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Correspondence studies Master's programme

Have a look at postgraduate distance learning courses. Many students decide to extend their experience and education with a Master's degree. The OU degree is equivalent in academic standard to a degree from another British university. UNED courses are taught remotely to students around the world.

Correspondence course at Northumbria University

If you want to further your development, pursue your passions or your abilities - with our thrilling offer of distance learning there are no limits for you. We have a great selection of classes to consider, from education to business, from construction to computing, from law and English literature to design and much more.

Distance Learning Classes, The University of York

In the two pages to which links are provided above, just click on the Distance Learning button and type in "Distance Learning" - a complete listing of distance learning and related charges will be shown. This dissertation is a three-year full-time or six-year part-time course in one of the two fields, according to the theme.

This dissertation is a three-year full-time or six-year part-time course. This is an interesting possibility for students to pursue their studies at the University of York while working. It is a three-year in-service MA course offered in a fully assisted learning setting with blend learning assistance for the last year of the independent module.

Gain a local geologic knowledge with which you can understand major Earth-structure. This dissertation is a three-year full-time or six-year part-time course. Developed to promote strategical thought by using established leaders to put into practice visionary innovations, with a particular emphasis on innovations and chance managment.

Lifelong Learning Centre provides a range of distance learning programmes. Focus on how the political and service processes are interrelated and understand how policies are made, applied and assessed, as well as the main questions of the management of public service.

The University of Glasgow - Postgraduate Studies - Courses A-Z

Moodle, our web-based learning solution, is fully web-enabled. The program gives you the possibility to pursue your studies on a graduate scale on a versatile and high-quality distance learning-base. Based on your vocational and individual interests and experience, the program deepens and expands your skills and your comprehension of learning.

The complete on-line distance program is perfect for people working in school, college and higher educational institutions, for people working with grown-ups, in the field of adolescence or church building, and who want to get into the educational field. This is a high-quality, fully assisted distance learning program that offers students the flexibility of part-time study.

They are learning through and with the help of multinational syllabi, education and learning communities. Besides the general course of studies, you have the possibility to complete a subject-specific course of studies. When you complete the general degree course, you have the option of choosing from the subject-specific electives of your academic year.

Proposal for research. Glasgow University strives to carry out all programs as announced. However, in special cases the university can cancel or change a program. They will also be eligible to do a doctorate or EdD. Nisbet Foundation offers three student grants to complete a Master's or PgCert Advanced Educational Leadership program within the School of Education.

All postgraduate research and postgraduate taught masters programs are offered a 10% rebate to our students. These include University of Glasgow students and those who have studied abroad or taken the Erasmus program at the University of Glasgow. Discounts apply to all full-time, part-time and onlineprograms.

You may be eligible for a £10,000 post-graduate loan to cover tuition and cost of life if you are planning to complete a post-graduate Master's programme from 1 August 2016. They have to take out your post-graduate loan at the same timeframe as any other college loan that you have.

You can also send your application if you are enrolled in distance learning. Post-graduate Master's degrees are, for example: 1. A degree or a non-UK diploma in any field. Candidates whose native tongue is not English must have a basic knowledge of English or must have grades of an equal standard in another recognized qualification:

The Ministry of the Interior has certified for foreigners that the university can use these exams to assess its own knowledge of England for university degree programme applicants. Which do I do if..... my knowledge of the languages is below the required levels? In order to enrol for a graduate program, you must submit an application on-line.

Before you start your job applications, please make sure that you fulfil the admission criteria for this program. You must also provide the following documentation as part of your on-line application: There are 42 working day to apply once you start the recruitment procedure. Store and retrieve your resume as often as you want to refresh information, add section information or load support documentation such as your graduation report or your test.

Choose the desired course with care. The Master's programmes usually begin in September. Completions of research can begin any given months. Fill in the name of the institution(s) as it is written on the diploma or copy. Knowledge of English: Indicate the date of the completed (or still to be completed) test and the date of the grant (or the anticipated date, if known).

Lessons start in September 2018 and you are required to take an on-line guidance course before the start of the program.

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