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Find out what to look out for when you choose an online or distance learning school to get your degree. The distance learning offers enormous potential for business schools and more flexibility for students. With our distance learning institute you can. The Edinburgh Business School places the student at the heart of every program. Bring your future to life with online distance learning courses at the Brighton School of Business and Management.

University of Leicester - University of Teacher Education

Leicester University has more than 25 years of expertise in providing high level distance learning with over 25,000 students completing these course. Developed specifically for distance learning, our on-line degree programs give you the freedom to choose where you want to go and learn in a structure and support environment.

The School of Arts now offers these programs alongside our English and language programs. Which is Distance Learning? The advantage of distance learning is that you can continue your professional development without having to retire from professional life. Upgrading at the School of Teaching? E-Learning is one of the UK's leading suppliers of distance learning.

We design our distance learning programs so that you as an individuals can profit from them and help your organization succeed. They have been created with the needs of professionals in view and provide many possibilities for your further development. The MA International Education is also available as a full-time course of studies.

All that differs is the type of studies. We are proud of the assistance we offer our distance-learners. Career Development Service offers comprehensive assistance for distance learning with the School of Education.

Correspondence Programs - The University of Nottingham

The students have created a profile that gives an impression of the distance learning experiences. Applicants for these starting days will be taken into account for the next available group ("Cohort", September 2018). We also have a committed staff of distance learning admins to ensure consistency throughout your studies.

How is the Master's programme structured? Programs are extra-occupational and include 120 teaching module and 60 thesis with 14,000 words. How long does a Master's Distance Learning course take? A Master's programme lasts between two and four years.

Enrolment takes at least two years, but most of our enrollment takes about three years. Applicants should contact their sponsor organisation before registering for a part-time course. You can find some of the typically occurring course content in our Module-in-a-Minute section. We organize a summer school in Nottingham once a year to which all doctoral candidates are cordially welcome.

There is no obligation to go to the Bilingual Language Center, which is neither course nor modular, but it is an inestimable chance to get to know your mentors and schoolmates. More information can be found on our Sommerschule page. As of September 2017 the charge is £48 per loan. That means that the planned charges for the entire Master (MA) are £8640.

It is the exchange price at the moment of your first enrolment. Noninternational applicants are supported by a scholarship. Applicants should contact their sponsor organisation before registering for a part-time course. Many of our distance learning undergraduates study outside the UK.

To learn more about Nottingham University, please attend our Open House.

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