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Everything you need to know about distance learning, including information on what to expect and advice on the different types of online courses. Correspondence course at Northumbria University If you want to further your development, pursue your passions or your abilities - with our thrilling offer of distance learning there are no limits for you. We have a great selection of classes to consider, from education to business, from construction to computing, from law and English literature to design and much more.

Open University | Distance Learning

Since 1969 we have been the global leader in distance learning at Open Universities (OU). Be part of the UK's biggest UK campus, the only UK campus devoted to distance learning. You learn with other learners, from home, at work or on the road. The tutors will mark your tasks, answer your question and meet with your group of tutors either on-line or in a personal meeting during your studies.

The learning material is usually available on your own website and you will also receive CD's, DVD's and textbooks if they are suitable for your area. You will have a great deal of agility, but still deadline for tasks and audits. 76 % of the Open University graduates work full-time or part-time. Appreciate the additional abilities you acquire through distance learning at the OU.

In addition to work, care or other obligations, you can learn with the university. Before they complete their degree, they find regular work or are promoted. My greatest advantage of the research was how it fit around my work and my private world. Open University is the UK's leading international network of college graduates, and there's always someone to help.

Our committed Student Team is at your disposal for any queries you may have. Your sponsorship was really good and the ressources were amazing.

Correspondence course - University of Birmingham

Courses for Distance Learning? One of the major advantages of distance learning is its versatility. The majority of our distance learning programs have several starting times throughout the year, so you can choose to begin your course with us. All of our programs are of high standard and geared to you and your needs.

University of Birmingham qualifications can be the stepping stone to advancement with your present job, the stage from which you can start a new job, or just a way to become more efficient in your present position. The advantage of distance learning is that you can continue your professional development without having to retire from professional life.

And, of course, the University of Birmingham is an enrichment and enrichment that entails significant individual growth. Even though self-study plays a key role in the implementation of a program, tutoring is always available at the university. The programs are conceived to keep you in contact with your colleagues and teachers.

The" Virtuelle Lernumgebung" offers a focus and will help you to organize your learning.

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