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That makes the ranking of online course offerings for universities somewhat difficult. On-line art schools offer art programs in the subjects of digital art and fine arts. A detailed description of the university and an overview of the courses offered can be found under "Read more". The reason why more colleges don't offer these courses is simple. Benefit from the flexibility of online participation in the college.

Best 50 Online Course Provider universities

Learn online should not only be comfortable and accessible. On-line courses, which also offer a high level of qualitiy, are valuable for your own investment and your own work. Online-courses from top institutions of higher education are now widely used. That makes the rankings of online courses for university courses somewhat tricky. So, instead of a full rankings of orange on an apple, we look at the two major causes why would-be college kids take an online course with universities: to get a diploma or to participate in inexpensive (or free) non-credit-education.

In order to emphasize these two (perfectly valid) online course experience, we have split our Top 50 listing into two Top 25 ranks, one for those who offer online courses and a second for those who offer non-credit courses (often free of charge). We have taken into account the overall qualitiy of the academy that offers online degree programs, the offer and online-specific technical assistance features for this rank.

Pallet (. 3): This is the number of graduation or certification opportunities that can be fully conducted online. Includes Associates, Bachelor, Master, Doctoral and Certification programmes. Supportive Service (.3): the provision of online-specific supportive activities, which includes mental counseling, training, counseling, secretarial and mathematics centres, online students' associations, fora, and careerservices.

The quality of the superordinate body (.3): the overall rankings of the superordinate body of the online programme. The Arizona State Univeristy is a premier research institute recently ranked #1 best buy pubic school in the United States by the Fiske Guide to Colleges. The ASU has over 100 Bachelor's and Master's degrees and certifications.

The courses are very hands-on and allow you to work on your project with your group. Assistance includes academical tutoring and careerservices that enable ASU to actively recruit ASU undergraduates through over 250 top global companies. New York State Univeristy is offering its Open SUNY online programme with the help of 64 New York Systemuniversities.

Open SUNY is able to offer more than 380 levels and certification (the second highest number of institutes surveyed) due to the large selection of institutes that contribute to bringing the online experiences together. The online programmes extend from associate levels to doctorates and also comprise a large number of certificates. Assistance includes the integration of empirical training in courses, a 24/7 help desk and a dedicated consultant to guide you through your training proces.

University of Massachusetts provides complete online courses from associates to doctorates and certificates. The courses are led by teachers from UMass Campus in Amherst, Boston, Dartmouth, Lowell and Worcester. There are currently over 440 study programmes and certificate programmes that can be taken through UMass Online, which is the highest number of study programmes that we have interviewed.

It is also possible to take part of the courses online or on site. UMass Online provides 24/7 technical assistance, academia, and librarian service to students. The Drexel University was a trailblazer under the on-line universities and since 1996 on-line conclusions offer. Nowadays, this top German institution of higher education provides over 140 qualifications, Bachelor's degree courses (and certifications) online.

The postgraduate programmes in the fields of training, technology and care are particularly appreciated. Students' assistance includes librarianship and 24-hour service. University of Indiana at Bloomington is one of the most prestigious institutes on our prestigious scientific research census. There are currently over 100 study programmes and certificate programmes available online, with a range of study programmes, bachelor, master and certificate programmes.

The latest students assistance includes 24/7 technical assistance, a comprehensive deployment pack, a membership, and the ability to have course ware on any machine. University of Phoenix has over 160 study and accreditation programmes all online, from staff to PhD programmes. There are also a large number of professional advancement certificates available after the University of Phoenix has focused on professional advancement.

Our training portfolios work with top of the line learners to tailor courses to the needs of the workstation. The university' s willingness to pursue a successful future is supported by a careers management system and an interactive Careers Service team. The Walden University has over 120 courses of study online, from Bachelor to PhD (and certification).

Recent functions are Tempo Learn, where you can learn from what you already know and just buy for subjects you need help on, and ePortfolio, where pupils can automate their course work and get the most out of their work with mates, peers or boss.

Further assistance includes academical consultants, librarianship and research as well as engineering assistance. The Kansas State University message playing period 60 award examination, undergraduates, scholar and reference system fully online. Coupled in an attempt to fit training into the lives of a working adult, Kansas State is offering many online courses in formats that are less than eight weeks and allow shorter sprinting and less total finishing times until grade.

Currently there is a typing centre, academical advice, an open careers bureau, librarianship and a range of college degree programmes. American Public University System provides over 220 online certifications and diplomas from Associate to Master. This includes a number of safety and defense programmes that do not exist in many other colleges (terrorism research, preparation for WMD, safety managment, etc.).

