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Students looking for the cheapest online colleges can still get a valuable education. Find out how to find schools with a balance of quality and affordability. There are many different factors that affect the length of time to complete a degree at affordable online colleges. Driving the increase of affordable online colleges further is the upward swing in tuition prices at many schools. If you are looking to save money, our list of affordable online schools can help you.

2048 Most Affordable Online Colleges & Degrees

Out of the 309 schools surveyed by the SR Education Group in 2018, these 25 provide the cheapest online schooling. Schools all have fees under $10,000 and have at least five online bachelor's and five online master's programmes. The Middle Georgia State University, the cheapest university, has 19 online study programmes with a $5,070 fee and a $3,825 fee.

In addition, we arrange the cheapest diplomas for 110 disciplines, such as health, welfare and economics, and by final grade, which includes Associates, Bachelors, Masters and Doctorates.

#15. <i > ; King Universitya>King University

Most schools have online programmes. However, how many of these can be described as "online schools"? From the schools that have online programmes that are cheaper for price-conscious schoolchildren? Currently, there are not many schools of excellence that only provide online courses, but it doesn't seem right to consider any General Studies online graduating programme as an online one.

Therefore, for the purpose of this paper, it was agreed that a higher education institution may be regarded as an online institution if it offers ten or more different programmes. There is a focus on different programmes. There are ten different kinds of bachelor's degrees in business administration that a single institution could provide, but for the purpose of this listing this would still be just a qualification.

The following are fifteen schools, all of which have more than ten full online programmes, sorted by price. The schools on this register are also locally recognised (as the absence of local recognition has little value in reality). The higher of the two tariffs was used for schools with different tariffs for nationals and non-residents.

The prices for online lessons may differ. The King Univeristy is a European church that aims to educate the student to embrace the religion in every part of his life. There are thirteen programmes covering a broad spectrum of subjects such as religious studies, English, historical studies, health informatics, etc. Edinburgh is certainly one of the most productive and inexpensive online certified European Christians schools.

University of Minnesota at Crookston has been providing online programmes for years. They have recently started to extend their online courses of study. There are thirteen different programmes that focus on economics, technology and communication. The ASU has 39 bachelor's degree programmes. They range from those typically occurring online to those that are more hard to find.

All 34 of Franklin's stapling programmes are available. They will also be happy to know that many of the programmes on offer are more challenging to find online. A few of Franklin's programmes that are hard to find in schools with fewer choices are Public Safety Management, Web Development and Emergency Management.

The Park provides many different possibilities for college and college graduates, many of which are contained in the default choices found at online colleges, but others do. The park provides unparalleled logistics and geography programmes. We also offer several minor courses, which can be combined with main subjects to further enhance students' training.

The Wilmington University has 19 bachelor's degree courses, six minor subjects and several certifications. In contrast to many online schools, most of these programmes are not considered to be a commercial programme. Existing focal points are in various areas of corporate governance. A few of the exceptional programmes in which the student can study: The Dakota State University has many different possibilities and is one of the lowest cost online schools for undergraduates.

The most important programmes are IT, health information management and network and security management. We also offer Bachelor of Business Administration programmes with many specialisations and some accounting and financial programmes. There are eleven different programmes, but many of them offer several opportunities for underage children and concentration.

Therefore, Brandman alumni can generally look forward to many opportunities to further focus their studies during their main studies. Brandman's most varied fields of specialisation are business administration and penal law: the former provides 11 different specialisations, the latter seven. The Thomas Edison State College is one of the most ground-breaking online schools there is.

TESC is the best option for flexible learners due to its large range of subjects and unparalleled degree programme completion options. The student can take any number of class from their programme and also CLEP. The Bemidji State offers applied technology, elementary education and social work.

There are also some more common major subjects, but it is one of the few online schools that provide the three list. All the 100% online study programmes offered by all universities amount to 19. Their low costs are stable from university to university, which means that the system as a whole provides one of the lowest priced basic training courses on the class.

The Columbia College provides some powerful online programmes. There are the commercial programmes that most online schools have in common, but the student will also find one-of-a-kind programmes, including: Columbia College's correspondence course elective has been developed to offer an opportunity for working adults who are unable to move or find the opportunity to obtain a diploma the old-fashioned way.

The Granite State College provides many online undergrad programmes. The GSC is one of the few schools that focuses primarily on providing programmes for undergraduates. GSC undergraduates can do this with the assurance that they are at the heart of the school's online work. A few remarkable programmes include:

The Bellevue programme provides a shimmering choice of programmes. Not only is this one of the pioneers of online learning, but also of online schools, as few others can reach the mere number of available choices. Bellevue is not only one of the few schools that offer a range of online programmes that can rival mid-sized conventional schools, but also an unbelievably accessible online class.

The Western District Directors University was founded in 1996 and began in 1999 with the admission of undergraduates. Launched by a group of Midwest Gov. the School is one of the cheapest and most extensive online schools in the game. It is appropriate that WGU leads this register as a fully online institution.

The WGU has a powerful set of programmes, reasonable prices and a duty to provide top-notch training to university graduates everywhere. This makes WGU a great option for many of our current undergraduates. Are there different tuition fees for residents and non-residents in online schools? Is it possible to get an Emergency Management degree online? Do Christian universities exist online?

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