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Universities offering online courses

Government universities with online programs can save you thousands of tuition fees. Check our list to see all online state universities in your area. If you need a Bachelor's degree to start your career or if you are looking for a Master's degree in your current career, SNHU has an online program for you. On-line courses from top universities are now widespread. We' d like to offer you all the online courses and support you need to achieve your goals.

Florida Online Schools: 45 Best Online Colleges for Your Budget

Up to 13 Bachelor degree programmes are offered online at Broward College. A webinar helps learners get used to learning the language while at the same time earning Bachelor of Applied Science in Technology Management degree. The other possibilities, such as the provision of information events, academical consultants, accredited associates diplomas and students' service experts, are supported by the schools for adult students registered in online progam.

When students need help downloading teaching material or connecting to Desire2Learn students' service, they register with Desire2Learn. It is the same system that is used by army staff to attend classes while working abroad or within the state. Hodges University has been helping Florida residents and non-residents prepare students for a career in technology, medicine, law and commerce since 1990.

The online degree programmes at the privately held schools are managed by MyHugo. Chats and e-mails keep pupils and teacher in contact. The diplomas are awarded at associates, Bachelors and Masters level. Self-directed certification training is a short programme designed to improve or broaden the professional expertise of those in need of it. Pros in the biz could get an M. B. A.

A Bachelor of Science in Computer Science is one of 24 Bachelor programmes that can be completed in just three years. Enforcement during studies at Eastern Florida State College is provided by meEFSC, Campuspost, formal chat, video and document download.

The classes are a challenge because they are designed and held by the same teachers who are teaching classes that are tradition. Though the art course of study has a general educational emphasis, there are three study programmes in applied sciences, namely economics, administrative management and penal law technologi. General secondary level adult learners open up to more than 100 online classes.

This also makes working with academical counselling particularly challenging if one or more classes should turn out to be particularly inconvenient. Aims of the extensive online classes at South Florida State College are similar to targets for school room programmes. Over 20 disciplines, such as computer programing, oral health and economics, are integrated in 51 different online degree programmes.

All of the school's correspondence courses are offered through the Florida Virtual Campus as a member of the Association of Florida Colleges. The Panther Network is a personal system that works similar to a TV station and broadcasts seminar and discussion in the schoolroom. In recent years, Indian River State College has increased its ability to acquire online titles in a wider variety of disciplines.

Access to the lessons is via Blackboard and My IRSC. Earlier, the Angle College had used Angle and has provided blackboard based training sessions for present and prospective schoolchildren. All in all, 11 Bachelor courses of study are available on the online platform. Qualifications such as the Bachelor of Applied Science in Organizational Management and the Bachelor of Science in Education with a focus on Middleschule Math are fully online.

Pensacola State College's inclusion of recognized, transferable accredited credentials in its online programmes makes it possible to earn Associates of Science in Accounting Technology, Associate of Arts in Business and Associate of Science in Business Administration in less than two years. Non-diploma programmes, such as certification programmes, are also offered.

Canvas' portable apps allow users to login and perform their tasks without using a notebook. He or she is signed in to enroll in classes, request enrollment in colleges and keep up with teaching needs. The PirateMail is the service the school uses to send and receive news and other information from undergraduates, admins and educators.

Saint Leo University recognizes the scholarly achievements of online committed undergraduates. Leading Performer deserve a place on the Dean's List or become a member of the Delta Epsilon Sigma Honorary Associa. All the different grades of degree and junior professors are available online. Intermediate qualifications are suitable for both those who wish to pursue their training in an area in which they have previously been educated and those who wish to pursue a different careers.

You can find help in selecting an online programme or whether online courses are a good match in the Online Toolkit. Entrants must satisfy the general admission criteria, whether or not they are seeking an online qualification. Besides the Bachelor, Master and Doctorate qualifications, the institute has specialized and internationally recognised qualifications.

Four-year programmes are in the fields of the fine arts, biosciences, communication, economics and healthcare and people. Grown-ups who are new to the computer environment or have never worked with a teacher before can register for e-learning coaches. Enrolment, timetable, examination schedule and online course are entered via them.

Warner University operates according to a fixed admission plan and not a mobile admission system and provides 12 online degree programs. Complementing these qualifications are online community work certifications. A Bachelor of Arts in Health Care Managment provides students with the skills they need to prepare them for managerial and executive positions in the growing health care world. Accreditation : Die Schule ist von der Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges akkreditiert.

During the course completion it is not necessary to login to the entrance of the language course. It is the students' responsibility to finish and hand in classes each week within the time limits set by their professor. Everglades University keeps the size of its classes small to promote a friendly and cooperative environment for all. Adult participants in one of the eight online study programmes or one of the school's four postgraduate programmes login to the university' online resources to search for work.

There is a way for the language classes to create classrooms through discussion, web mail and chat. Counselling, guidance and an open day are benefits for the student. This service is provided through College Central. Grown-ups who graduated from the University of North Florida's online RN to the Bachelor of Science in Science in Nearing degrees do not walk on camustep.