Students' support includes study and careers advisers, librarian service and students' work. The Florida State University is a high-level state research institute currently offering 49 Bachelor, Master and Certification programmes fully online. Others online courses can also be used to supplement a conventional course offered by Florida State University.

There is a wide range of services available to college and college undergraduates, among them specialist libraries working directly with online undergraduates, academics mentors, a careers centre, a course subscriptions to, a literacy centre and a computer laboratory where online prospective professors can find online computer based applications in a FSU computer laboratory. The Colorado Technical Univeristy is a nationwide institution that currently offers more than 100 full online grades, from associate to Ph. D. Candidates.

The programmes focus on six key areas, including businesses & managements, IT & consulting, health care, information technologies, product lifecycle and safety research. The Intellipath is a one-of-a-kind Colorado Tech program that allows you to assess which course topics you feel good with and which you need to work on, and customize the course material for you.

There are other value-added offerings for students, including careers and a range of online community opportunities to interact with your peers and teachers. The Pennsylvania State University is a premier research facility known as one of the Public Ivies according to Greene's Guides. At the moment Penn State is offering 33 undergraduate degrees, graduated degrees and certifications fully online through their world campus.

Students have extensive enrollment options, which include admission to the ninth biggest college system in North America, academical mentorship, careers guidance, examination preparation, technical assistance, mathematics and literacy tuition, and links to Pennsylvania StateU. The Wilmington Univeristy is a nationwide institution offering over 90 programmes, courses and certifications for both students and graduates.

The courses are available in 7 or 15 weeks, with three terms or six modules per year. However, the courses are not self-study, but are conducted together in groups or terms. Undergraduate service also includes round-the-clock engineering assistance. The Regent University provides over 80 full-fledged online degree programs from associate to doctorate.

Unparalleled opportunities comprise online graduates from their faculties of jurisprudence with an LL.M. in American Legal Studies and an M.A. in A.. Online Grade Course online at Regent University includes librarian service, academics and careers advice. University of Arizona is one of the 100 best research institutes in the intercontinental research community and provides over 60 courses at subgraduate, postgraduate and certification level.

While some courses are out-of-sync, others are in sync, although they all run on a term axis. Students' work includes technical assistance, mathematics, natural sciences and tutoring, guidance programmes, librarianship and careers work. Univeristy of Central Florida is a nationwide research institution that currently provides over 70 Bachelor's and Master's degree courses online.

UCF's online education portal offers unparalleled opportunities for browsing web-based and multi-sectional streamed courses, as well as First Year Experience ( "FYE") programmes that facilitate the first year of students' transitions to an undergraduate programme. Supplementary support is provided to undergraduates in the form of librarian service oriented towards conventional programmes (possibility to apply for inter-library loan, availability of a large number of scientific periodicals, etc.).

The Liberty University provides online Christian programmes that range from binary high schools to post-doctoral programmes (and certifications). Study programmes can be speeded up through liberal policies of transfers and previous experiences of study (including practical experience). Educational facilities for students comprise an online tutorial centre, careerservices, IT assistance, 24/7 tuition through, an online communication platform with schoolmates, a militia department, libraries and a highly competitive IT market.

Old Dominion University provides over 70 courses of study, from Bachelor to Master and Certificate, all online through its correspondence school. The online tutorial for students comprises an academia competence centre (tutoring), a membership, academical advice, hands-on training, online tuition, technical assistance and a students' achievement centre. The Regis University World Campus provides over 90 Bachelor's, Master's and Certificate courses completely online.

Regis' online offering focuses on a high degree of versatility, especially at the university of applied sciences. Expedited programmes offer courses in five or eight weeks, starting six days a year, and the courses can be taken in various formats: You can study on line or directly (where you can create your own course with the help of a consultant).

Students' enrollment includes librarian service, careers service, technical assistance and academical advice. The Kaplan University provides over 100 study programmes online at associate, bachelor, master or certificati. Unparalleled opportunities included the capability to visit study centres at a community college for some of your course work, as well as the Concord Lawscool, the nation's first online faculty of jurisprudence programme.

Educational assistance centres with private tuition in the fields of literature, mathematics, natural sciences and engineering, careers and librarianship are part of the service. The" Bama by Distance" programme at the University of Alabama provides over 35 online courses of study at Bachelor's and Master's level. Exceptional opportunities comprise some grammar schools, LL.M M. studies in economics, LL.M. studies and LL.M. studies in economics.

