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Locate the best accredited program for you. The list is intended for distance students (traditional, adult and homeschooled) looking for the best online high schools. However, it's not all homework at Stanford Online High School (OHS). A good online high school is one that is accredited by a reliable educational institution. The United States has many good online high schools.

Best 25 Best Value Online High Schools for 2017

A grammar pupil sometimes finds that acquiring his degree in a conventional situation of bricks and mortars does not suit his personal needs or that he has difficulties to be successful in such a situation. On other occasions, pupils in class are falling behind and need a way to complement their studies, or they have not fulfilled their progressive educational needs in a conventional environment and they want to move forward.

Some of the many ways in which an online high schools can help meet the different needs of schoolchildren. We take into consideration the teaching expenses of online schools, the institution's rate of achievement and its outstanding achievements as an education institution.

In addition, all schools below are affiliated and many of them provide a wide range of dissertations or online course offerings in either global language or Advanced Placement (AP) class. In addition, some schools provide courses for adults and pupils in conventional high schools. The K12 Online Educational Center is a leader in online curricula across the country and provides various K-12 student study programmes.

The programmes can be fully accessed online through online schools, either online or privately. In addition, pupils, parents and/or instructors can buy classes directly at home or in the schoolroom. On the SchoolFinder page, pupils can see what are the available choices. K12 Online offers a wide range of classes for all our undergraduates.

It offers nearly 200 high schools, among them key grades in English, mathematics, historical or natural sciences, as well as a wide range of electives. In addition, all of our training programs are available at various skill level, which includes the following: Basic, Full, Honors, Professional, Recover and CDR. This allows the student to adapt their course work to their own needs.

The cost of K12 Online varies according to which programme pupils enrol in, but in most states state schools' courses are free. FLVS is proud to provide one of the most versatile, full-time or part-time online education programmes for high schools across the country. ONLINE SHOOL is totally engaged in personalised education and accomplishes this through the recruitment of engaged, accredited instructors, the involvement of pupils in interactivity and the provision of one-to-one lessons focusing on the achievement of each pupil.

In addition, the language center provides 24/7 global coverage and a variety of full-time opportunities, all of which help ensure flexible course planning and speed. Although the Florida Virtual Center is proud to serve Florida's citizens, the online institute is reaching the entire country and the world, as well as home, government and home schools around the world.

With more than 150 FLVS lessons, there is the possibility to meet the individual needs of each student. Numerous training includes key topics such as Mathematics, English, Science or Historical, as well as Advanced Placement (AP) Advanced Placement and CDP. Complimentary for Florida college kids. $400 per half loan for student outside Florida.

NHS provides a full range of high schools programmes and classes that are fully online to meet the needs of pupils from different spheres of live and background. One of the main goals of the course is to give participants a solid basis to practice their degree or other educational needs and the national high schools degree programme can be fully carried out online or accept transition vouchers from conventional bricks and mortars colleges from around the state.

We also pride ourselves on being a leading provider for home-schooled children throughout America. Headquartered National High High School is t von der Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Council on Accreditation and School Improvement the SACS CASI (SACS CASI) akkreditiert. It is a consequent guide in online, high scholastic training throughout the country.

The Texas Tech University Independent School District, established in 1993, provides a wide range of study programmes for college graduates who have an online teaching background and is serving C-12 years. The student can enrol for a full-time graduate programme or an online programme. In order to obtain a qualification, the Diplom programme demands that the student complete the compulsory study programmes, while the personalised programme allows the student either to familiarise himself or herself with the programmes that he is in arrears with or to enrol for programmes that he would later need, or for AP (Advanced Placement)ours.

Each programme keeps the pupils registered in their local or actual educational area and the online completed classes are transmitted. The Texas Tech Grade Plans offer all classes necessary to obtain a Texas High Education degree, and in parallel to the completion of their course work, graduates must complete the appropriate state mandated postgraduate assessments such as TAKS or STAAR/EOCs.

Schools are Texas Educational Agency (TEA) certified and this certification guarantees that the syllabus complies with the government requirements. The Virtual Learning Academy Charter College in Exeter, New Hampshire, offers both part- and full-time training of high standard. The academy usually works for part-time student registered at another college or home boarding high.

Its fulltime undergraduates take part in an admissions procedure and, once adopted, follow the VLACS degree, which is recognised nationally by the New Hampshire Department of Education. As well as studying in the room, the language centre also offers the opportunity for work placements, travelling, interactive or practical teaching activities and ongoing enrolment so that pupils can start their studies at any age.

