Internationally Accredited Online Courses

Accredited international online courses

No matter what you want to study, we are sure to have the right course for you. Please call our dedicated international helpline. BSc, MSc or PhD courses and online short courses: On-line courses of American colleges are conducted and graded in English. Courses are internationally recognized.

University of Derby Online Learning | Germany

The course material is conceived so that you can go anywhere in the UK for a British qualification. There is therefore no need to come to the UK to take classes to finish your course. When English is not your native tongue, you need a good command of English both verbally and in writing.

For more information, see English Language Requirements. Once you have successfully graduated, we will be inviting you to the University of Derby in the UK. There is no need to participate, but this is a great way to get together with your program director, online instructors and classmates, perhaps for the first one.

Our online courses are available from anywhere in the worid. You do not need to visit the university in the UK for a longer term.

Online-Courses of Shanghai International Studies University (SISU)

Founded in 1949, the Shanghai Internacional Studies University (SISU) is one of the first institutes at which China's higher learning in foreignlang. The SISU is an internationally recognized, renowned scientific institute, distinguished by its multi-disciplinary, globalized character and dedicated to prepare cutting-edge experts and emerging torch bearers for a broad spectrum of global expert knowledge to meet the crucial issues of our time.

A globalized and high-caliber Chinese institution, SISU has successfully established a rich and unmistakable blend of subjects with linguistic and literary foundations. Courses are offered in 32 contemporary and a number of classic and designed foreign tongues. The SISU' s mandate to "interpret the outside world and interpret the future" has earned it an unprecedented standing in linguistic, culture, international and regional research in China and plays an proactive part in the country's political decision-making process.

Since then SISU has built relationships with more than 360 colleges and institutes in 56 different nations and territories and maintains strong relationships with multinational organisations such as the United Nations and the European Union.

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