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The Boston University offers free online courses and MOOCs on various topics. Discover Boston U online courses and degrees. Explore Boston University's free online courses. The Boston University is a private research university in Boston, Massachusetts. Massachusetts, Boston is a city with a particularly rich educational culture.

FABDE / Distance Learning at Boston University

So what is Boston University's involvement in online learning? The online learning at Boston University is understood as learning contents provided mainly through online methodologies. In 2001, the University's involvement in this methodology was consolidated with the establishment of the Office of Distance Training (ODE). ODE's vision is to empower the university to expand its online base and target new target groups outside the Boston region.

There are currently over 2,500 online undergraduates studying at Boston University, who represent all 50 states and six major nationalities. In Massachusetts, only 9% of these college kids do. Which kinds of online programmes are there at Boston University? For a complete list of the latest online programmes, visit the Boston University Distance Education website.

At present, ODE only promotes the creation of full vocational qualification programmes. These ODE staff work with the department to fulfill the needs of an online public. The online programmes at the university are conceived to fulfil strict structural and academic requirements. The classes are conceived to be highly interactivity, with an approximate learning time per week of 15-20 h.

There are many ways online programmes can help empower colleagues on your college computer. Firstly, online teachers often decide to make their face-to-face events more engaging and visually appealing by incorporating online instruction. Secondly, the promotional effort needed to promote online programmes often attracts greater attention to the overall programme and attracts a higher quality candidate to the on-campus programme.

What is the size of most online training programs? The online course usually consists of 50-200 people. The moderators, who are postgraduates or PhD candidates with specialist knowledge in the field of study, work together with the department in the bigger classrooms. Moderators are used in groups of a maximum of 15 pupils and act as the main point of reference for responding to queries, assisting in discussions and evaluating tasks and examinations.

Instructor of Record is the "presence" in the course that monitors all pupils and ensures that the learning goals are achieved.

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