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With distance learning you can study wherever you are and shape your studies around your work or your family life. You may already be familiar with the concept of distance learning. Like the name suggests, it's all about learning from a distance. The Guardian Students Distance Learning uses virtual reality technology. The IFA Associate (AFA) members can obtain a degree in International Accounting from the University of Northampton.

University of London Distance Learning

The majority of our classes are conceived in such a way that they can be attended separately. Which is Distance Learning? With distance learning you can go to university wherever you are and shape your course of studying around your work or your private lives. They can also interact with other course participants around the globe through their own online learning environments.

Correspondence courses are as follows

Correspondence study's versatility makes it a favourite and attractive option: you can take your own course at your own speed and adapt your course to your own lifestyle. This type of learning is the perfect choice for those who are very active and the perfect way to get around the physical world of a brickwork school. Making a difference? Everyday we are hearing many good reason why prospective undergraduates are thinking about distance learning with us:

We are the only UK Distance Learning School. Courses with us? Correspondence is what we do, and we have done so for more than forty years since we were taken over by Royal Charter in 1969. We have since trained more than two million college graduates around the globe, and have earned a well-deserved fame as the world's premier distance learning school.

It is not only our decade-long experiences that make us an expert. These are just a few of the other good reason why you should decide to come and spend your studies with us: We' re serious about your education: an OU is equivalent in terms of academics to a diploma from another UK school. We' re taking good charge of our students:

We have a learning methodology that is unparalleled and singularly effective for us. Our success story makes us by far the most trustworthy global learning company. Because with us you have the best of all possible worlds: the course you want, the flexibilty you need and the individual care you need to be there.

Find out more about our assisted learning, the duration of your studies and your track record. There are currently over 10,000 foreign exchange graduates registered with us to realise their dreams of an England course.

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