List of Accredited Online Colleges and Universities

Accredited online universities and colleges

There is no claim to completeness in the following list of programs that offer online or distance learning. The Metropolitan State University of Denver (CO). The CSWE accredited Online Master of Social Work (MSW) programs. The Lynn University offers accredited, online accelerated study programs in six different areas. For a list of accredited bachelor's degree programmes, click here.

Georgia's 25 Best Online Colleges for 2018

UG, situated in Athens, Georgia, is one of the best online colleges in Georgia and a top general research college that offers online graduation grades, two Undergraduate Degree Programmes and a series of certifications and single courses. and... Both Bachelor's programmes are in the fields of economic pedagogy and specialized pedagogy. The eLearning Commons (eLC) of the UGA serve as a liveclassroom and web site for upcoming lectures and innovations at the school.

Undergraduates will have online student support for any question or problem related to their classes or the e-LC-plattform. The UG is accepting a wide range of funding resources, which includes business and defence support, and provides a free online finance training programme for all graduates. Correspondence study librarians are available to help student navigation through the university's e-reserves and answers research-related question.

By 2016, the UG began to offer its online undergraduates financial savings through the introduction of online text books and other open learning materials. Brenau's online classes are designed in an expedited 7-week schedule and are delivered by accredited online teachers who are completing a 4-week online course. At the end of each course, all of the students' remarks and proposals are examined by the respective professors.

There are 16 online opportunities for graduates and undergraduates, among them an associate diploma in liberal studies and a new bachelor's diploma in psychological studies. Understudies - Abschlüsse umfassen Organizational Leadership, Early Childhood Education und Accounting. Access to the course is via the educational system Canvas. There is a maximum enrolment limit of 20 pupils for online lessons, which optimises online relations between teachers and their age group.

There is an online student centre providing student direct links to libraries, e-mail and bookshop materials. Only in Gainesville, Georgia, Brenau is one of the best online colleges in Georgia, a liberal art academy with a womens college. clayton State is a top-ranked Georgia Online Colleges, and offers supple and in-demand bachelors and masters degrees programmes specifically designed for nontraditional adult students. If you are looking for a place to study, Clayton State is the place to be.

The BrightSpace course content lifecycle system allows pupils to interact with teachers and engage in course work. Advanced online tutorials from the Center for Academic Success and online write help from the Online Writer's Studio. In most of the programmes Clayton provides eTuition discounted fares for its full online undergraduates and a wide range of grants for online undergraduates.

The online lessons can either continue the 16 weeks of the conventional course or be delivered in an expedited 8 week time. Through Clayton and other regional activities, college campuses can learn about the university's various audio-visual content services, such as The Bent Tree Zeitung, web broadcasting and direct TVstream.

Clayton, an older member of the Georgia Academic system, moved from jr. to state-run colleges to universities in less than 50 years. Found in Statesboro, Georgia, about an hr interval from the Historical Savannah, Georgia South is one of the top Georgia online colleges. HSE is Georgia's biggest institution with over 20,000 undergraduates from all 50 states and 86 states.

We offer online alumni qualifications and certifications through four of our universities and three bachelor's courses, among them a BS in Information Technology and an RN-BSN qualification. HSE is a member of the HSE Education and Training Center (SREB electronics campus), the collaboration educational network of the D2L Driven by D2L, which provides non-governmental qualifications to citizens of the South.

His comprehensive list of online postgraduate degree programs have been recognised as among the top 75 in the Nation by U.S. News & World Report. HSE undergraduates will have direct entry to a livecam with a library keeper and an expansive research database. Recognised by the Carnegie Institute as a premier research institution, the HSE houses many research centres and labs, among them the Center for Educational Leadership.

On of the top online colleges in Georgia, Luther Rice has offered fully online university programs for more than 15 years. There is no need for the student to reside in the state to participate in these programmes and all of them are charged the same fees. It has postgraduate degrees in apology, Bible counselling, Bible study, fellowship and service under its online graduation programmes.

We also offer an online bachelor's program in religious education with a focus on Bible study for those who are looking for a specific syllabus in the teaching of the Christans. The majority of online classes include videotaped classes that allow the student to do the course work in their free hours so that they can continue their own life and career while graduating.

Kennesaw State has 13 colleges on two Atlanta Campus-Kennesaw and Marietta-and a renowned Carnegie PhD institute for highly-committed civilians. Over the last five years, the university's research budgets have increased from $4.3 million to $51 million, opening up new research possibilities for college and college undergraduates.