Although all of our instructors are fully New Hampshire State accredited, pupils from all states and countries are welcome to enrol in any of the secondary or high schools online programmes. Since its foundation in 2004, Excel High school offers a wide range of courses for high-schoolers.

They are designed to allow the student to study at their own speed, highlighting their own unique skills and strength and complementing their less strong points to secure academical outcomes. You can complete all course work online and access it from anywhere in the worid. In addition, Excel High is one of the founding members of the United States Distance Learning Association and the International Association for K-12 Online Learning accredits the name.

Providing a wide range of courses and study opportunities, Excel High School has coursework for accreditation recovery, online summerschool classes and a comprehensive university preparation degree syllabus adopted by most establishments throughout the country. As well as programmes that traditionally attend older high schools, Excel High School provides an excellent programme of education for adults looking for their GED.

The Penn Foster High Shool Online offers educational facilities for college and college graduates from all backgrounds. Featuring a wealth of story as a guide in careers planning and triage for in-demand items, Penn Foster High School meets not only the educational needs of its students online but also assists in preparing students alumni for maturity and helping in guiding students towards identifying their aptitudes.

Online schools offer complete online and mixed programmes and each programme is personalised for the registered and self-directed schoolboy. At the forefront of delivering personnel and instructor assistance to registered undergraduates, Penn Foster ensures that participants get the most out of their online study experiences with personalized mentoring and instruction.

The North Dakota Center for Distance Education (NDCDE) in Fargo, ND uses the latest technological advances to help transfigure, not just educate, high schoolschildren. Through the use of state-of-the-art training techniques and education techniques, the centre is a leading provider of online education across the country. With this in mind, all online classes are conceived in such a way that the pupils can accept the study under their own conditions and the classes are not always subjected to a teacher screen, but can be taught and lived by themselves.

NDCDE provides secondary and high schools throughout North Dakota with high-quality curricula, skilled online instructors and cutting-edge learning tech. Registered pupils enjoy the freedom to take classes at home while getting the same high level training they would get in a conventional high class room and a customisable high class training.

The Brigham Young University Online High School is a fully accrediated online high schools with three different four-year high schools programmes, each tailored to the needs of a wide range of schoolchildren. Undergraduates can obtain their diplomas by visiting all grades online or by completing their schooling with a few extra online grades, such as collegiate placements or AP class.

Three programmes include: the standard programme for high and middle-aged pupils who earn a degree; the Advance programme for high and middle-aged pupils who hope to make a leap into university by taking extra online classes; and the adult graduate programme for those who return to high schools. Candidates should be aware that Brigham Young University Online High school suggests that pupils be at least fourteen years old before taking their classes online.

These classes are intended for pupils who prepare to move to a collegiate or higher educational institution or prepare for the post-high schools world. Indiana Univeristy High School's correspondence programmes are available to meet the needs of secondary schools and adults looking for extra study or a degree.

Registered students vote from taking single classes fully online or from acquiring an Indiana High school diploma. Aimed at serving those who do not meet their needs in the traditional way in the schoolroom, the service is extended to teachers who need to extend their teaching room surroundings. Student from different districts and a wealth of backgrounds profit from the adaptable, online supporting enviroment backed by Indiana University High School and will find that they can achieve their pedagogical objectives fully online with ease. If you are interested in one of these activities, please contact us.

The Indiana University High School believe in agility and therefore the pupils decide when to enrol and where to finish their studies. Classes and examinations are tailored to the student's schedule, and most courses offer the learner a high degree of mastery over their studies with easily accessible instructor leadership that ensures achievement for all pupils.

The Ashworth College, James Madison Online High school has helped tens of millions of students reach their education goal since its parenting college was formed in 1987. Born in 1996, James Madison is a leading provider of extensive and high level high education to pupils from all backgrounds throughout the country.

It has all certificated instructors and is both regional and national in accreditation, which includes accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC). Aimed not only at grown-up pupils and home schoolers, but also at graduates or other alternatives to study, James Madison Online High School has the most comprehensive online education system in the world.

The removal of obstacles often encountered at conventional grammar schools, such as competing with peers or the pressures of peers, allows pupils to concentrate exclusively on their education objectives. There are no fixed allocation periods or popular testing to allow pupils to be successful at their own speed. Founded in Jackson, Mississippi, New Learning Resource Online provides two different treatises for the graduation of the school: the College Prep Pathway Diplom, which demands the student to take 24 Carnegie lessons, and the Career Preparatory Diplomateath, which demands the student to take 21 Carnegie lessons.

