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Affordable online degrees are at your fingertips at all of the universities listed below, so you can get quality education at a low cost. The ranking provides you with information about the cheapest colleges online out there today. Those days, due to the rising cost of a college degree and busy schedules, affordable online colleges make much sense. Degree is the foundation for building a future life. An exciting new option for students has emerged in recent years - the online university.

Cheapest online colleges of 2018

Brigham Young University-Idaho Bachelor's degree has many advantages. It is one of the cheapest online universities, and the campus provides a wide range of fully online courses. The online bachelor's degree programmes cover practical business studies as well as web designing and web developing. Undergraduates interested in a careers in careers in healthcare have several opportunities, among them programmes in care, HCP governance and an RH to BSN programme.

Our online multidisciplinary study programme allows our graduates to create their own individual curriculum covering several subjects. BYU's Bachelors programmes typically take about 120 credit points, and the online formats allow the student to attend one grade at a time-and the other. Pupils online have privileged acces to government funding, Paul Fellowships and fellowships, which include non-traditional student and parent funding at schools.

The BYU accepts student in early and late autumn, as well as early and late autumn. The University of Florida, based in Gainesville, provides Florida citizens and college graduates around the world with a wide variety of educational options, as well as 19 fully online degree courses. UF's online programmes cover a wide spectrum of careers interests and give the student a choice between computer sciences, environment studies, psychological sciences, social sciences and more.

A BA in Economics allows the student to focus on one of eight areas and a BA in Online PR will prepare them for a career as an author, coordinator of communications and fundraiser. Accessible at an affordable price, this online collegiate program provides a consistent teaching experience for correspondence learners regardless of where they live. The online registration system supports the student during the whole registration procedure.

Undergraduates with less than 12 academic achievements are regarded as first-year undergraduates. The lower divisions have 12-59 credit points, and the higher divisions have more than 60 credit points. Transition enrolments must have a GPA of at least 2.0. The Thomas Edison State University provides a high level of training. The extensive curriculum allows the student to earn up to 36 credit points per year at an yearly rate instead of having to pay per term.

Participants online have the opportunity to pay per credits, which allows them to complete their course at their own rate. The online courses of study cover communication, social sciences, liberalisation sciences and technologies of electronical systemics. BS in Economics and Management provides the student with a wide range of vocational economic abilities. There are several Bachelors programs in Natural Sciences and Technics at TSU, among them Electrotechnology, Power System Technologies and Atomic Power Technologies.

The online course lasts 12 weekly and is conducted via the university's online study portal mysEdison. One of the best online universities in the world, one of the most accessible and accessible, it provides both higher educational and personal grants. Known for its online, accessible collegiate program, the UCFL provides more than 80 online grades and certification programms, among them bachelor's degree titles in Penal Law, Corporate Philology, Historical, Political Sciences, and Engineering and Industrial Studies.

Faculty of Religious and Culture Sciences, the university's faculty provides opportunities for student research into global religious life from antiquity to the present day. The UCF provides three main areas of focus in English: creativity, literacy and techno-communications. Graduates with an associated qualification can switch smoothly to the Bachelors of applied sciences. Undergraduates begin the recruitment procedure by selecting a field of study and sending in an online job interview.

U.S. News and World Report chose UCF Online for one of the best bachelor's theses. The Utah State University supports high value training through its online study program. USU offers a range of online college graduates who are looking for accessible universities to study online. Studying Fine Art enables student transfers to finish their studies and postgraduate programmes in fields such as jurisprudence, medical science and sociology.

In order to be considered for the Free Art Programme you must have 45 credit points and a GPA of at least 2.5. Every Bachelor's programme consists of 120 credit points. Web shoppers have easy and convenient online resource management, which includes e-tutoring, rebates on college computer hardware and IT support. The Utah State is one of the most affordably priced online accelerated colleges in the country, giving college graduates a simple study computer and multiple department and individual grants.

Houston-Victoria's online programmes offer many advantages to the student, such as lower cost, less printing, network capabilities and competitive capabilities. This online educational portal provides learners with subject-specific abilities and shows them how to use your valuable resources effectively and how to become self-motivated. Fully online qualifications cover communications, English, language, story and psychological studies. There are several Bachelors programmes in Natural Science and Engineering, among them degree courses in Computer Science, Network and Safety and Petroleum Engineering.

In order to participate in one of the BAAS programmes, a student must have 24 credit points in a professional or engineering education or an associated diploma in related art and science. UHV, one of the most affordably priced online college in Texas, provides various kinds of funding support, among which subsidies, loan and various fellowships for agencies. In order to be admitted, first-semester students must be counted among the first 50% of their age group.

