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Authorized online schools and school programs. The OSPI approves and monitors programs that enable students to learn online on a regular basis. Create an advanced online security curriculum in your school. Wellcome to the website of the Virtual Schools and Programs. If you would like more information about virtual schools and programs in Kansas, please choose one of the following options:.

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which provides a sequence of synchronized or asynchronized teaching led by a tutor, primarily through on-line eLearning policies that offer pupils a selection of times, places and routes, and a teacher-led mode of teaching. Eschools and programs for individual districts are for use only by pupils in the approving districts. Summary: Academy High High School Academy exist to satisfy the needs of schoolchildren.

The high school programme is for 9-12 graders living within or outside the Academy School District 20. AIM Global is an alternate educational choice for pupils in years 6 to 12 for whom conventional educational regimes have not worked for various reason.

Your syllabus is provided by a blend teaching style that uses on-line curricula from various resources to provide versatility and adaptability to each pupil, with both personal and on-line access to the teacher. At AIM Global, we focus on assisting our pupils to reach the levels of skill necessary for their achievement long after high school.

At Branson School Online we strive to positively change the life of kids in an alternate school environment. There is also a one-of-a-kind teaching programme for skilled and highly skilled pupils. There is also a one-of-a-kind teaching programme for skilled and highly skilled pupils. It is our aim to ensure that all pupils have the same rights and that every pupil has the chance of a good one.

Summary: Denver High School ( "DOHS") is a Denver Public Schools High School that provides motivational 9th to 12th grades by offering very responsive on-line and offline schooling. The Denver High School offers full-time (free), part-time and additional registration possibilities. Every 9-week Denver HS enrols new full-time undergraduates.

Summary: Elevate Academy (Elevate) is a toll-free, on-line community charters school that focuses on assisting college graduates to achieve their full potentials. It is our aim to ensure that all pupils have the same rights and that every pupil has the chance of a good one. Use the FLVS Global School syllabus, where pupils can work with educators and others of their own age from around the globe to realise their full school potential.

While we are a high-tech/high-touch school that offers instruction mainly via the Internet, we often get together with pupils to offer individual tuition, coaching, lifestyle, leadership and graduates. We use a timetable from nursery to eighth grades that allows pupils to engage in deep and more conscious experience of studying in the actual environment.

Using sophisticated curricula based on state norms, Immersion provides a strict training programme while immersion allows the student to follow their chosen path. There are currently 13 Immersion Schools where pupils can select from, with more open every year. You can also decide to blend ways to gain a wide range of experiences in different fields.

It is our opinion that the place where a learner is living should not decide about his or her entrance to an outstanding schooling. In our opinion, a first-class training is achieved through rigour, relevancy and interrelations. Not all pupils are suited to the conventional school form and we are happy to be able to offer those one-of-a-kind pupils who are still looking for an efficient way to fulfil their learning needs a good one.

Those who leave our university will be cosmopolitans, independents and critics. The Pikes Peak On-line School ( "PPOS") gives pupils the opportunity to study in the way that is right for them. Summary: Peyton On-line Academy (POA) is a tuition-free, diploma-awarded on-line school that uses an individualised teaching methodology so that pupils are successful at the highest possible educational levels as they are preparing for their futures.

Pupils who need more individual help can be personally supervised by our qualified instructors. Pupils have the opportunity to take lessons and take part in extra-curricular acitivities in our school. Summary: PSD Global Academy provides high-quality, mixed-intermediate training for pupils in years K-12.

Available at any time and place, this hybride school is designed for every pupil at their own levels and at their own speed on campuses and the Internet, while offering essential abilities and expertise for succeeding in the twenty-first Century. PSD Global Academy's enhancement centre provides hybrids classrooms, excursions, service study programs, community and extracurricular activities where pupils can engage with faculty, buddies and schoolmates.

Learn takes place when the pupils are appreciated and integrated into the educational processes. The SWCeS is a free on-line school for pupils in classes 7-12. The Great Plains Academy provides the full k-12 study program and is fully state-recognized, fully certified and tuition-free! The Valiant Academy is perfect for: Fully-fledged programs are only available if the pupil lives in the providing area.

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