Educational Advisory Service includes academical consulting, accelerated test and careers-ressources. The Northern Arizona University provides more than 80 online courses of studies, among them bachelor's courses through Ph. Courses can be taken as self-study for highly motivating or flexible people. Facilities for college graduates are 24/7 IT assistance, online librarian resource, natural sciences tuition, mathematics and literacy, and if you decide to visit all of our conventional college-ressources.

The Southern New Hampshire University is the only university to make it onto the Fast Company ranking of the world's 50 most innovating companies in 2012. More than 100 courses at Bachelor, Postgraduate and Certificate level are offered by the SNSHU. Unparalleled deals are a summerside programme to help you prepare for your programme before it is formally launched and intense support should you default on your courses.

Further enrolment facilities for students comprise tuition, academical supervision, a course on teaching strategy and librarianship and technical assistance. The Granite State College has over 60 online degrees programmes that range from staff to master's theses. The programmes can be completed on a part-time, full-time or fast-track spur. Low-priced softwares, IT help, online tutorials and annual training sessions are part of the service.

University of Maryland University College is part of the University of Maryland system, which provides more than 95 online bachelor's and master's degrees. The track is professionally oriented, especially in the areas of B & M, Cityberecurity, Training & Learning, Information Technologies & Computer Sciences, Information Society, Liberals & Communication and General Health.

Associate's degrees are also available for serving members of the armed forces, the veteran, spouse and family. 24x7 online feed-back, online librarian service, study and careers counseling, and technical assistance are part of the company's technical team. We have taken into account the overall qualitiy of the academy offering online courses, the number of courses and the number of MOOC platform related outcomes.

The number of courses (. 3): Number of online courses, regardless of the platforms or levels of academia on which they are delivered. Supportive Perspectives (.3): the provision of online-specific supportive activities, which includes project-related training, fora, certification, examinations, video presentations, interaction and complementary materials. The overall rankings of the superordinate body of the online programme.

At the moment Harvard is offering 56 Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) via the eX-plattform. Courses are free of charge, but some courses also offer tested certifications (for a small fee). The course themes span a broad spectrum of themes, from poetics and the sciences of cookery to sophisticated statistical methods.

Each course provides complementary material, acitivities, tests and fora. The Duke University currently has 61 Mooks (6 in preparation) that have been created for Coursera within the last 3 years. The course subjects are broadly diversified, with most courses originating from the areas of culture ethnology, philosphy and statistics.

The courses are free, unless you want a certified course. The courses are also well received on the course provider platforms and offer videos, issue kits and live discussion boards. YouTube, iTunes and OpenCourseYale offer 42 mook. The majority of courses focus on folk art and science and are offered by the world-class Yale School.

Courses, which are available via the Open Yale website, offer course video, course audios, course materials, learning groups and textbook-books. Pennsylvania University currently has 21 Mooks through courses, 19 more are in progress. The Wharton School of Businessmen have developed a series of professional courses offering an introduction to the areas of operational leadership, company financing, bookkeeping and sales.

Like most other Coursera courses, these courses include videos, issue kits, live discussion boards and (for most courses) a certified class. The Princeton University, currently the highest ranking university in the country according to US News, is offering 15 Mooks on Coursera (five currently available and ten in progress). The Johns Hopkins University currently has 38 Mooks on the Coursera platforms (19 currently on offer and 19 in progress).

Like most Coursera courses, certified certifications, forum, videos, projects and quiz questions help you learn on the plattform. The Rice University has 40 Mooks, 15 on the Coursera-plattform and 25 on edu. Exceptional courses on their education platforms comprise a range of courses to prepare for scientific examinations.

At Coursera, she offers a range of subjects from Python coding and algorithms to a number of on-demand courses in scientific studies. Under C Berkeley has 38 coming mook on EdX, with a range of subjects that make up the Berkeleyx "Book Club" (courses that make their way through prestigious works of literature), a four-part serial on preparation for the AP Computer Sciences examination, and a number of companies, stats and programing tracks.

The Vanderbilt University currently has 15 Mooks on the Coursera platforms (five are currently under construction, the remainder is in progress). The six mooks are part of a six-part serial that ends with a captstone development to build a sophisticated cell phone computer system from the bottom up. Beijing University is offering 56 mooks when it links its services to eduX and Coursera.