Transfers must have a GPA of at least 2.0. Based in Miami, Florida Internacional is an online, accessible school. The FIU provides 12 full Bachelors degree programmes covering a wide range of professional interests, among them penal law, foreign affairs, early childhood learning and women's and sexology. Holders of a Bachelor's degree in LAC are able to study questions of languages and cultures, as well as questions of government and immigration.

Undergraduates interested in hotel business have a choice of six areas of specialisation, including food service business administration, events business and tourist business, allowing them to specialise in their field of interest. Online study programmes comprise 120 credit points, of which 60 are lower level and 60 higher level programmes. Undergraduates wishing to study at the FIU should apply online together with ACT or SAT results and a transcript.

Web site scholars are entitled to funding, including personal, merit-based grants. The Arizona State has more than 140 online grades and six launch dates this year. Fully available online, the University's courses of study cover topics such as Fine Arts, Cinema, Electrical and Electronic Sciences and Public Heath. ASU's online Bachelor's degree programme comprises 120 credit points and student enrolments averaging 39 years.

5-week to completion, and starting times are available according to each course plan. Transfers must have a GPA of 3.0 accumulated. One of the nation's most accessible online universities, AASU provides a wide range of grants and scholarships. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Western Governors University is an online, accessible colleges specializing in correspondence education.

Through its four colleges, the U AS provides full online degrees: Instructor college, Collegiate of Commerce, Collegiate of Information Technology and Collegiate of Medical High School. Pupils are prepared by the Teachers' Academy for the permission to teach in areas such as primary school, specialised school and math. Undgraduate Degree Programmes cover bookkeeping and personnel administration.

Undergraduates with an interest in information technologies can select from a range of major areas, among them analysis of information, networking management and computer science. The WGU provides an RN-to-BSN and BS in medical care for California, Texas, Florida, Indiana, and Utah resident undergraduates. The general admission criteria are an online job registration, the filing of an Abitur or GED, formal certificates and an interviewee with a WGU consultant.

Some of the WGU programmes have their own admission criteria. The TU, based in Towson, Maryland, provides a full-fledged online study program in Alied Gesundheit for college graduates with an AAS Assistant Accreditation. Undergraduates have the choice between two concentration levels in Administration/Management or advanced respiratory therapies. There are 120 credit points in the syllabus and up to 64 credit points can be transferred by the student.

Trainees earn 18 credit points in their selected concentrations and attend 18 basic public service training sessions on subjects such as evidence-based practices, research methodologies, and Alliance for Health related technology and work. This online programme emphasises culture competence and helps prepare pupils for working with different population groups. Blackboard offers online training. The low-cost student fees and various Towson University funding support programmes make it one of the cheapest online colleges in the U.S., and provide student members with free entry to Ambassadorial Scholarships, Demand-driven and TEACH Ambassadorial Scholarshipships, and loan facilities.

Fellowships are awarded to scholars, lecturers and individuals. Bureau of Technological Service offers student training rebates. The University of Bellevue offers a range of fully-fledged online courses that provide you with the hands-on learning you need to advance your career. Qualifications cover bookkeeping, web design, economics, penal law, maths and psychological sciences. Mean online grade includes 127 credit points, among them general knowledge credit points, elective credit points, key eligibility points and the Kirkpatrick Signature Series.

Each pupil receives nine credit in a row. The courses at this accessible online colleges include the active involvement of colleagues and faculty through online discussion. Pupils can start their programme all year round. A number of programmes have their own admission criteria. Programmes that use a coherent approach demand that pupils have 60 credit points before they start.

Online tutoring and online literacy centre facilities for correspondence and correspondence courses. Offering a wide range of funding and scholarships, this online collegiate program is highly accessible and accessible. Pupils have at their disposal scholarships and faculty distinctions at home, state and federal level. Online study programmes enable universities to follow their educational and professional objectives from afar.

There are four universities that offer online Bachelor's degrees: Fine Art, Care, Art Publishers and the College of Government Studies. The CU Online psychological diploma has a 17:1 pupil to department relationship. Individual tutors provide individual assistance and provide insights into areas such as experiential psychological science and pet behaviour. RN to BSN grade is open to rural development throughout the country.

Others online grades cover english language review, social science, penal law and communications. State University-Fort Collins provides full online graduate programs, complete with a uniquely designed programme for agribusiness. Graduates with a Bachelor's programme integrate core areas of economic expertise such as sales and distribution, finances and accountancy with farming expertise. Our syllabus introduces our learners to agriculture and resources economy and agriculture operations studies.

