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The best part is that many high quality sites are completely free. The Masters in Education is designed for the training of teachers in a subject area. His mission is "universal access to the best education in the world". Leap to How are the best online universities identified? Learn more about the most popular forms of online education at Leiden University.

Top 10 sites for online education

If you want to refresh your understanding of a topic or acquire a whole new craft, there is no lack of online classes to help you on your way. There are so many possibilities that it can be hard to find out which platforms suit you best! To help improve the abilities of one of your freelance professionals or staff, it can be even harder to make the best choice for their study outcomes.

In order to help you find your way in the fast-growing online education environment, here are 10 of the most common ways to improve your abilities. Corsera works with major US and international colleges to offer online classes on a dozen different topics. There is a great variety of disciplines to chose from, from computer sciences to musicology.

Because Coursera is proud to be open to everyone, many of our classes are either free or very inexpensive, with only formal accreditation resulting in higher costs. is an online education expert and provides a subscription-based online teaching toolkit.

Consider it an education-based netflix. As a great choice for those who are vision students and at a decent price of $25 per months, memberships provide unrestricted entry to more than 80,000 video clips on a wide variety of topics. Udemy is slightly more costly than the competition with an annual monthly turnover of 800 new classes.

The cost varies widely and ranges from $10 to $500 for different rates; the most common Udemy rates in economics and engineering are usually over $100. You can, however, review the evaluations of former alumni before enrolling in one of the classes so that you can make a more educated mind.

The Udacity is a technological focused course with a small but fine range of classes. Udacity's price schedule allows you to afford to buy your course every month; if you choose to cancel a programme before you finish it, you are paying for the course until then, not for the whole thing.

The Khan Academy is a non-profit online portal that offers a totally free of charge collection of pedagogical "micro-lectures". "The Khan Academy focuses on more conventional fields of study and offers a mixture of videos and texts from the fields of mathematics, natural sciences, business, the arts and a little computer-editing. Whereas other online classes are a "learning setting at your own pace", Codecademy encourages students to keep up with support groups and a playful points system.

They offer classes in a variety of language combinations - PHP, Phython and Ruby among them - and often they are already developing and implementing a project when they complete their course. Focusing on web developement, Bloc is a more intense choice for those who want to quickly lear. Rather than taking small classes or lecturing, this course is run over several month for 25 lessons per week. 25-hour lessons per day are available.

Celebrated as " Coursera of Europe ", in Berlin in cooperation with various colleges in Europe and abroad, the company provides free undergraduates. Skillshare provides an online catalogue of video-based classes and personal workshop sessions in towns such as San Francisco and New York.

The New York City-based General Assembly focuses on education in the fields of art, economics and engineering and has locations in nearly a decade of different towns around the city. Though most of the General Assembly professions are personal, they also provide a concise choice of pure online or blended course offerings. Plenary session even live streams of favorite talks, real-time interactions with the lecturers and other undergraduates.

The online classes vary from one-off presentations to multi-part workhops. Once you've tried online study, let us know your course and plattform suggestions in the comment field below - or tell us what you want to study in 2014!

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