefighting, substance abuse counseling, information technology or any of many other fields, UC probably has a programme to suit you.

In order to make sure that correspondence students have a collegiate background that reflects that of their colleagues on the university' s university campuses, Florida International University has launched several sophisticated programs. First of all, an online tutorial will introduce you to the Internet connection and explain how the academic syllabus links with the world.

You will also profit from high-impact chances that promote your management qualities, and you may even consider becoming an honorary member of the university. Aside from these extra-curricular possibilities, the FIU excels in its broad range of accessible online university qualifications, which includes hard-to-find courses such as a B.A. in Asian Studies, a B.A. in Religious Studies and a group of focused B.S. programmes in Hotel Management.

It is another powerful choice for Christians. That Nebraska Institute lets you acquire an accredited higher education degree online while taking classes from teachers who divide your beliefs. They can either concentrate all their efforts on a specific topic (e.g. penal law, psychology) or develop their own programme with a B.A. in General Studies.

In the latter case, you and a consultant choose two main topics and a number of elective subjects that enable you to complete your studies. Westfield State University justifiably earns its place in this online university programme rankings with 88% loyalty, reasonable fees and award-winning programmes. It is noteworthy, however, that VAS primarily provides Bachelors programmes, so you must have an adequate number of Bachelors before the transfer.

Unexpectedly, this lawsuit is a strife; the university's partnerships with several Massachusetts public adult education centers is offering on-site students over to Westfield to end their grades in the story, liberal studies, criminal justice and more. Those with a certain amount of versatility could also appreciate the RN-to-BSN grade that Westfield provides in hybrids.

Although online teaching is becoming increasingly common, some pupils are still concerned about the dogma associated with online school. Luckily, UCF is working tirelessly to break these prejudices by creating online university accreditation programmes that maintain the same high standard of excellence as its conventional programmes. These efforts have already payed off, as UCF was ranked by U.S. News as one of the "best online study experience".

" It also offers online courses with more than a decade of Bachelor's qualifications in almost as many fields. When looking for ressouri tuition and help, keep in mind that few colleges can reach the power of Missouri State University's amazing online network. Remote literacy students facilities embrace careers consulting and grade exploration, off-campus testproctoring, an online self-assessment tutorial, book navigational aid and more.

And, to make sure that the department provides the best online collegiate learning possible, MSU also provides teacher-specific ressources such as a computer service helpdesk and a dedicated manual for correspondence teachers. Not surprisingly, there is also a choice of bachelor's degree programmes at the school. As well as nearly a dozen Bachelors degree courses in areas such as criminology and finances, MSU also provides a handfull of 100% online and minor school-leavers.

Home to more than 70 online degree programs across a wide range of disciplines. Teachings and training, technique and technique, art and human sciences - this academy has it all. This is of course exactly what you should be expecting from a higher educational institution whose main task is "to offer adults access to higher education".

" In the more than two dozen years National has developed its online learning center, the company has worked hard to make it better. The eCampus of Oregon State has more than 21,000 enrolled enrolments around the world - clear proof of the continued appeal and appeal of its online programmes. In particular, an undergraduate has an unusually wide but unparalleled range of inexpensive online university graduation option.

Indeed, OSU is known for its commitment to the environment; other online programmes in this area cover gardening, fishing and sciences, nature conservation and so on. Situated in a small city in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Appalachian State has an additional incentive to extend access to its programmes through correspondence courses.

ASU does not only provide online training. However, if you are only interested in a 100% online collegiate programme that does not require any travelling, do not be afraid. The ASU can cover your needs in three main areas: training (e.g. children and adolescents, children's empowerment, children's care ), health care (nursing) and vocational training (e.g. communications and welfare work).

NAU redefines educational reachability with tens of 100% online grade plus hybrids co-ordinated across more than 20 universities across Arizona. The campus-link offers a simple and comfortable way for foreigners to study without having to forego personal study. However, even when travelling is not an optional feature, NAU offers a range of web-based supporting tools - which include online tutorials, tech assistance, and librarian-accessible - for a unique, compelling online customer experience.

Northern Arizona University, one of the best online universities, also boasts "personalized learning". "This is an ideal way to complete your studies at your own speed, while at the same time contributing your practical experiences. As some other state colleges on this online program rankings, East Carolina University is focused on delivering graduation paths for close-up fellows.

This does not mean, however, that you cannot participate in the MECU if you are outside North Carolina; you just need to work with an online adviser to ensure that your previous studies meet the needs of your chosen Bachelor's programme. Granted, Hobe Sound Bible College will not be winning any prizes for the range or diversity of its online grades.

However, if you are looking for a European church with a high level of success in terms of qualitiy (including an avarage commitment and completion rate of around 75%), HSBC is probably the way to go. And not to name it' s sub-$6,500 yearly prize makes it one of the most accessible colleges online! Hobe concentrates on two major areas when it comes to scholarly options: religious and educational.

To be more precise, you can obtain your BA in General Church Studies (with several subsidiary subjects), ministerial studies or primary and secondary school. While his name indicates that he could concentrate entirely on teaching Christianity, the Baptist College of Florida offers a surprisingly broad spectrum of professorships. There are BAs in Bible, Christen and Service studies to be sure, but you can also study in a subject of the free art such as History/Social Studies, Psycology and English.

The BCF also provides online degree accreditation in career-focused fields such as business leadership and learning, as well as several minor courses with which you can combine subject areas. And, through its National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (NC-SARA) affiliation, the BCF makes sure that its correspondence courses are open to students throughout the country.

University of Florida is rising to the top of this online university rankings for a number of reason. As well as the contented student (who have a degree and commitment ratio of almost 90%!), UF also offers an economical study fee and a sturdy range of online programmes. These include over two dozen major and minor subjects in information technology, environmental management, health education and telecommunications media.

In addition, the UF has established UF OneStop, a committed supporting staff that is exclusively responsible for answering remote students' queries from enrolment to funding. Thank you for datum our standing of the 30 attempt cheap prison online!

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