Best Online Colleges 2016

2016 Best Online Universities

 This is a ranking of the top 30 best online colleges. The 60 online colleges meet the SR Education Group's criteria for military-friendly online schools in 2018. Highest online crime rate for 2016-2017. Top Forbes universities of 2015. North Carolina online schools offer the benefits of accreditation with added flexibility.

Best Online Universities 2015 Rankings

 This is a top 30 top online colleges rank. The highest-ranked online colleges have excelled by accepting and exceeding online schooling. Every higher educational institution and every institution of higher learning has at least five bachelor's and master's courses of study. They are all regional in scope, most of them also DETC (Distance Training Council) certified.

It is important to be cognizant that a low scoring in this rankings does not mean that the overall standard of the schools is low; it is only lower than the other 30 best online universities. Please notice that the vast majority of the more than 150 online universities that have been registered have not registered a point in this rankings system.

We go beyond many of the nation's online university rankings by taking into account the grading rates and returns on investments. Online expansion at Minnesota State University will offer six Undergraduate Degree Study programmes and five Underage. In addition, the institute has eight alumni programmes, several educational certifications and K-12 licensing programmes.

Understudy programs: The international economy, technical communications and urbanism. In the online degree programmes, you will find training techniques, lectures and study as well as communications sciences. As these are final programmes, they must have their general knowledge credited. They can be purchased at any number of school near the pupil, most often at your adult evening classes and state colleges for those who want to economize.

Mankato' s online expansion programmes are conceived to be tailored to meet the needs of full-time MSU learners, but the course can be completed at a more conventional full-time rate. AACSB accredits the school's businessprograms, the highest possible degree of accrediation for an US based commercial university.

The Fort Hays State University has 19 bachelor's programmes, 27 if you include the different concentration in both commercial and educational programmes. The offered Bachelor's degree programmes include: economics pedagogy, pedagogics, philosphy, politics, law, social sciences, medicine, communication and communication, medicine, marketing as well as cybernetics. Fort Hays State University's postgraduate programmes are intended for those who want to prepare for their professional upswing.

Several of the available postgraduate programmes are: MBA, administration de l'éducation, études libérales, administration des soins infirmiers et éducation spéciale. Postgraduate programmes are flexible to accommodate the needs of working adult students who cannot allow themselves two or more years off their careers to obtain a qualification. is a Protestant Catholic campus offering 30 different courses of study online, about 50 if you consider all the available concentration for each course of study.

Libertys focus is to offer hands-on programmes to help learners succeed in their chosen profession. It incorporates Bible doctrines into every programme and tries to teach the pupils not only the practice but also a powerful ethics upbringing. A number of opportunities also exist for postgraduate programmes, most of them in the fields of learning, economics and religious studies.

Liberty's online postgraduate and educational programmes will be included in the Top 100 online programmes by U.S. News. The Robert Morris University provides ten different, high-quality online courses of study. Programmes include English, economics, psychological, health care and business administration. There are 13 postgraduate programmes at this university, including: Care training, engineering management, MBA, RN to MSN and organizational leadership programmes.

RMBU are intended for working adult and non-traditional college graduates who want to diversify their CV and pursue their careers. AACSB, the leading economic accreditation office in the USA, accredits the RMBU Group. It is a privately owned, non-sectarian facility outside the town of Pittsburgh.

University of Minnesota Crookston is the main online UM university. The Crookston Camp has thirteen programmes on offer, among them programmes such as those in the fields of advertising, production and communication as well as financial and accounting. We also offer certification programmes in the areas of tax, healthcare information technology, finances and production managment.

Online schools offer lessons at the same price for both local and non-resident pupils. U U Crookston provides free pre-assessment of transfers so that each learner knows in advance which of their transfers can be used in the programme. The Columbia College was established in 1851 and brings its one and a half centuries old academical traditions to the online world.

There are 13 different courses of study, among them programmes in economics, computer information system, penal law, historical sciences, politics, English, health care and social sciences. It provides online programmes in the fields of education management, economics, penal law and defence law. The majority of the major subjects have a wide range of concentration available, and the college also provides online Associate's Deadlines.

If you are a student of the Yellow Ribbon programme, the college provides rebates and grants for members of the services and their family. The Northern Arizona University is home to one of the most productive online catalogs in the United States. There are 45 different study programmes and over 25 postgraduate programmes to offer you.

It is one of the top 100 best online U.S. News Bachelors degree programmes and its MBA programmes are AACSB-accredited. Almost all of our classes are available in both online and mixed format. Programmes can be completed in full at the NAU, but the college is also very responsive to transferring pupils and making the learning experience as inexpensive and at-possible.