It also teaches diplomas, master's and Ph. D. programmes in health care. Curriculums are conceived to be adaptable while at the same facilitating the development of adults so that pupils can follow the entire course in brief periods of induction. MYWING publishes forthcoming lectures, distinctions, course catalogues and dates necessary to conclude your studies.

The Palm Beach Atlantic University faith-based language and culture schools are geared towards a high degree of interaction and literacy. Some of the responsibilities for the online course Studenten Unterst├╝tzung go to the Office of Online Lern. Four fully-fledged online qualifications are available at the institute, among them the Bachelor of Arts in Ministry and the Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management.

The eCollege study programmes are designed to fit the full home and work schedule of the adult student through the eCollege study programme system. Academic excellence in high schools and colleges is a requirement for starting online programmes at Daytona State Colleg. Enrolment may be low, requiring an adult to take a course of study before starting to take a course that is directly related to their exam.

After fulfilling the admission requirements, students can opt for a certification, partner or bachelor's degree to further develop their ability to think, manage, lead and communicate critically. Graduates of the Bachelors of Science in Engineering Technology program are one of 12 undergraduates. Courses are offered online in collaboration with the Southern Regional Education Board and the Florida Virtual Camp.

Allows you to create a web page that contains tasks, students accounts, and examination information. Florida Atlantic University has six divisions managing online degree programs. It is recommended that adult learners pursue their training through divisions that best suit their own careers and occupational objectives. The College of Design and Social Inquiry, the College of Business and the College of Educa-tion belong to the divisions.

Online grades are fully and partly trained. You can register online. While adult students may receive online grade credit from other educational establishments, they must have more than six points to register for an online programme. Irrespective of the selected specialisation, adult students are equipped with videos, discussions forums, chats and portable music.

Graduating from university has never been simple. Completion of a full-time jobs and a fulltime student life on site while you juggle with a host of families prevents some of your students from graduating from post-secondary school. With its graduates and undergraduates, Florida International University is reducing this battle. There is a catalogue of 12 Bachelor's and 17 other postgraduate courses of study offered by the same faculty that teaches university classes.

Technologies that deliver orders include Blackboard, Adobe Connect, Turnitin, Respondus Study Mate Class, NBC Learn and ProctorU. Computer used by the student at home must be fully interoperable with the school's plug-ins and sourroundings. Collaborative relationships connect adults with Miami Dade College online trainers and supporting professionals such as counselors, helpdesk engineers, mentors and careers counselors.

They are flexible in that they decide for themselves when they work on tasks. In the spring of 2016, the university will introduce four Bachelor's programmes in the areas of PR, supervisory and managerial studies, information system engineering and logistics engineering. RN for Bachelor of Science is the only fully online four-year course.

There is also an Associate of Arts and an Associate of Science. Adult students with a Bachelor of Science in Public Safety and Security, a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science or a Bachelor of Science in Criminology or Social Sciences must register for classes as indicated in the curriculum.

Classes take place on myFSU. The Blackboard application is the myFSU operating system that provides catalogues, tasks, testing, application development and a list of student camps. eServices provides eForms, application materials and transcripts for new and graduate undergraduates who are studying for online degree programs such as Bachelor of Science in Construction and Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Technology at Seminole State College of Florida.

Canvas and Sakai are the two educational platform for the classes, with most classes using canvas. The Seminole State College Catalog provides important information about the classes. The timetables are accessed via My.Seminole State. Powerful timing and projectmanagement capabilities are required to succeed in Florida Gulf Coast University's online classes.

At the beginning of a new semester, the teaching material becomes available by registering with Canvas, the school's online educational system. Gulfline stores course summaries, department lists, students account and coming year results. As well as the three Bachelor's and five Master's degree programmes, the Adult Education Center offers three certification programmes and even more classes via the Southern Regional Education Board online educational area.

The programmes fulfil the state accrediation standards for 20 countries. The headmaster prescribes that each programme follows the university's strategy plans for correspondence courses. The Webber International Univeristy provides a range of online study courses. Undergraduates can obtain Bachelor's qualifications completely online in the areas of general economics, finances, sports economics, computer information and more.

Associates of Arts and Master of Business Administration (MBA) can also be acquired completely online. The courses can also be taken in 15-week classes, whereby the college recommends two classes per 15-week group. Although the pupils never have to come to the campuses, the college organises several open days every year when they want to come by.

It includes a discussion of the department and participation in a walk. An increasing number of Pasco Hernando State College classes are available online. For example, the school's Pedagogical College offers its classes both online and on the university' campuses. Aimed at currently enrolled female students, the Bachelor of Science in Nurse in Nurse Education programme is even online-only.

We also offer non-accredited online fellowship classes in many subject areas. Includes some of the forthcoming non-credit online course offerings: The syllabus for online classes is supported by an iPad at Lynn University. Classes are available online, on college or in a mix of both. The Bachelor's degree programmes are available online in the fields of air traffic and air traffic management, economics, communications and communications, penal law, the humanities and psychological studies.

