Best Online University Courses

Best-of-breed online university courses

The Australian universities have the best distance learning courses. We aim to help students in Canada and around the world quickly find quality assured online education. UNE Australia's online external study. We offer various online educational programs at the University of Utrecht. The free'massive open online courses' (MOOCs) are courses open to everyone.

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Getting free courses from top universities

It' s back-to-school and you can also make your training available with some astonishing and free online resources from top colleges. Many of their courses are offered in the format of videos, transcriptions and online trivia. There are also a number of colleges that give you entry to the teacher and allow you to communicate with other classroom undergraduates.

Would you like to try these free online courses? These are the online educational opportunities of the best US colleges that we think are interesting. The Stanford University in Stanford, California, provides a particularly wide range of materials for its online amateurs. The courses are available on a number of different educational venues, so you can view video, join discussions and chat, take quiz questions, and even take part in group work.

There is a broad variety of courses available (free of charge and with costs), from cryptography to game theory to writing in the sciences. Are there quotes on the exchange that also invest and run your own businesses - material that you can really use to promote your familie. Self-study courses are also offered, which includes the much-loved Computer Science 101.

To view Stanford's online course library, visit University of California, Berkeley is one of the most prestigious open university in America. So as you might think, the online course catalogue is one of the most serious in the group. You' re not going to be able to do any testing or raising your hands in the classroom, but you can review every presentation in high definition on YouTube.

University of Cincinnati Berkeley uses the educational system eduX at There you will find videos and audiopresentations of the renowned engineering college. You can also get your own personal memos, ratings and even free online text books. While not every MIT group has these resources, the course finder makes it easy to find those who do.

At you can browse MIT's browsable collection of online course material and presentations. At you will also find a large selection of courses, some in other language versions. Duke University in North Carolina provides a variety of free online courses via the Coursera online learning environment. Courses on topics such as English composition and genetics are provided, with video content divided into easy-to-digest YouTube video tutorials; some courses also provide online evaluations.

Through online messages and discussions groups, online teachers can engage with other pupils and teachers to promote their comprehension of the work. For a glimpse of Duke's free online course offering and to sign up for courses, please go to courts. On Coursera you will also find many other colleges and courses.

Like UC Berkeley, the University of California, Los Angeles, provides a wide range of teaching experience free of charge online on YouTube. The courses are organised in a playlist, so you can view presentations from courses such as Sustainable Living, Modern Civilization 1750 - present and Probability for Math Science according to your own itinerary. It is also worth keeping an eye on UCLA Extension School, which regularly provides free (albeit short) online courses with forums.

Yale, one of the oldest universities in our country, provides a restricted range of courses for free online audits. Classes are available on Coursera, YouTube and Apple's free online educational platforms iTS. Pittsburgh's Carnegie Mellon currently provides 21 open and free courses through its Open Education Initiative (OLI) framework.

If you wish, you can take natural sciences courses such as biochemistry and modern biology, or schedule your holiday in Paris while studying French I and II. With OLI, you can easily follow your progression (with registration), while "targeted feedback" and online orders give you an indication of how well you absorb the work.

What Carnegie Mellon's OLI has to show you, you can read on Inside, you'll be linked to hundreds of free courses from hundreds of colleges around the world. iTunes U provides a tool for starting discussion and asking teacher and student question. And, because everything is assessed on a 5-star system, you can find the best courses in the most interesting for you.

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