The Kennesaw Group provides over 70 bachelor's and diploma programmes, certification and end-orsement programmes as well as over 500 online and advanced training programmes within the framework of the KSU correspondence course. KSU's online Computer Information Technology and Business Administration degrees have been voted among the best in the country by U.S. News & World Report. Undergraduates will have at their disposal a full range of academical and supportive offerings, which include the KSU Customer Service for those who offer telephone or e-mail counseling from accredited consultants and psychiatric consultants.

The KSU is a member of the Electronic Camp of the Southern Regional Educational Board, which is sharing electronic educational materials and the D2L Bright Space educational space. Most online courses at Kennesaw State are 100% online, although a few may need a one-time attendance oncushion. One of the premier Christendom universities and one of the best online colleges in Georgia, Toccoa Falls offers co-gender trainings and educational opportunities for those who wish to join the Department or staff as representatives of Christendom as well.

The TFC website has been further expanded and currently offers 12 online undergraduate, associated and certification programmes. The online programmes comprise consulting psycology, business management and services. The student has online library staff to help them find and borrow materials. Four semester Service & Outreach is a great way for online undergraduates to meet with communities or church organisations and share the value of Toccoa Falls.

Fellows near the school are always welcome to take part in track and field sports, college colleges and organisations, band worship parties and other specific activities on the school' s premises. The TFC has an annual closing ratio of 93 per cent. Western Georgia's SACSCOC accredited online and composite programmes are available at the junior and postgraduate level, which includes certification and specialisation.

The University of Georgia's schools of the year for 2015 is one of the best online universities in Georgia, the University System of Georgia's schoollev. The eMajor is a Bachelors of Sciences with a focus on Organizational Leadership. It is an excellent choice for either conventional or non-traditional graduate who is looking for an alternative course that meets their professional goals.

E-learning is available at the same price for all our clients, regardless of their residence state. The WUTV Weekly Newscast, which is run by WUTV College of Music, allows you to connect to UWG's WOLF web based studio station or broadcast news about activities, sport, people and more. The Columbus State incorporates its key principles of Excellency, Commitment, Involvement, Creative, Leadership, Integration and Sustained Development into its overall academic work.

The CSU is one of the best online universities in Georgia, enrolling more than 8,200 undergraduates on its central campsite, the RiverPark and on the Internet. The CSU Online provides admission to a variety of study programmes and certification as well as a longer list of part- and hybrids online classes. CougarVIEW, the CSU's online course system, is supported by Brightspace and provides easy accessibility to a variety of online educational and resource offerings such as Blackboard Collaborate, Atomic Learn and other online experiences.

Collaborate is web conferencing and content exchange and Atomic is an online repository of advanced design and educational materials. The CSU is a member of the CSU's network of partners at the REB electronics college, which extends its coverage to include all of Georgia and other countries in the South. ProctorU gives the student easy online examination options.

Situated in Americus, Georgia Southwestern State provides a wide range of online student study programmes, among them three bachelor's, two master's and one diploma theses. Every programme provides the self-paced study options needed to complete their studies as effectively as possible. GSW merged with Dalton State College in 2015 to provide an online bachelor's course in law enforcement.

This programme is aimed at non-traditional apprentices, members of the armed forces and returnees who wish to graduate. Online enrollment fees are the same for all online enrollment regardless of where you live. It provides funding through fellowships, credits, scholarships and other ways of financing their training.

omas is a nonprofit, four-year college in historical Thomasville, Georgia, a peasant town about 35 leagues across the Georgia-Florida-Garden. One of the best online universities in Georgia, the TU is first and foremost a commuting college with a varied students' faculty composed of experts from different nationalities.

The TU provides a wide variety of online bachelor's and master's courses, from rehabilitation to business administration. It has more than 1,100 registered and graduated junior and postgraduate grades and is known for its small size (10:1 ratio) and strong student-teacher-connections. The TU provides a number of general and subject-specific grants for qualified undergraduates.

The student has full online availability of an e-bookstore with the Blackboard Learn-powered Shop for books, prints and rental. Blackboard Collaborate web conference and ProctorU Online Proofing is available through the Blackboard Learning System. The Valdosta State, one of the top online colleges in Georgia, is located approximately 15 min north of the Florida State line.

