Best Online high Schools 2016

2016 Best Online High Schools

Below is a list of ranked colleges showing the 25 best high schools online. 7 - Laurel-Springs School. 5 - Franklin Virtual High School. 4 - The Keystone School. One James Madison High School.

Top Online High Schools

CompuHigh' Whitmore was founded in 1994 by a group of families looking for alternatives to schooling. It is the task of the accrediated schools to give the pupils responsibility for their own schooling. The Epic Charter Schools are free state schools for pupils from Pre-K to 12. This allows pupils to take their lessons online, but does not mean that pupils have to take a certain number of lessons online every single working days.

It also offers personal events such as excursions, a final ball and a final party. The James Madison High School is an independent study college that offers full academic assistance, which includes teachers assistance, a diary and a Q&A forums. He is an registered office and has completed ten thousand pupils.

K12 Inc. was established in 1999 and is a non-profit educational organization. From 2017 it will be the biggest online educational institution, with 58 independent online schools with almost 77,000 registered pupils in the 2011-12 year. The K12 has free online state schools, class-based online schools and online supplementary classes and is an AdvancED accreditation body, the biggest home schools accreditation body.

Keystone is a privately owned, class-based online language training group. Established in 1974, Keystone was one of the first in the business to offer online and correspondence courses. Keystone has pupils from all 50 states and almost 100 different nationalities. Laurel Springs was established in 1991 and is a privately owned online language training center with a wide range of courses and full-time academic sponsors.

This is conceived as a preparation for university, which is oriented towards the interests and inclinations of each schoolboy. The Laurel Springs also concentrates on fellowship and the development of scholastic proud. The Provost is an online pubic high schools that serves the states of Colorado, South Carolina, Georgia and Ohio. Schools are free of charge and are regulated by state deeds.

The Connections Academy is a online educational organisation offering a free online government secondary modern online classroom and online tutoring. The Connections Academy is a department of Connections Educational LLC. The Western Christians Academy is a small, online certified online church primary and secondary church English language course for pre-K children up to the age of 12. The Western Christians Academy, located in Prather, California, was established over 32 years ago and has over 700 undergraduates in all 50 states.

Penn Foster High is a 1972 registered member of the Pennsylvania State Board of Private Licensed Schools. Primary emphasis is placed on life-long training and schooling. The Florida Virtual University is an online college based in Florida, but open to all United States undergraduates.

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