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The OU degree is equivalent in academic standard to a degree from another British university. Correspondence and part-time studies. This bachelor's programme online via distance learning provides students with comprehensive knowledge in certain fields of study. Course participants who were looking for a Bachelor of Culinary Arts Management College Degree found the links, articles and information on this page helpful. Diploma in French as a foreign language (distance learning).

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Unversities around the globe, which make the classrooms accessible to our customers with special curriculums, expertise and advanced technologies, are offering bachelor's degree courses in distance learning. As enrolment and technical progress grow, distance learning programmes are becoming increasingly popular as a practical option for those who cannot travel to campuses or move abroad to attend their favorite university.

There are distance learning courses for almost everyone, with programmes covering the entire spectrum from the humanities, the humanities and social sciences to economics, business and administration and the natural sciences. Correspondence courses are offered at Australian, Canadian, French, Indian, Iran, Irish, Latvian, Lebanese, Russian, South African, Turkish, UK, US and many other nationalities.

Candidates are required to hand in their certificates for upper-secondary school, as admission to some distance learning courses is quite competitively priced. For example, whether you want to take a Bachelor of Business Administration, a Biopharmaceutical or a Bachelor in Jewellery Design, you can learn more about each distance learning course by visiting the link below.

nonprofit open and distance universities

The Eskisehir Academy of Economic and Commercial Sciences, founded in 1958, layed the cornerstone for Anadolu University. In 1982, the Academy was superseded by Anadolu University, which has become a highly deserving place among the biggest Turkish and international institutions as a contemporary, vibrant and ingenious university.

The Anadolu University Open Education System service was provided by three faculties: Faculty of Education, Faculty of Economic Sciences and Faculty of Economic Sciences. There is a very open and well-organised education system. The Anadolu University Open Education System provides 17 graduate degrees, 34 associated degrees and 26 e-certificates programmes for undergraduates in all 81 counties of Turkey, Northern Cyprus, Western Europe, the Balkans and Azerbaijan.

The FernUniversität Hagen is the only state distance learning institution in Germany with 13 provincial and 19 research centers. For 40 years, the FernUniversität has offered an attractive option to on-campus courses in the academic world in Germany and currently supports around 78 students.

The University of Applied Sciences provides a wide range of degree programs that lead to Bachelor's and Master's degree programs as well as continuing professional development opportunities. Many years of development of sophisticated learning material has made FernUniversität one of the nationally and internationally renowned providers of multi-media learning material and on-line training programs. HOU was founded in 1992 and is the only Greek state university offering distance learning for both students and postgraduates.

Promoting academic research and developing the appropriate technologies and methods in the field of distance learning are among the goals of the HOU. Currently it has 6 B.Sc. and 26 M.Sc. courses and the number of registered enrolments is over 30,000. Open University of the Netherlands (OUNL) was established in 1983 as an independant, state-sponsored institution of open higher learning.

The faculty is made up of several departments that teach disciplines as varied as law, computer sciences, environment, management sciences, computer sciences, and cultural sciences. The goal of the departments is to use new technology to provide efficient, appealing, accessible and inexpensive higher learning. OUNL also carries out research in the field of learning and learning, especially but not only in the field of distance learning and life-long learning.

Open Univeristy was established in 1969 as a distance learning college and is today the UK's biggest higher learning establishment with around 200 students. Building on the conviction that it could make good learning available and attainable for those who have not chosen or perhaps not had the chance to visit conventional campuses, the Open University is" open to individuals, places, methodologies and ideas" and fosters learning opportunities and societal equity by offering good standard higher learning to all who want to realize their aspirations and realize their full potentials.

Open University of Cyprus (OUC) was established in 2002 as the second Cyprus Open University and is the only university dedicated exclusively to open and distance learning in Cyprus. OUC provides well thought-out, career-oriented courses (Master's and Doctorate) that enable its Ph. D. graduates to become involved as dedicated individuals with discerning and imaginative mindsets and a worldview.

The courses are organized in three faculties: OUC's distance learning methodologies and eLearning platform enable its pupils to take a wide range of intellect, regardless of ages, times, places and livelihood. OUC's mission is to become a respected and regionally significant and great institution.

National Distance Education Univeristy (UNED) is the only distance learning institution in Spain that has been directly reliant on the Ministry of Education for forty years and has over 260,000 undergraduates ( "the biggest enrolment community in Spain and one of the biggest in Europe). UNED classes are remotely delivered to international undergraduates.