The" Blazer Credo" of the Universität für Höflichkeit, Integrität und Staatsbürgerschaft" is realised through the promotion of a lively discussion and the free sharing of opinions. The VSU provides a large selection of online and dual degree programs. A few are provided by the Georgia College system Georgia ONmyLINE Mutual System. Access to the course is via D2L-operated e-learning e-learning platforms provided by D2L and common to Georgian universities.

One of the study aids is Blackboard Collaborate for web conferences with colleagues and teachers. The VSU SmartPath Core programme enables the student to follow an illustrated, self-directed course or certification schedule and take one course after another, with the ability to graduate in just three terms.

An eTuition discount is available for full online undergraduates. The Middle Georgia State has several sites in the heart of Georgia, with Macon and Eastman included, each with its own campuses and programmes. Sorts high among Georgia Online Colleges. The newest Georgian institution to open in July 2015, Middle Georgia provides correspondence programmes that offer Bachelor's, Associate's and Master's degree courses.

Adults and non-traditional learner can take full benefit of our custom developed ADL Pathways programmes in the fields of aeronautics, IT, health care and more. The student gains previous knowledge for vocational, voluntary, military and other related experience and adapts a course of study that adapts to his or her particular goals. The course material and activity is available through the Brightspace online 24-hour training and education system.

Programmes Alle sind von der Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges akkreditiert. The online resource for college graduates includes online learning capabilities and workshops as well as e-Advising tools. Emory University, situated in the north-eastern part of Atlanta, is home to more than 15,000 Ph. D. candidates. One of the best online schooling in Georgia on a regular basis, the college offers a series of online programmes and classes that allow pupils to take their diplomas from home.

Universities offer a doctorate in care and a doctorate from the department, several Master's qualifications and a Bachelors of Med. Surgery in Med. Emory enrolment fees are the same regardless of residence state. It also allows pupils to begin their education at Oxford College, a nursery located on the former Emory campsite on the east outskirts of the metropolis of Atlanta.

The Oxford and Tradition Trails offer pupils extensive assistance and resource for correspondence courses. SCAD has offices in Atlanta, Savanah, France and Hong Kong and supports more than 13,000 international undergraduates. Our courses offer courses without fixed session hours. Prospective participants will view videos and take on tasks if their time schedule allows, so that they can fulfil their family and career responsibilities and graduate at the same time.

SCAD provides a full online program of 16 online programmes for graduates and undergraduates. In order to be admitted, first-year enrolments require at least 3. The student pays the same fees, regardless of his/her residence state. Mercer University's online programmes combine adult professionals' classes with compelling web education resources of the 21 st centurys such as web ex conferences and blackboarding.

Hybride programmes combining online and face-to-face courses are also available. Undergraduates can register online for web-based information events for both Bachelor's and Master's programmes.

New enrolments can apply as many accreditations as possible from earlier study programmes to their studies in cooperation with the Admissions Office. Founded in 1833, Mercer is a Baptist campus and today has more than 8,600 undergraduates at its campuses in Macon, Atlanta, Savannah and Columbus, Georgia. Incorporated into Darton State in 2015, Albany State provides a range of online certifications, associate's diplomas and advising pathways, all of which are designed to help preparing for four years of study at another school.

Than one of the best online colleges in Georgia, Albany State is offering the eMajor programme, which is a bachelor's level in organizational leadership that can be customised to meet the needs of work specialists, military staff and transition trainees through transcription and past study accreditation relying on past experience. eMajor is one of the best online colleges in Georgia. The online course is available in 8- or 16-week semesters.

Examinations that require proofing can be taken either online with proofing softwares or in a supervised place near the dormitory. For each course of studies, our online experts are available. Undergraduates will have at their disposal a variety of educational materials, such as GALILEO - the GeorgiA LIbrary LEarning Online - and Smarthinking Training School.

Nordgeorgien provides a wide range of postgraduate and postgraduate diplomas and certifications online. UNG enrolment has increased by over 3,000 in four years, with 97 per cent of enrolment at the university. UNG, one of the best online universities in Georgia, is the outcome of a fusion between North Georgia College & State University (founded in 1873) and Gainesville State College (founded in 1964).

The UNG is recognised as one of only six state-recognised armed forces and is described by Georgia's university system as the Carnegie Research School and the State Leadership Institution. Accessible through the Student Resource Centre are advisory and funding tools, online tutorial and librarian support, examination materials, and more.

