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Inter-Collegiate Program Bachelor Degree | College of Continuing & Professional Studies

Then the Inter-College program (ICP), developed in-house, is just right for you. About the Inter-College program? ICP enables you to create a level that prepares you for success in an ever more complicated age. Working closely with your advisor, you will create your own one-of-a-kind Inter-College program.

Areas of ICP studies are determined by the university' s academical divisions, e.g. sustainability studies, psychological studies, youth research, applied economics, Carlson School of Management, communication, etc. The BA degree covers courses in the fields of education in the fields of man and woman as well as in the fields of education and training in the fields of humanities and social sciences. Students can choose between 20 Oberstufe and 10 Oberstufe Cards.

This three-tier study is made up of 20 top tier 20 in a large area, 12 top tier 12 in two smaller areas and 6 top tier 6 in each. To qualify for the top department, 40 top departmental and two college grades are required, with 10 top department grades. Baccalaureates also call for the conclusion of a second course of study, which can be satisfactory with the conclusion of one of two options:

1 ) four terms of a unique second langauge or 2) two terms of a unique second langauge and at least eight credit points for the culture, history or politics of a related land or area. B Scores refer to the physics or biology disciplines, have numerical or methodological tools/expectations or have a distinct applied/professional components (e.g. human resources, educational, economic, welfare work).

The two-factor termination feature will require 21 top tier in two large areas and 8 top tier each. This three-tiered closing is made up of 20 top tier and 15 top tier in two small areas. To qualify for the topical degree course, 50 accreditations are required from at least three divisions and two universities.

Thematically, the focus is on a single theme and the courses must consist of at least three divisions located in two of them. ICP has set up the following BS in Health and Wellness, but you can select from a wide range of college and university department.

It is possible that you have the possibility to go abroad as part of your studies. At least 12 to 16 top divisions in a department. Curriculums are selected in agreement with a consultant. If you have reached 50 points, you can start applying for the programme. You can purchase these points at the university.

Speak to an Inter-College advisor and see Transferology for more information. Create a study suggestion containing an objective, a course of study and a study project schedule. Inter-collegiate program enrollment offers worthwhile career opportunities in areas such as finances, healthcare, economics and learning, and many choose a university.

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