The University of Applied Sciences has more than 25 basic courses of study, 65 Master's courses of study, 19 Ph. Founded in 1988, Universidade Aberta (UAb) is the only open university in Portugal. Because of its objective, UAab uses the most progressive distance learning technology and methodologies, without geographic boundaries or material obstacles, and places particular importance on the dissemination of the portugese languages and cultures in the Lusophonie area (migrant and portuguespeaking communities).

To this end, UAab provides higher educational (undergraduate, master and doctorate) and lifelong learning programmes worldwide. By recognising its Virtual Pedagogical Model, which has been designed around four cornerstones: student-centred learning, mobility, interactivity and e-inclusion, in 2008, UAab became a leading body in this area.

UNINETTUNO was established in 2005 as part of the NETTUNO consortium, a non-profit organisation of 43 Italy and abroad open colleges funded by the Ministry of Education, University and Research. At present, the education offered (for studying from over 100 countries) comprises 9 courses of study, several Master's courses and vocational training.

UINETTUNO collaborates with universities, governments and institutions around the world to develop open, inclusive and lasting education. UINETTUNO is directly participating in several projects of co-operation with large institutions such as UNIDO, EU, Kingdom of Morocco, Italian Republic, Republic of Egypt, UPM - Union for the Mediterranean.

Ranging from the fight against literacy in the Arabian world to the education of young Iranian businessmen from afar, all of Iraq's transnational co-operation programmes have a powerful societal value in line with UNINETTUNO's mission: the democratisation of new technology as a means of accessing it. In 1995/1996, the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Open University of Catalonia, UOC) began its activity with classes in educational psychology and economics in Catalan.

Thousand are part of the UOC academic world. In addition, the UAS has expanded and expanded its range of courses to 50 Master's degree courses, 3 PhD programs and 102 post-graduate courses. Swiss Distance Learning is a young institute that is a leader in distance learning in Switzerland. An extensive range of distance learning courses, higher educational qualifications (B.A., M.A.) and continuing training programs has been established.

You have the possibility to learn French and other languages; some programs are now also available in English. Aim of the SDC is to support and further the development of initial and further training in Switzerland. Switzerland's Open Distance Learning Centre cooperates with the Confederation, the various member states, and national and international higher educational institutions and organisations.

Jyväskylä is a multi-disciplinary, committed and autonomous state science and research institution with an absolutely high standard of sophistication. It has 7 faculties and 7 independent institutes, about 2,500 staff and almost 15. Jyväskylä is Finland's second biggest Masters degree in terms of the number of Master's degree awards.

The Open Univeristy is an integrated part of Jyväskylä Univeristy and promotes equal learning and life-long learning. At 14 years of age, we are proud to be the biggest and most diverse open college in Finland. We are the premier open college in Finland in the field of on-line study. We also offer our training at 55 cooperating institutions in various parts of Finland.

AGH University of Science and Technology (AGH-UST) is one of the biggest Polish engineering university with 15 departments and over 30 min. The CEL AGH is in charge of the university' s e-learning structure, the supporting of professors and undergraduates as well as the e-learning activities of the AGH-UST.

NETTUNO Group, established in 1990, is a non-profit organization of 43 Italy and abroad colleges, supported by the Ministry of Education, Higher Education and Research. With the help of the best teaching staff of the college syndicate, a new online portal was set up for all education contents that have been published in the last twenty years.

Thousand hour instructional videos, along with flyers, and other educational materials have been created in various fields such as: art, business, legal, communication sciences, computer sciences, psychsy. CADUV was founded in 1993 to promote the expansion of distance learning at Czech university.

CADUV's shareholders are 17 Czech Republic's 17 publicly funded colleges and universities. 2. Its primary business is the diffusion of distance and e-learning abilities and know-how throughout the state. The CADUV organises educational and vocational trainings at the various colleges, assesses and certifies e-learning courses.

In addition, it has a network of senior professionals who help develop distance learning and e-learning programmes at each university. The University of Aarhus is a member of the Danish Association of Open University, which was founded in 1995 as an extension of the Jutland Open University, founded in 1982. The University of Aarhus was converted from 9 to 4 departments in 2011.

There are several institutions in the Faculty of Arts, including the Center for Teaching Development and Digital Media. Århus Univeristy is a dual-mode research university that is open to both undergraduates and students. Every year, some 7,000 undergraduates take part in life-long open and adaptable learning programs.

