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The Keiser University is a private, non-profit university based in Florida. We offer training programs for students, graduates and postgraduates in both traditional and online formats. Store Keiser University Apparel, textbooks, merchandise and gifts in the bookshop. Startpage - All Courses; Online Programs.

The Keiser University Online offers degrees in sought-after areas and supports all students and alumni in job placement.

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They have the chance to participate in students' organisations such as the Students Government Association, the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society and the Sigma Beta Delta International Honor Society, which can promote their own career and career and at the same time earn their graduates. Describes programmes that are only available online. Describes programmes that are available online and on university campuses.

Describes hybride programmes. Designated on-Campus and Hybrid Programmes. Describes programmes with selected online training programmes.


More than trainers, they tried to know you as a character and see your aims so that they could urge you towards them. Mrs. Crawford from the Studentenwerk was helping me find a career before I got my degree. These two teachers who influenced my Iife are Mr. Williams and Mrs. Percy.

In addition to the course syllabus, the experience of my actual work has been rewarded by the classes that the trainers have had. Without my training at Keiser, I probably wouldn't be where I am today, both in my professional and personal lives. It' s because of going to Keiser and the trainers I had that I entered a nightclub founded by Mr. Williams, The Lakeland Shooters Photography Group, which enabled me to dare into an astonishing and very inventive area that I use to improve all facets of my Iife.

One and a half years I have been in the programme have helped me better prepare for a work in the fields.... As a practical student, the project-related lessons were ideal for me. I not only got an outstanding level of formation, but also motivation and practice that strengthened my self-confidence every where.

PA faculty are very concerned about the student's advancement and achievement and have been great consultants at every stage of the work. Smaller classes and personal support help me to graduate quickly. My practical experiences and training brought me a position in a neighbouring solicitor' office.

I' ve chosen Keiser because everything was there - small classrooms, thoughtful teachers, practical training and advisors who are really there for you. I was refused several promotion opportunities with my present job, so I took the decision to continue my schooling. I have been promoting since my bachelor's in business administration and can fill vacancies that were previously unavailable to me.

Emperor was helping me to make a difference in my own lives by getting my schooling! I was delighted when I heard about Keiser, because the teachers were great. So I decided on the information technology programme.... The speed of one lesson per week was an incredible help in my self-discipline. Baccalaureate in business administration at Keiser must be one of the best in the country.

Emperor is taking the fundamentals that are being learned at the Associates levels and using them to enhance your abilities and expertise.

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