Accreditation and training Council on Accreditation and Improvement (SACS CASI) und der Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC) akkreditiert. Each of the classes provided by the Acadamy offers flexibility for registered users, coupled with qualified instructor assistance and online resource to help all our clients succeed.

The Forest Trail Academy, located in Wellington, Florida, is one of the best K-12 online schools in the United States and enjoys an excellent name. It strives to offer courses and graduate programmes to college and college graduates from all over America and the world and primarily meets the needs of home school children around the world.

It is also ist die Schule von der Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, dem Council on Accreditation and School Improvement SACS CASI et Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA-CESS) akkreditiert. Online training for high-schoolers includes the Diplom programme, advanced placement (AP) training, loan retrieval programmes and specific advantages for home schoolers looking for room work.

In addition, the U.S. language institute message degree to socialism intellectual matriculated in system from around the class and poverty to obtain prison approval at the Lappic case. FTA's one-of-a-kind relationship with Waldorf University is a two-tier enrolment programme with the option to receive Collegiate Education for only $243.00 per grade (not per credit)!

If you are looking for agility, an option to the conventional University of Bricks and Mortars, who want to make up ground or move forward, the Forest Trail Academy welcomes you. They are all professional instructors with a strong commitment to correspondence courses. Located in Tallahassee, Florida, Franklin Virtual High offers a secure and cost-effective way for pupils to achieve their learning objectives fully online in a highly adaptable way.

All programmes are 100% online and can even be adapted to the needs of each and every one. In addition, as the market leaders in online teaching, all of our classes are locally certified by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and offer open enrolment, no agreements and a variety of methods of payment! Serving college graduates throughout North America and around the world, it allows graduate and intermediate level study to complement their training in bricks and mortars.

Each course is self-directed and easy to transfer, and the student has the freedom to study, progress and be successful at his or her own speed. The North Carolina Public Academy, generally known as CVPS, is a complement to the nationwide North Carolina Public Academy System. Instructor-driven, advanced academics offer advanced study opportunities for pupils registered in their online programmes.

Each course is based on the Common Core Standards and North Carolina Essential Standards, whether the student lives in North Carolina or enrols remotely. There are online classes available in a wide range of disciplines that include sciences, linguistics, mathematics, civics and art, as well as AP and honorary classes.

Others cover exam prep and borrowing programs, global language training or in-service training (OCS). Each CVPS instructor is accredited and uses the latest and best available technology to instruct remotely, and the course is conducted in a highly adaptable way and under the guidance of the undergraduates. In order to enrol in CVPS, once you have enrolled online and completed the course, you must notify the relevant authorities of your area' own government agency, which in turn will provide the credits.

Keystone National is a fully accrediated online university that provides a variety of opportunities for primary and secondary learners. More than 170 different online training programs are available, ranging from global language training to AP and CDR. The Keystone School's teaching missions focus on providing greater freedom of study, and the schools have been recognised as leaders in the field of flexicurity, and pupils can enrol at Keystone throughout the year.

Focusing on discipline in education, the primary and secondary schools aim to help pupils get ready for post high education living, be it in university, vocational training, the army or vocational Schools. As well as the key areas of high schools courses, the institute also provides educational opportunities for teachers looking for alternative to conventional classes.

The International Virtual Education Acadamy, or IVLA in general, is a privately owned, fully online education organization that provides year-round support to K-12 United States and international undergraduates. Irrespective of where the enrolled student lives, all graduates receive a California State High High School Diploma. It is proud to be able to meet or surpass annual compliance with local study norms and is fully AdvancEd institutional-approved.

More than 400 different classes are offered by the International Virtual Training Academy, which has been described as "the most exciting, rewarding and efficient online curriculum". "It caters to a wide range of needs by servicing pupils in need of rehabilitation, studying Advanced Placement (AP) classes, secondary to high schools, school-at-home needs and much more.

The Greenways Academy was established in 1996 as an alternate academy for pupils who did not meet their needs through the use of the conventional grammar schools, classrooms, and since then has been a leading provider of correspondence courses. Initially the center was used by pupils with health problems, mental health problems, educational difficulties and even special planning requirements that hindered them from surpassing themselves in the conventional workspace.

Nowadays, the online academy runs classes 5-12 and provides a wide range of programmes, such as courses in the visual art, careers management, computer sciences, language courses and much more. The Greenways Academy provides one-to-one tuition for each individual course as a special benefit to meet the needs of all our clients.