The UNG also provides online student ambassadors who act as tutors for new UNG online undergraduates. The Armstrong State Univeristy provides a selection of online degree and college certifications and was the only Georgia Univeristy to be recognised by U.S. News & World Report in 2017 for its online crime law programme.

Armstrong, situated just south of the historical savannah, was established in 1935 and is now part of Georgia's university system. âAdditional to the classification as one of the best Georgia Online Colleges, Armstrong has been recognised as a gold-level Military Friendly Shool Awards winner in 2017 for a small community college by Victory Media.

Armstrong is involved in an on-going partnership with the Savannah Graduates charitable organisation as part of a collaborative effort to help educate and educate adults to go back to college. Armstrong is offering a one-year set of online students' online classroom scores as part of its Online First Year Experience in addi tion to its online focus.

Shorter University is one of the best online colleges in Georgia, and offers online degrees programmes for adult students at various stages in their working lives, includ-ing those looking to alter their careers over time or advancing in their present industries. Scribing the online degrees division has two aims -- those who have a wish to promote their literacy but also to mentally thrive through the Christian belief.

The online classes are built in an 8-week expedited schedule. Short University Online has formed partnerships with companies that pass on their SACSCOC-accredited online graduation programmes to onlocal people. Distant students have online bookstores and librarian service available. The Shorter is a privately owned, open-minded art school, established in the Baptist traditions and based in Rome, Georgia.

Up until the 1950', the institute was a women's collegium and received academic rank in 2010. Based in Rome, Georgia, GHC provides two bachelor's and eight associated degree programs that are completed entirely online. Whilst the schools are charging higher prices for non-residents, the school's involvement in Affordable Learning Georgia can help reduce significant sums.

As a result of this project, the lecturers offer course work in the "Open Learning Resources" form without the pupils having to buy text books and teaching materials. It also offers a number of scholarships to help reduce your fees. In order to be considered for admittance, first-year semester enrolments must have at least a GPA of 2.0 during their university years.

It provides online learners with online support, advice and advice. Established in 1831, LaGrange is the oldest privately owned university in Georgia, and is also one of the best online colleges in Georgia. Courses have an approximate enrolment of only 12 people, with a combined enrolment of over 1,000 from 21 states and 5 states.

The LaGrange program provides a full online Master's in strength and conditioning, with some online Master's in philanthropy and developmental. An RN-BSN certificate is awarded for basic schooling. There are online classes available for certifications in Aging Study and Business Essentials. Undergraduates take online examinations at a supervised site near their place of residency and have online librarianship materials, a recruitment service, online interviewer trainings and advisory centres.

You can buy and buy through the LaGrange online shop. The FVSU provides a wide range of correspondence courses for those who are looking for the comfort and versatility of online schooling. The Bachelor's programmes focus on penal law, organisational management, politics, psychological studies and counselling in the field of rehabilitative medicine. In order to be admitted to the FVSU, freshmen need at least two.

Interested applicants require at least 30 academic semesters at an accredited higher education institution or universit y with a GPA of at least 2.0. The FVSU is situated in Fort Valley, a small village in the centre of Georgia. The same price is paid by all our online courses, regardless of residence state. Beulah Heights makes the top-ranking list of Georgia Online Colleges and offers online Christian education programmes that embrace an affiliate and champion in religious and leadership studies.

In autumn 2017, a new online bachelor's degree in religion or management study will be available for the first and only. Beulah' s E360 e-learning technology enables users to take advantage of 15 weeks of synchronous classes in the world. Undergraduates will have full use of Blackbaud's online teacher communications site, online librarian resource, personal support from the centre and much more.

The Beulah programmes are accredited by the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS). And Beulah will be preparing them for the rise of the ministers. Point's online associate's and bachelor's degrees have driven the college to the top of the ranking for online colleges in Georgia. They are ready to become pros in their selected field of study and service their fellowship.

The majority of programmes, with the exceptions of general programmes, can be either Associates or Bachelors degrees. The student can either select fully synchronous programmes or select a hybride programme that will combine online classes with classes on Tuesday or Thursday evening.

Pupils have online at their disposal consulting service, the Educational Resource Center, spiritual education opportunities and more. Point-is a privately owned, open-minded art establishment with a major site in West Point, Georgia, and five other state-owned sites, among them Atlanta and Savannah. The programmes at Point University are SACSCOC accredited.

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