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Many people accept free online colleges and free online university programs do not really exist. The University of the People is the first university in the world to be online and without tuition fees! The schools listed below are all well-known universities with a wide range of free online courses. First free non-traditional university in the world on the Internet! Extend your world - take free online courses from the best faculty at Washington University.

Online Free Lessons & MOCs

MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) to iTunes University are free to choose where and when you want to be. Please click on the link to go down the page and find out how you can begin your schooling now. Which is a voice/ooc? Massively Open Online Course (MOOC) is a free program that can be attended by a large number of people.

As well as the standard course resources such as videos, readings, coursework and testing, MOOCs offer a forum to help college and college undergraduates and teachers create an online world. View and enjoy free videos and sounds on our free U-Canal. You must already have the Apple App installed before you can start playing our music.

Go to the Apple website to get and deploy the iTunes app. Attend our podcast archive to hear presentations and presentations on a variety of subjects that have been captured by our Lifelong Learning staff so you can hear where and when it is convenient for you.

University of Derby Online Learning Free of charge

This free online course is also known as a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). Participation is free and open to everyone, regardless of his or her own ages, educational background or whereabouts. A high standard of excellence is an integral part of our university' commitment; any course we provide, free of charge or not, will always be rewarded with your valuable input and work.

Explore our courses: We offer many free online classes; here are the five main reason why you should take one of our courses: We offer free training on topics that we specialize in and that make it easier for you to learn with us. The University of Derby was awarded the OpenupEd seal of approval in 2016.

It'?s free! In order to improve your free online study environment, we will soon introduce our new online training MOOC on a great new training environment. Some of the new MOOCs are:: The MOOC is a free online course provided by education establishments to a broad public, i.e. anyone who wants to know more about a specific topic.

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