The Liberty Univeristy Online Acadamy is located in Lynchburg, Virginia and is a Christian-centered institute. Corresponding to its own website, the Acadamy boasts the title of" the world's largest evangelic university" and is a guide in providing home scholastic solutions to christ ishis. Each course is given from a Bible point of view and the institute is proud to combine traditional Judaism with Virginia High School's key educational principles.

This online school provides a graduate programme and classes for those who are looking for additional study in parallel to their conventional brickwork or schooling. There are two different classes for the undergraduates: the first and the second: A General Education Degree, which is equivalent to 26 or an Advanced Studies Degree, which is equivalent to 30 CER.

Each course is offered in an eight-week or sixteen-week schedule and enrolment is possible at any university. Due to their religion, the online schools require all pupils to take one Bible loan course per year, regardless of their other educational needs. Part of the Virginia Department of Educa-tion, Virtual Virginia provides a wide range of programmes, which include key and electives academics, global language and advanced online (AP) training.

The programmes are conceived to suit the needs of registered undergraduates by providing high level education and flexible study. Online College was established in the 1980s, when remote sensing classes were provided to college kids throughout the state of Virginia. From its inauguration, the institute has grown to provide more classes each year and reaches pupils all over the country.

Grammar pupils from different areas of their lives can participate in classes to obtain a degree or to fulfil special loan or course requirements. In addition, the institute provides a one-of-a-kind mentoring programme that brings together pupils with tutors who help them achieve their learning objectives through day-to-day communications and as intermediaries between the teacher, administrator and pupils.

The University of Missouri High School, established in 1999, fully online thesis and a graduate degree programme for gap high schools students on... Recognized by the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement, it uses AdvancED, a national recognized remote education plattform. Courses include Advance Placement (AP) courses, key academics and a wide range of online elective subjects.

Featuring an interesting story, the University of Missouri High school began as an expansion programme in 1913 by providing distance learning classes for high-schoolers! The programme became what is now known as the fully online high schools. Each course is designed by University of Missouri accredited teachers and teachers and meets both Missouri and local key educational requirements.

The Sevenstar Academy has been providing online secondary and high schools online since its inception in 2006 and now provides over 300 online classes for 6-12 pupils looking for an alternative to studying in a schoolroom. It provides a Bible view of the world and blends the Bible's teaching smoothly into all programs of studies.

Thus, the Académie aims to help children to develop both in a spiritual and pedagogical way, without indoctrining the students' philosophies and outlooks. It offers verified grades with over 81% of all online assignments passed and acts as a South Guide to online teaching.

Sevenstar Acadamy is Southern Association of Colleges and Schools certified and uses the AdvcED system. NordStar is a privately owned and run Chinese church college for all or part of grade 4-12 schoolchildren. International undergraduates can take lessons or graduate from NorthStar, and the institute has open enrolment so that they can achieve their educational objectives at will.

It is a religious organization that unites scholarly and religious teaching and all grades are taught by recognized masters. In addition, NorthStar is proud and honoured to be the first online Catholic church scholarship holder to gain recognition. It is also an Associate of International and Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and has been awarded ACSI certification.

located in Ojai, California, is an affiliated, privately funded, and wholly or partly online K-12 educational program called "Upper School" that provides 9-12 classes nationally and globally. Upper secondary preparation programmes ensure that pupils are ready for everything that awaits them after high schools, be it further training in a university or entry into the world of work.

The Laurel Springs School online ist zusätzlich von der Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) und dem Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI) akkkreditiert. With a syllabus focused on developing crucial literacy and literacy abilities, the Upper School is proud to have a track record that is leading most online schools in the country.

In addition, through correspondence courses, the student can build links with instructors and staff and network online with other undergraduates. Established in 1975, Oak Meadow School is located in Brattleboro, Vermont and is part of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

There are a wide range of training options, among them English, Sociology, Natural Sciences and Maths as well as Chess or ESOL electives and a fistful of signatures, Oak Meadow training. Please note that text books and other necessary material are not covered by the online fee below and Oak Meadow charges a 40% deposit and variable curriculum fee/month.

The Oak Meadow School ist von vier Institutionen akkreditiert, darunter die North Central Associations Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement sowie die Northwest Association von vier Institutionen akkreditiert, sowie die Northwest Associations of Akkredited Schools und die West and Southern Associations of Colleges and Schools.

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