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Here you will find college courses and evening courses. When you have registered, click on "Current Students", then under "Registration" on "Timetable". The Ebrahim College is one of the leading providers of Islamic part-time courses in the UK. Timetable and manual of the Studentenwerk. There is a choice of fitness classes including Circuit Training, Fitness Pilates, Yoga, Kickboxing and the popular Kettlercise.

Evening and Community Day Courses

An early reservation is advisable to prevent disappointments. PHONEBOOKERS - Call our reservation hotline on 01896 662603 from Monday to Friday between 0900 and 1600. - If you are a student who receives certain services or a low salary, you may not have to make a fee for certificate and computer classes, although you will be asked to make a 25% down payment when you book.

We will reimburse the tuition fee as soon as the participant has completed 25% of the course and has provided proof of achievement at the time of reservation. In case of noncompliance with the 25% of the course and the proper documentation, the participant is obliged to cover the full costs of the course and the down payment will not be back.

There should be a shortlist of training and cost. You will also receive a gift certificate, which will be presented at the moment of your reservation. disabilitation and study assistance - If you need assistance, please make sure you notify the college before enrolling so that they can discuss your need for it.

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Angus and Dundee College (a local college that serves Dundee and Angus)

We can help you select the right program for you, whether you want to attend full-time or part-time, at home or at university. Each of our programs leads to state-approved degrees. We have longstanding contacts with employer and vocational education institutions to make sure that your degree is appropriate for your job prospects, and we are constantly working on new programs for new and newly created work.

Courses offered by the College may need to be modified if, for example, financing is cancelled, interest is not sufficient or there are problems with the College's funds.

Chesterfield College for adults, part-time and evenings classes

When you want to take up a new pastime, need a vocational advancement or just want to broaden your knowledge, we provide you with many possibilities at the school. We have something to cater for all skills, interests and careers, from college and vocational training to healthcare and security training and computer program support.

College isn't as much money as you think. We can, however, provide funding in the shape of advance learning credits and scholarships for a surcharge. Learn more about college funding. It is becoming increasingly hard to find a position or professional advancement in today's highly contested labour markets without a good knowledge of English and mathematics.

That' s why we provide a number of English and Mathematics classes, among them GCSE, English and Mathematics for Adults and ESOL. This course is specifically aimed at paving the way for those who have not been trained for some while. There is a broad spectrum of academic programs in various fields.

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