Open and distance learning is an integral part of all Denmark's university. The " Swedish Association of Open University ("DAOU")" website is currently being redesigned. "The Distance Study Centre (DESC) at Riga University of Technology (RTU) was established in June 1997. It is a RTU structure and is aimed at developing life-long learning and distance learning in Latvia and exploring eContent/eLearning related learning technology.

Other tasks of the Center are: administration of a doctoral programme "e-learning technology and management" and organization of developing and implementing e-learning / distance learning programs for Latvia's university. Its overarching aim is to promote co-operation and exchange of information between Latvia's educational institutions and other designers and students involved in life-long learning.

FIED (Fédération Interuniversitaire de l'Enseignement à Distance) is a (French) federation of 37 under 33 000 distance learning institutions (mostly licences and masters). In the meantime, the members of the FIED are distance learning professionals in France. NADE (National Association of Distance Education) was founded in July 1998.

Founded with the aim of promoting the development of Lithuania's information society through the development of distance learning (DE) and the improvement of its standard. NADE's main objective is to offer the same learning opportunity to all Lithuanians, despite their place of residence. Numerous of these include the organisation of distance learning programmes, the preparation and adaptation of distance learning programmes, the support of research in the area of distance learning and the organisation of specialised training sessions, training sessions and meetings.

NIDL is a global leadership in the design, implementation and evaluation of modern learning and instruction. Our work supports a wide range of career advancement possibilities in the field of e-learning, from workshop to post-graduate and Ph. D. studies. NADLHE is a nationwide agency for technology-based higher learning founded on a policy drive to open Norway's higher and higher educational systems by improving accessibility to higher learning and opening up higher learning to more adaptable forms of learning and learning by promoting the use of ICT creatively and competently.

The NADLHE also works to enhance mutual cooperation and comprehension between academia and business. Key activities of the Ministry comprise the financing of projects, providing political guidance, generation and exchange of life-long, ICT-based and adaptable learning skills, analyses, research, evaluation and reporting on key topics, in particular a six-monthly ICT in higher learning benchmark.

The NADLHE is founded and financed by the Ministry of Education and Research and the Ministry of Education and Research, which nominates the members of the NADLHE Board of Directors. NADLHE is based at Tromsø Univeristy, the most northerly of all universities in the word together with the FernUniversität in Hagen, Germany's biggest one.

The Centre for Distance Education offers a broad spectrum of international accreditation for Bachelor's and Master's programmes at distance learning universities. The Polish Virtual University (PUW) was founded in 2002. She specializes in online study and offers Bachelor (Undergraduate and Engineering), Second Degree (MSc) and Postergraduate courses. The Polish Virtual University supports advanced scientific methodologies.

The Bratislava City University has been offering distance learning since 1991. The Slovak Government laid the foundations for the further developement of a system of life-long learning in 1992. Training is provided in specific areas such as teaching languages, business administration and entrepreneurship. From 1996-2000, the Centre's activity is financed by the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic.

At the Slovenian Rectors' Conference, there is a committee empowered to defend the interests of each university. The Commission may comment on any matter relevant to the functioning of the higher-education system and make suggestions to decision-makers or to those responsible for the preparation of policy-making. It was founded in 2005.

STOHO ( "Open Onderwijs Study Centre") was established in Belgium in 1987 with the aim of providing distance learning support aimed at cooperating with distance learning organisations. EduOpen is the result of the need to provide high value mook classes through the work of a university group.

A MOOC plattform, named Eduophen, will be created with the participation of 15 Italy's official university. The Tampere University of applied science (TAMK) is one of Finland's biggest colleges of higher learning with around 10,000 undergraduates in seven different educational sectors. In addition to the Bachelor's and Master's courses, TAMK also offers vocational teacher training.

Open Univeristy of Israel is the biggest Israeli open college and the biggest Israeli publishing house. It is an open distance learning institution with universities all over Israel. OPENU has released over 1100 scholarly publications since its founding in 1974 and since 2006 the Open Univeristy of Israel has had a research centre for innovation in learning technologies.

The UTPL is an accredited training institute by the Peruvian Federal Republic of Ecuador that offers a broad spectrum of university programs and diplomas. The UTPL is a leader in distance learning in Ecuador and Latin America. Thousand graduates and bachelor's degree programs in degree centers and specific courses.

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