The NAU mission is to provide top-notch online educational services to international undergraduates. This self-directed personalised learning programme is competence-based, i.e. you not only get credits for transfers, but you can also get credits for what you already know by using pre-tests that allow you to test a course.

AntiDominion provides a broad array of online programmes with over twenty-eight different programmes to select from at the subgraduate one. Whilst many colleges have the same kernel of five to ten programmes, Old Dominion provides pupils with many features that are not readily available in many online catalogs..... The programmes available include:

Informatics, informatics and special education among the classic services such as business management, communication and finance. In addition, the programme provides 29 doctoral programmes, among them programmes in the fields of aeronautics and space technology, civil service and various care specialisations. The programmes are geared towards maximising versatility in order to satisfy the needs of those studying in challenging situations.

There is also online training and write service available. Each year, the aim of the institute is to develop itself further, both in terms of technology and methodology, in order to better satisfy the needs of its students. Whilst the schools do not have as many programmes as some of the others on the shortlist, they have five undergrad and nine postgraduate programmes.

The courses offered here include: The postgraduate programmes offered include: SDSU' s continuing education department was founded with the aim of giving more assistance to distant learners. The programme has grown considerably since then and at some points has more than 5,000 people who have completed at least one course in the school.

An unparalleled programme is the High-School Concurrent Programme, which allows pupils to take correspondence courses that are eligible for both high schools and colleges. The North Dakota State University has six different online programmes, including: There are three different focus areas in the Human Development and Family Science Programme, which allow the student to specialise in a specific field.

We also offer thirteen online postgraduate programmes, among them in:: Most of the programmes are available in both online and mixed formats. Courses of study are available all over the world. The NDSU considers that training must be redesigned and adjusted to take full benefit of advanced technologies and to meet the needs of today.

These programmes not only allow undergraduates to complete their studies online, but also to integrate new theses into their current course and to teach them new insights and abilities that will help them advance in their careers..... University of South Florida has eight bachelor's programmes. You can attend all the advanced level classes in these programmes online, but you must pay for the rest of the general credit.

While these general training programmes can be taken at any other participating institution, the most commonly used is to take them at payable state and adult evening classes. There are many postgraduate programmes offered by the College at the same time. There are 28 programmes in eight different categories:

Healthcare, medicine, technology, sustainability, economy, art and training. It is the aim of the academy to satisfy the needs of as many pupils as possible through innovation, enabling them to continue their training regardless of location or age. The Texas Tech University has several undergrad programmes, including some quite unusual ones.

Whilst some of the courses are different multidisciplinary, biology and plant and soil sciences can also be studied. Whilst the Undgraduate Program may not provide many programmes, the Postgraduate Program provides fourteen inclusive: Gardening, agricultural education, software engineering, technical communication and multidisciplinary science. There are also a number of minor and certification programmes.

There are ten members of the Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program scholars. Established in 1923, the college has been a leading innovator, researcher and science university in Texas. Of the seven full online Bachelors programmes at Ohio University, three are new for 2014-2015.

The programmes on offer include health care, applied communications and justice. A number of basic study programmes are also available to enable remote learners to take classes via off-line communication. Also Ohio University prides itself on 14 online degree programmes, inclusively programmes in: Architectural engineering, electrical engineering, health care and management. The Ohio University is certified by AACSB for its corporate and accountancy programmes.

It focuses on agility and increases the versatility of its programmes through the use of printed training and the crediting of exams to help pupils use the previous skills acquired through work and living experiences. The self-study stress is perfect for self-employed pupils who do not need so much structuring that they are forced to learn.

The AND programme is one of the few colleges to offer a degree in engeneering. Not just one, but several technical possibilities are available with programmes in the fields of electro-technology, machine construction, chemistry, oil and construction. AND also provides programmes in the fields of sociology, care and communications. There are twice as many postgraduate programmes as the 22 Bachelor's programmes.

AND's postgraduate programmes offer a large choice of powerful and useful programmes, including: Applied economics, economics, business administration, pedagogical management, various care courses, e.g. nurse training and programmes in social work and health care. AND's online programmes are certified by AACSB and rank among the top 20 online educational institutions in terms of affordability by Edudemic.

Among the online B. Sc. programmes by U.S. News and World Report, Central Michigan University is certainly deserving of a long look by every undergraduate considering online degrees programmes. Besides the awards of the online programme, the award is also given to the individual students at national level. Like many of the best online colleges, Central Michigan University has adopted a global online campus similar to Penn State and Colorado State University.