These services are one-of-a-kind because they are one of the biggest Chinese-speaking Mookvendors. Although her courses cover a number of subjects, the most frequent are the studies of Mandarin and computer science/engineering. The Northwestern University is offering 11 Mooks on the Coursera plattform (six of them are currently available, five more are in progress).

Her three courses focus on medium and contents strategies, two of them in a row specifically dedicated to professional contents strategies. Like many of the Coursera MOOC' s, you can attend certified courses and include videos, project presentations, trivia and discussion boards where you can speak with your schoolmates.

14 Moors are offered by the Université de Virginia via the Coursera framework (12 on-demand and 2 in progress). Although they are less STEM-related on various subjects than those of other universities. Like most Coursera courses, exam certificate courses can be attended and include videoconferences, project presentations, trivia and discussion boards where you can speak with your schoolmates.

The MIT is by far the biggest supplier of open course material on the Internet and offers more than 5000 courses in almost all scientific disciplines and for both students and university graduates. Although all the courses on the list are invaluable resource, only some of them offer all the common elements of an online course (video, quiz, book material), with many just supplying curricula and some of the courseware.

However, MIT has 12 OCW scholar courses that are far more comprehensive than many of its other courses, and provides simulation, video, and customized course materials for each course. University of Washington is offering 16 Mooks on the Coursera Platforms. The majority of courses focus on computer sciences and computer sciences, although there are several others with different emphases.

The Coursera MOOCs at the Universiy of Washington offer videos, tutorials, quizzes, projectbased training, benchmarking, peer assessment, fora, and for some certified exams. The Georgetown Univeristy, the oldest Catholic and Jesuit universities in the country, provides eight courses via the eduX-plattform. Unparalleled deals including a three-course progressive through Dante's Divine Comedy and a course in preparation for the AP physical examination.

During the audit of these courses, the user has free admission to course materials, activites, tests as well as forum. The Dartmouth College currently provides two types of MOOC on the eX platform: the design of infrastructures around us and an introductory course in environment sciences. This is a smaller offer than other institutes on the ranking, but is compensated by the students' service of the editX plattform and the Ivy League Dartmouth (currently number 11 of the US News US universities).

They both offer tested certifications and are very well rated by the student. University of Florida currently has 12 Mooks on the Coursera platforms (5 in progress and 7 in preparation). Most of the courses deal with the topics of farming and nutrition, a field that is not occupied by other Mook suppliers.

University of Florida is a regular inclusion in the top 20 state universities. The University of North Carolina offers eight Moors on the Coursera platforms (three are currently available and five are scheduled for the future). Like most Coursera platforms, the course includes certified exams, video, quizzes as well as a forums.

The Tsinghua University - the second university in China on our listing - currently offers 14 courses on the eduX-plattform. The courses are mainly concerned with mathematical and engineer-scientific subjects, but there are also a number of courses in architecture in China. Courses are aimed at a broad spectrum of learners, as the courses were initially written in Mandarin, but course material is also presented in English.

Irvine UC provides over 120 courses on its open -courseWare platforms, with at least one in almost every field of academia. Physics, especially the chemical industry, is the biggest offer. The" Lectures" item allows you to select specific themes within courses, and the" Collections" item provides a series of courses in a single course pathway that allows the user to control the contents.

Birmingham University has ten molecular oocs on its own website, the majority of which are a lecture on the impact of diseases or medicines on the human mind entitled "Good Brian, Bad Brian". The courses consist of 3-7 minutes of video, including breaks, facilitated discussion and multiple-choice-testing.

University of Sheffield has 9 Mook on the FutureLearn and CourseSites platform. The courses are wide-ranging but focus more on health-related subjects, from the study of the importance of everyday playing to the discovery of dental medicine. It is noted that the courses are designed for those with a high school diploma, but also contain additional detail for those at university level who wish to take on the challenges themselves.

The University of Tel Aviv has eight Moors on Coursera and Futurelearn. Course focuses on the Holocaust and Holocaust, while FutureLearn provides a range of Holocaust courses. The courses are in English, offer tested certifications and are suited for all learning stages. The Utah State University provides 80 mooks in a wide range of topics on its own open courseware platforms.

The courses include videotaped presentations and in-depth examinations, as well as essays. An unparalleled offer is the opportunity to participate in open-courseWare courses and receive a". at Utah State University, you will receive a"'' credit by examination" through a variety of means. The North Carolina State University currently has 7 projects on MOOC-Ed, a MOOC collaboration between the Friday Institute of Educational Innovation and the NC State College of Education.

The courses are designed for online study and course organization.

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