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Bischof, Lucknow Episcopal Area Vorsitzender Lucknow Christian College, Lucknow. Prof. (Dr.) R.R.

Lyall, President/Manager, Women's Christian College is an undergraduate college for women in South Kolkata, West Bengal, India. TO THE CHRISTIAN COLLEGE KATTAKKADA. Two year Christian college in Redlands, Fontana and Downey. Nowadays All Nations is one of the largest colleges of its kind in Europe and welcomes students and their families from all over the world.

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Locate your ideal college. Teachers who take caring about the development and maturation of your youth are Christian universities. And even the lightest, best trained pupils are struggling with the transition. Is it worthwhile to attend a Christian college every four years in economically unstable periods? Stimulate your teenager's interpersonal, academic and spiritual life.

Private Geelong School | Christian College Geelong

BELIEF is the full confidence in God's promise. When our disciples seek their own identities in a confused environment, they can always believe in God's design for them. While our pupils face many challenging tasks in reaching their objectives, HOPE gives us the nature and strength we need to face them.

TRUTH helps protect the heads and souls of our disciples from untruths so that they can find genuine significance and bliss. The GRACE is the mystery of genuine pleasure and pleasure of the soul. Faced with avarice and jealousy, GRACE allows our disciples to empathize with others as they strive for a higher end - God's will.

Women's Christian College | A first class Girls College in Calcutta

Womens Christian College is an Undgraduate College for Womens in Southern Kolkata, West Bengal, India. The National Assessment and Accreditation Council, an independent organisation that assesses post-secondary academia in India, has classified it as a Grade A College. Its work is under the auspices of the Bengali Christian Council, an interconfessional Christian self-governing Christian body, which relies on the best practice of competing Christian confessions in the management of education facilities in West Bengal.

Legally, it is a Grant-in-Aid College attached to the University of Calcutta and supported by the University Grants Commission, New Delhi. Women's Christian College, Kolkata has evolved and adapted to the changes in the surrounding environment since its foundation in July 1945, without losing sight of the key principles of serving, maintaining dignity, maintaining dignity and maintaining uprightness.

Under the patronage of the Bengali Christian Council, Women's Christian College is a Grant-in-Aid College attached to the University of Calcutta and supported by the University Grants Commission, New Delhi.

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