There are nine different bachelor programmes at the college, among them: Economics, Political Science, Psycology and Engineering. In addition, the institute has ten postgraduate programmes, each with several specialisations, from which the student can select. Central Michigan University's MBA programmes are highly recognized by the AACSB. AACSB, the Collat College of Commerce at the UAB, is in charge of the university's advance into online schooling.

Most of the available programmes are in the economy and while ESF does not have the broadest choice of programmes overall, its choice of underlying programmes is extensive. UAB's bookkeeping programme has been an AACSB accreditation since the year in which the accreditation body started to accredit bookkeeping programmes separate from commercial programmes.

Some of the programmes on offer include students: Student accountancy, business, finance and commercial programmes. Alumni programmes are the place where the ESF really forks. Besides the MBA programme, there are also postgraduate programmes in the fields of training, healthcare, health care and patient care. ESF programmes are available in three different sizes.

If you are a student near the college, the blend can be a good alternative. Remote access is a good alternative for those who stay near enough to work regularly on college campuses. If you are too far away to make it to university, the full online options are a good one.

University of Cincinnati has eight courses of study. It is one of the hundred best listed for online Bachelorship. We are committed to innovating in multilevel learning. We are demonstrating this ingenuity through our own For credit online programmes and by providing a Massive Online Open Course (MOOC), which is free of charge for any college or college students, but not for credits.

More than fifty different MOOCs were taught in over fifty different nations and the grade had over 2,000 schoolchildren. Cincinnati University goes one stage further than many colleges that offer two free of charge accreditation for those who successfully finish the course and then enrol in the MBA or postgraduate programme in the field of civil-science.

With the MOOC, this makes a great way to try out the academy for free and see if their ways and online studying in general is a good fit for you. The Utah State University has eight undergrad programmes, four underage and eight postgraduate programmes. The courses offered include:

There is a wide range of postgraduate programmes on offer: We also offer licensing and support programmes for vocational training and continuing training programmes to help educators make the switch to the shared kernel. There are four underage students in the programme: The Colorado State was one of the first universities to commit to online learning to set up a college to manage the online programmes of the college system.

The slim programming system makes it simple to see which applications are available from the CSU system. The CSU Global Campus provides thirteen bachelor's degree programs: There are also 13 postgraduate programmes and a programme that helps those who work on their master craftsmen to obtain their teacher's licence at the same time.

The postgraduate programmes on offer include: The Colorado State University program is AACSB-accredited, but the program is not. Coupled with the renown of one of the top state colleges in the state and a college graded in the top twenty for online university programmes, CSU make a great option for any studente considering gap training.

For years, the University of Massachusetts University system has been expanding the number of online programmes on offer. This is the main platform that links us to all the programmes available online from all universities. UMass provides a range of concentration options for a wide BA programme that allows the student to adapt their final exams to their needs.

We also have a number of other programmes on sale, including: Business Administration, Art and Information Technology. Uomass-UMass also has more than twenty postgraduate programmes from various universities: These programmes are conceived to meet a broad spectrum of indicators such as familial and professional obligations. The OSU is one of the best state universities and one of the fifty best online study courses.

It is dedicated to online learning with 17 courses of study. We also have programmes at an unbelievably affordable rate of $271 per loan for students, wherever they live. Our schools provide programmes of the same high standard as the conventional programmes, and which are offered by the same prestigious university.

Several online courses include: The OSU also provides a one-of-a-kind online PostBacc programme in computer science. There are many postgraduate programmes offered by the school, almost all of which are equipped with several available specialisations. The fields of studies for postgraduate programmes are business administration, education and natural sciences, engineering and natural resources.

For those who wish to take up certain disciplines in their Ph. D. programme, there are also several Ph. arizone state university has an amazing 39 different online junior degree programmes among which one-of-a-kind deals hard to find at any other college like: The ASU is also one of the few celebrity colleges to provide an online behavioural promotion programme.

There are also many doctoral programmes on sale, among them programmes in: ASU strives to provide a large number of top-grade programmes online. Students faculty be ambitious to insight umpteen of the award message location online anywhere other and considering the building's honor for superior presentation in online content, ASU is definitely a berth decision making.

Northeastertern has eighteen undergrad programmes and adds more each year. A lot of big colleges spend some amount of patience to test the water for online literacy, but the more they did, the more they accepted it, and that's what happend to the Northeast. It is unbelievable for online learning and prospective college graduates for a top 50 college that has such a high standard of program choice.

Even more fruitful is the choice of postgraduate programmes at NEU with courses of study in the fields of finances, computer science, industrial and business engineer, civil service as well as master's and Ph. D. programmes. NEW firmly believe in the clout of online learning to offer chances to those who would not normally be able to achieve their educational and professional objectives for various reasons.

