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The distance learning was originally intended for people who could not attend traditional schools. With Distance Education you can participate in Regent courses while having the flexibility to do so at your own pace and in your own environment. The ND Center for Distance Education offers accredited online high school classes & online middle school classes. Discover UGC-DEB-approved PG diploma courses, certification programs and distance learning courses in Mumbai from the Narsee Monjee Institute in India. The Distance Learning programme offers a high quality education for people who live a busy life and wish to achieve or continue their educational goals.

Which is Distance Education?

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Over 270,000 undergraduates complete their first degree courses in distance education, together with some 108,000 doctoral theses. For undergraduates, distance education usually means a student dealing with study material at home or at work. Assistance with the online training is provided via a digital teaching interface, phone, e-mail or other means.

Most British undergraduates are studying at Open University (although many UK institutions provide distance education programmes); postgraduate studies are elsewhere. Pros and cons - Why Distance Training?

Pros and cons - Why Distance Training?

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One of the major advantages of distance education is that it allows you to adapt your study to your work and private lives. Irrespective of where you reside, you can graduate anywhere in the class. Just like full-time studies, the student can acquire useful, transferrable abilities such as design and research.

Correspondence course suppliers usually provide their on-line or remote learners with specific assistance.

Council for Distance Education and Training (DETC)

This website is a source for all those interested in accrediting for distance learning: Ph. D. C. degree programs, undergraduates, lecturers, admins and the general population. The AQC is an accredited testing system conducted by a team of university curricula specialists. Though it is not certification, the AQC conducts a benchmarking exercise to give significant and pertinent input to distance learning suppliers in accordance with the principle of it.

Encouraging a dedicated and integrated study setting by combining the latest technologies with cutting-edge and adaptable instruction.

Encouraging a dedicated and integrated study setting by combining the latest technologies with cutting-edge and adaptable instruction. All of our courses are tailored to each and every one of us and offer inspiring and supporting study options. Each of our instructors has experience with best practise on-line study methods and is designed to challenge the student to excel and reach their own unique objectives.

Any student enrolled in the dissertation needs to have a secure and trustworthy connection to the web. To enroll directly with us, our selection criterions must be met by the undergraduates. Pupils from other colleges can also enroll in courses that are not available at their home university.

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