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Nowadays there are many universities in India they offer distance learning. CCIs at conventional dual-mode universities. To students taking distance learning at the University of Saskatchewan. Distance Education Unit offers programs leading to Master's and other specialization courses. In cooperation with the corresponding faculties of the University, the Department of Distance Education (DDE) offers diploma and degree courses.

Register of accredited distance learning institutions in India

The number of students at distance education institutions in India has risen remarkably above the 10 million level. Whilst distance and on-line education professionals believe that this is one of the best ways to raise the overall enrollment rate in higher education (30 per cent by 2020), it is the qualitative dimension of providing such training that is of the utmost importance.

According to instructions from the central government in December 2012, the Distance Education Council (DEC) has delegated responsibilities for the regulation of distance learning to the University Grants Commission (UGC). UGC is the only regulator in the state for distance learning and has authorised the institutions to provide training that meets certain norms and regulations.

When selecting the Distance Learning School, it should be noted that the accredited institutes must be selected. This requires a register of accredited distance learning colleges in India. The following three steps have been taken: scans of institution information, including facilities, faculties, delivery systems, students assistance systems, etc.; visits to institutes by professionals; and approvals of programmes assessed on the basis of the course contents, qualitiy and self-learning character.

We' ve also registered the'Fake University' according to UGC. Please also read: The following chart contains the ranking of accredited distance learning institutions in India (as of May 5, 2015):

Full list of distance learning universities in India 2018-19

Open University in India: Nowadays there are many universities in India they offer distance learning. This is the place to review the 2018-2019 Distance Universities in India rankings, where you can review all of India's Distance Universities listed below.

Lists of distance learning universities in India: All the Distance Education Universities of India, here are available State Wise Distance Education Universities listed below.

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