Others online grades cover fire and rescue management, gardening, human resources and genealogy. On-line course work is offered via canvas, and teachers depend on videos, sounds and text to deliver courseware. Each student completes 120 credit points to obtain an online Bachelor's qualification. The CSU offers its learners an accessible online university education environment.

Student have at their disposal government grants, fellowships and army rebates. If you are interested in an online job at the CSU, please fill out an online job form and adhere to our programme related job interview policy. Founded in 2007, Colorado State University-Global Campus is a state online school. It is one of the best accessible online colleges. The CSU-Global Bachelor's degrees increase job prospects and earnings possibilities.

The Bachelor programmes cover bookkeeping, business projects, health care and personnel resources as well as administrative and managerial work. Graduates in Complementary Studies in Natural and Medical Engineering are able to acquire a wide range of abilities necessary for a career and further training in this area. The student must have at least 12 transferred credit points with a GPA of 2.3.

Applicants without higher educational credits must receive a general qualification as part of the University's First-Time Freshman Cohort Programme before they can begin their course of study. Graduate study, certification and specialization are also offered. The Appalachian State Unversity, based in Boone, North Carolina, supports self-motivated graduate programs in pursuit of their professional goals by providing multiple study paths.

The online services offered range from the promotion of children to welfare work, secondary and primary schooling. Accessible online, this uniquely accessible institution of higher learning provides a professional and engineering qualification that allows the student to select from multiple concentration levels to suit their interests. The student must have at least 30 portable credit points and must fulfil the general educational requirements of the school.

North Carolina Communities Collegiate Exchange Trainees meet the requirements with their Kerndiplom, AA or AS exam. Pupils from a non-governmental social fellowship use their AA or AS qualifications to meet the requirements. The National Louis University, one of the best online colleges available, offers Chicago citizens and Chicago majors around the globe full online enrollment in several bachelor's theses.

The programmes cover the fields of communication, law enforcement, humanitarian aid and information system stewardship. By concentrating on long-term nursing as part of the healthcare career leadership programme, our graduates are prepared for state licensing. Graduates with a diploma in HR will acquire abilities in emergency response, programme assessment and interview technique. Bachelor's degrees in economics and economics provide basic knowledge of economics and economics and focus on several areas such as ageing research, enterprise, municipal and political science.

Eligibility varies according to study level, and the campus provides unparalleled access for entrants, vets and transference candidates. There are six master's degree programmes and one doctoral degree programme in guided tours. The Washington State Unversity's online Bachelors programmes focus on the participation and scholarly assistance of scholars. Pupils take part in online discussion with colleagues and lecturers.

Virtually mentored support is provided throughout the programme, and laboratory course participants are sent material by post electronically. The WSU Global Campus offers course work via Blackboard, and online learners have direct acces to the University's bookshop and libraries. The Bachelor's and Master's programmes provided by WSU help preparing the student for entrance and postgraduate jobs.

The programmes cover analysis of existing information, personnel training and information system solutions. WSU's twelve online programmes all share universities' needs for quantity thinking and communications. As a rule, associated graduate transferees meet shared needs and are admitted to a senior position. The online enrolment service for college graduates includes online enrolment with an educational consultant, 24/7 technical assistance and free online tutoring. 24/7 technical assistance is available.

The Nebraska Methodist College is one of the leading providers of care educational services among online accessible online universities. The fully online RN-to-BSN grade focuses on community-based hands-on learning and allows graduates to graduate in seven terms or less. Graduates will receive the University's educational citizenship program, and learn self-reflection, communications and technical competence.

The NMC will accept student on an ongoing base. Pupils start the programme in August, January or May. Eligibility requirements shall pertain to the non-encumbered License N, an associate degree or similar qualification from an approved care programme with a GPA of at least 2.5, and the applicant's capacity to comply with the programme's technological standard. Non Nebraska citizens must make sure that their state is participating in the reciprocal arrangements for online education.

Several fully-fledged online Bachelors programmes are offered by four universities: Economics, Arts, Public Services and Universities. Qualifying pupils have obtained a general certificate of educational achievement from a former higher educational establishment and start their programme as senior pupils. Transfers must have a GPA of at least 2.0 and good scholastic status with their prior school.

The UHD's online grades enable the student to follow a wide range of professions, encompassing health care delivery, negotiations and facilitation. BAAS in practical administrative training provides preparation for managerial tasks in companies and provides a focus in security systems as well. Others encompass prosecution, written and written professionalism, and policy and riskmanagement. Blackboard supports online training.

