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Candidates who meet the admission requirements for the Junior College will receive a certificate of admission. As a comprehensive community college, New Mexico Junior College promotes success through learning. Making Joliet Junior College your first choice. This is the official website of the Paris Junior College, Paris, Texas. I' m Colorado's Premier Two-Year Residential College.

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Junior College is a post-secondary school that prepares for either craft or supplementary study at another university with progressive teaching materials. As a rule, junior college graduates study for 1-3 years. Telangana, Maharashtra, Odisha, Assam, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, however, have a system of junior Colleges where after the 10.

The junior college is also known as a pre-university college (PUC). The junior colleagues are often co-located with the Research Training Groups. Junior Centres in Japan (????) generally offer 2-year programmes, but can also offer 3-year programmes. Undergraduates who are studying at a junior university are eligible for an associated qualification.

A junior college (JC) in Singapore corresponds to a United Kingdom 6th Forms College. Following the GCE exams at grades 4 or 5, the student can request admittance to a JC or a technical college. Historically, both O and A grades were provided in upper and lower grades, and the pupils in the A-level grades were referred to as "pre-university" years.

Currently, the pupils complete their Abitur at a higher education institution and can decide for the Abitur at a JC or as a private candidat. Junior Centres in South Korea (????) generally offer 2-year programmes, but can also offer 3-year programmes if this is allowed by executive order.

1 ] A student who is studying at a junior university is eligible for an associated qualification. 2 ] The junior high schools may, provided the executive order has been issued, also provide "advanced main courses" for their graduates leading to abachelors. 3 ] Junior College in South Korea includes Yeungjin College and Jeonbuk Science College.

In the United States, the number of junior high schools peaked in the 1940' and has been decreasing ever since. In the course of the twentieth and twentieth centuries, many junior high schools, both state and privately owned, developed into four-year junior high schools, some of which were four-year junior schools in the meantime; the Westminster College of Salt Lake City and Shimer College are following this development.

A junior college in the United States is a junior college that allows a cadet to become an officer in the army in two years' time, instead of the four used. Undergraduates must have a Bachelor's qualification before they can be deployed as full-time officer in full-time service.

Currently there are four junior army colleges: John Merrow, Community Colleges: The New York Times, 22. avril 2007. Beth Frerking, Community Colleges: By Achievers, a New Destination, The New York Times, 22. avril 2007. John Merrow, Community Colleges: The New York Times, 22 April 2007.

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