Courses offer expedited conditions, and are taught by industrial experts who teach each grade and do not require the SAT or ACT for accreditation. Professional points can also be applied to the programme in which the candidate is registered, as well as credit from another university. A number of certification programmes are also fully available online.

The Hobeound Bible College provides many qualifications online, from an Associate of Art in Bible (which lasts two years) to a Bachelor of Arts in Ministerial Studies. A thing that sets the school's online programmes apart from those of other universities is that they are given a "Christ-centered, biblical" mind.

Especially those of the Westleyan traditions. As a rule, the course lasts sevenweek. While most online training includes videos and sound equipment, much of it is hard-copy. The Northwood University provides a range of online degree programs, especially in economics. The Bachelor of Busines Administration can be acquired completely online.

In this course they can focus on the areas of accountancy, after market managment, automobile marketing-, computer information managment, business administration, finances, franchising managment, healthcare managment, managament and sourcing. There is even plenty of room for flexible learning. Graduates can acquire the diploma online, on the university' s own premises or in a mixture of both to the desired level.

There are online classes available in summers, springs and autumn, with two enrolment deadlines in summers and springs. The Johnson University provides complete online training at all grades. Online Bible study, cross-cultural study and service training is available to undergraduates. Certifications are available online, both for graduates and college graduates, in disciplines that range from cross-cultural study to Bible reading.

At the postgraduate and postgraduate tiers, graduates can acquire Master's and Doctoral qualifications in all areas, from the study of the field of leadership to economics. There are many online student resource options, such as a online student resource center and individual study counseling. "Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University provides complete online courses at all grades. There are five online associates for study in the fields of aerospace, air traffic industry, aircraft servicing, basic technology and technology as well as aircraft care.

You can complete a dozen different online undergraduate, postgraduate and postgraduate programmes, from communications to transport. A number of programmes are even paired with diploma theses, so that in five years the student can obtain both a Bachelor's and a Master's degree. Pupils can work together in online mode and study through everything from videos to music.

University of South Florida online undergraduates are offered a range of benefits, often reserved for college graduates, such as engineering assistance, academics and careerservices. There are many degree programs and classes available online. If you are studying at the sub-grade levels, you can obtain online Bachelors degree in the fields of nurse, healthcare, criminal and more.

On the postgraduate levels, graduates can choose from the following subjects: government, electronics, teaching techniques, and more. Online programmes are designed for those who need the agility to take courses at any time, anywhere to help them enjoy a bustling lifestyle. The City College offers online learners an engaging online educational setting, a personalised classroom immersion program, vibrant classroom experiences and an engaging classroom atmosphere.

The online student can view videos of the online faculty's lecture videos and can also access the exercises via other media. There are three Bachelor's programmes available online. Among them is the Bachelors of Science in Nursing, an interdisciplinary to BSN qualification aimed at currently enrolled nursing staff. Undergraduates can also obtain a full B.S. in Business Administration in Management online.

There is also a full online bachelor's programme in healthcare management. Jones College has many online study courses. Undergraduates can obtain an online B.S. in economics, inter-disciplinary study and computer information sys-tems. These three programmes are available to all online undergraduates. Only Florida citizens are eligible for the Bachelor's programme in Lawyer's Courses.

Several Associate of Science degree courses are also available. This is the stage where you will be able to enroll in a course of studies in economics, computer information system and law clerks (for Florida resident only). The one thing that distinguishes the online programmes at Jones College is that the participants go through a course of instruction for college and introduce them to the necessary abilities for success.

Johnson & Wales University online undergraduates get many of the same benefits as on-campus undergraduates. It also offers small classes, individual counselling and a policy of flexibility. There are online courses available at both the junior and postgraduate level. Undergraduates can take bachelor's degree courses in many fields, among them economics, libertarianism, supply line managment, and more.

On the postgraduate and postgraduate levels, graduates can obtain Master's degree in many fields, from non-profit medicine to law enforcement. It even has an MBA online. The Trinity International University provides three programmes online. You are a Bachelor of Art in Business, a Bachelor of Art in Christian Ministries and a Bachelor of Art in Mental Health.

The Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and Trinity Postgraduate School also offer online classes at the Ph. Tasks range from viewing documents uploaded from articles and magazines to online trivia quizes. An online administration system is used for communicating between the student and the university.

In fact, online undergraduates can even get the same service as on-campus college undergraduates. Florida Tech University online undergraduates have many of the same advantages as on-campus undergraduates. On-line contracts are fully online at all tiers. Upon completion of the degree course, the student can acquire an associated and Bachelors degree in the fields of bookkeeping, economics, psychology, penal law, and more.

On the postgraduate and postgraduate levels, graduates can obtain online Master's degree in Information Technologies, Leadership, Information Security and more. There is even a fully online MBA programme and a certification for information security and cyber security graduates.

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