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Doesn't mean your college career has to be over. Today there are more opportunities than ever before to go back to school and get your degree online. Participate in online courses from any university. Tiffin's online and off-campus programs allow students to gain a university degree while working. For students like you, we make it easy and seamless to transfer credits you have already acquired into an associate, bachelor, master or doctoral programme.

On-line Bachelor degree

Don't let a busy timetable stop you from graduating from college. A university degree is important for your career development, but also an important contribution. With our online programmes, you can take lessons from anywhere with a computer and a trusted web link. You can earn your BS or BA online in a wide range of fields.

Maybe you earn your Bachelor's degree online, but that doesn't mean you're alone. We' ve got a flourishing online fellowship, invaluable study resource and even post-graduate careerservices. Are you interested in obtaining your Bachelor's degree online? All of our programmes are conceived to suit your lifestyle, even if you are working and having a home.

Complet your coursework according to your timetable and earn your degree in a way that makes good business sense to you. To talk to a enrollment officer and find out about all online bachelor's programs available in your area, call 866.766.0766.

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The North Dakota University System: College kids: Courses of study online

The North Dakota University System Campus offers an unbelievable number of courses and diplomas fully online: In order to take courses co-ordinated through the North Dakota University System Online, you must be registered at a university. When applying and receiving cooperative study program membership, your home country site may mix and match points you have acquired at more than one institute for the purpose of funding.

If you have the state of a collaboration students, you can do this: Technological requirementsIf you want to attend an online course, please review the technological prerequisites or recommendation of the institute offering the course. Even though dial-up is working, high-speed connection is still required. Mozilla Firefox is the university system's favorite web browsing tool.

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