Via the study plattform, learners can gain insight into tasks and collaborate with faculty and colleagues. Whilst online non-Texas foreigners are paying for classes outside the state, the university's wide range of grants and scholarships make it one of the cheapest online universities. A bachelor's program from the university of Minnesota, an online, accessible collegiate program, offers a versatile option to face-to-face training.

As an online student, you can select from a variety of Bachelors programmes, which include Application Medicine, Sports and Leisure Leadership. Uniquely, the university's Bachelor's programme in Stammesverwaltung und -führung combines economics with German legal and political education. The programme provides training in strategy making abilities and preparation for working with strains and related units.

Our multifaceted Bachelors of Multiple Disciplinary Studying is perfect for working adult learners who wish to earn a Bachelor's qualification. Qualifying pupils must have 50 previous credit with a minimum of 2.5 GPA. There are 120 credit points for all online Bachelors qualifications. Certain programmes allow a restricted number of student.

Headquartered in Parkville, Missouri, Park University is one of the cheapest online universities in the area, with many scholarships available. The Park University provides more than 24 full-fledged online Bachelors degree courses, among them degree courses in economics, graphics engineering, journalism and softwares. Most of the online programmes are available as underage.

It allows the student to select from eight concentration areas, such as healthcare or business administration, and the student acquires capabilities in the areas of leaders and strategists. Every Bachelor's programme contains open educational demands that emphasise wellbeing, creative thinking and academic research. Bachelors of Sciences degree consists of 120 credit points and senior league graduates earn at least 45 and free study 37 credit points.

Bachelors of Art are 122 credit points and have similar demands on advanced level and free learning. The Northeastern University Global Network provides a wide range of online student programmes tailored to the needs of those in work. The courses of study cover finances, bookkeeping and business communications. Graduates with a Bachelor's programme in liberal sciences can adapt their qualifications to their individual career interests.

Graduates receive 120 credit points and work in the fields of general knowledge and free study institutions. Each student develops a specialisation of 33 credit points and completes the course with a final dissertation programme. On-line course work is offered via Blackboard, and student tasks are performed asynchronously on a weekly basis. There is an online demonstration of Northeastern's classes to help learners learn online.

If you are a student wishing to apply for one of the Northeast's online collegiate programmes that are available at an entry price, please apply online and provide your credentials. There is no registration charge for the student; no test results are necessary. At Mizzou, we offer several fully-fledged online bachelor's programmes that enable our graduates to complete their bachelor's degrees. One of the best online universities, Mizzou Online enrols online learners from 50 states and 49 states.

Students who graduate from adult evening classes, veterinary and army academies and their relatives get a discount of 10% on their schooling. Online-grade services encompass hotel services, x-ray and early learning in a portable world. Every programme comprises 120 Credits and has different demands on the transmission of credits. An economics undergraduate needs 66 points, while an economics undergraduate needs 59 points.

General study at the campus provides the student with an educational basis and does not involve training in languages. Student enrollment takes place throughout the year and self-directed classes allow the student to complete up to six months . The fees per credits at the Indian River State College in Fort Pierce, Florida, are about 40% lower than those at Florida's official higher education institutions.

IRSC, one of the cheapest online universities in the country, provides seven fully-fledged online Bachelors programmes. These online programmes, ranging from economics to IT and security to IT and security, help educate young people to succeed in some of the world' fastest-growing areas. Qualifying candidates have an associated diploma or comparable scholarly background, and most diplomas are worth 60 credit points.

The other general admission conditions are two years high School foreign languages or second grade languages at university. Among the programme related needs are key courses in areas such as data base and web development for computer IT studies. Every programme contains a foundation stone which the student completes at the end of their studies.

Blackboard online classes are delivered and pupils have online tuition, online on-campus information events and an online pupil achievement leader. The Central Washington University provides 10 full-fledged online Bachelors degrees in areas such as air traffic control, business and academic literacy, and economics and sience. CWU's multidisciplinary curriculum enables our clients to create a truly exceptional curriculum and our clients earn 62 credit points, among them a course in research methodology and a major research priority programme.

Graduates of the Faculty of Legal Affairs and Equality prepare them for a career in penal administration and postgraduate work. Legal and Equal Opportunities graduates attend 32 basic classes on the subjects of penal procedures and societal equity as well as 28 optional subjects on legal and equal opportunities. In this way, the student can acquire abilities in a certain field, such as counselling or matrimonial matters.

In order to be admitted, applicants must hold an associated diploma or proof of achievement of an equal value. Accessible online, this university does not levy fees for online learners outside the country.

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