The Northeastern University is one of the biggest privately funded research institutions in Boston and is considered one of the best as well. Online programmes are as academic as the conventional programmes at NEU and are run by the same prestigious school. Missouri University provides eight high-quality online programmes at the subgraduate levels.

Much of the programmes, such as hospitality management, radiography and respiratory therapy are one-of-a-kind programmes that are hard to find online. Students who seek to go into those items are in the fortunes because the University of Missouri is being looked at by US news to be in the top 100 statewide colleges and the top 50 for online university routines.

HMC has a final course which will require a short stay at the college and offers the possibility to work in a practical environment with the school's prestigious hotel administration team. Postgraduate programmes at the Universiy of Missouri are abundant and most of them are in the educational area, making this college a powerful option for teachers who wish to complete their Master's degrees.

As well as nearly 20 educational programmes, there are also programmes in: Educazionale online is through some increasing pain. Numerous state higher educational institutions form a cooperation between their various universities, which includes their collections of online services in a collaborative way. However, the takeaway is that even though the classification agencies have not catched up by the way some colleges do things, the qualtity of online routines is going to be consistent across a system that will take this approach. ÿ The take-away, however, is that even though the online routines have not catched up with the way some colleges do things, the qualtity of the online routines is going to be the same across a system that will take this approach. â

We have collected information for the UW System Online, which is the top ranking of those colleges that offer online programmes in the system. University of Wisconsin's system provides well over 30 bachelor's programmes, more than 40 master's programmes and two Ph. D.'s, both of which are active in the field of health care. We also offer associated courses.

The courses include US degrees, as well as courses in the fields of anthropology, politics and agronomy. The most important courses of study on offer are electronics and computer sciences, production technology and machine construction. On line engineer programmes are scarce and having such a choice at a college is a great way for those interested in getting their master's degrees in online engineer.

UNC's online system can be a bit complicated. As a whole, the system has established a turntable for all online programmes at all universities. While some colleges are more costly than others, some provide more programmes than others. That is how we have worked with all the important academic system organised in this way, as they seem to be heading towards joint programme provision.

All in all, the higher education system provides a large number of high-quality courses of study at Bachelor's and Master's level. Many of the software is available through NC State, not the system's top of the line, but still one of the best in the United States. The courses in the Universiy of Illinois Online System are available from all three locations of the institute.

University of Illinois has a wide range of high-quality online applications. Under the twelve programmes, undergraduates will find such programmes as: Informatics, business administration, philosophy, mathematics and care. More than thirty programmes are offered in the system's postgraduate programmes. The postgraduate programmes include students:

It' s hard to find so many technical possibilities that an individual campus or even a collaborative higher educational system like this one has online. Urbana-Champaign has started to provide Massive Online Open Courses through There are currently 14 different free grades and, while these grades do not provide real collegiate loan, under consideration of the Illinois Univerity can use these degree programmes to assess whether or not online learning, and UI in particular is a good fit for them without taking money risks.

Threxel has always been proud to be at the cutting edge of educational innovations. It was the first pupil to ask for a computer connection. Being one of the best online educational institutions, Drexel recognised the power of the computer from the very beginning and it is only logical that the institution should adopt the high-performance online educational method.

Drexel provides a large choice of online programmes, most of which are at postgraduate levels. Eleven Bachelor's programmes are on offer, among them also programmes in: Education, business administration, communication and psychological studies. There is a vast choice of courses at postgraduate and postgraduate levels, covering a variety of fields of study:

Economy, clinical research, training, technology, computer science, care and technology. We also offer a wide range of certifications and training programmes, as well as doctorates in health care and upbringing. As one of the most prestigious and prestigious colleges in the industry, Penn State has been providing online instruction for well over a hundred years and is now one of the best online colleges.

In view of this history, the leap to online learning made good economic sense. 3. Post-secondary schools make online learning better than almost any other top German higher educational establishment with its Bachelors programmes. AACSB has authenticated its trade programmes, is respectful of the establishment and is offering a potent selection of undergraduates and undergraduates.

Understudy programs: Economics, finance, international politics, safety and risk analysis and lawn research. The postgraduate programmes offer a wide range of services in the field of home country safety and offer innovative solutions such as geo-design, corporate design, renewables and sustainable development schemes. The Penn State is in online literacy for the long distance and there are fewer colleges that are more skilled to spearhead Innovation than Penn State University.

The Payscale College ROI Report: Thirtieth issue of U.S. News and World Report's Best Colleges RankingsWikipedia listing of U.S. Online Colleges: What is the perception of online degrees at the workplace? Is the Distance Education Council? Thanks for having looked at our rankings of the best online school!

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