Best Online College Courses

Best Online College Courses

We offer qualifications ranging from certificates, diplomas and short courses to undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. The enrolment in online courses has grown every year for more than a decade. But many students still wonder what to expect from an online college course. The schools were considered for this ranking of the best online universities. Do you plan to attend online courses soon?

Best online courses free of charge at a university

Through its free course programme, the Open Learning Initiative, Carnegie Mellon University provides courses and material without a certificate of achievement. The self-study courses comprise tuition and self-assessment in the subjects statistic, biochemistry, chemistry, French and English. The MIT OCW provides more than 2,000 free bachelor's and master's degree programs in a dozen disciplines, ranging from bioengineering, business studies, healthcare, multimedia art and business administration.

Some of these non-credit courses are available in text, sound and videoformats and are partly geared to other language versions. Student are given full student privileges to download course material, course material, exercises and examinations. The Tufts University offers free OCW courses that are available to anyone with broadband connections.

Much of the courses offered are in the natural world, such as medical, dental and vet. Courses on this website are not credited, but the student may have admission to course material such as home work, course material and other complementary material. The UC Berkeley is offering free online video of their courses that date back to 2005.

Courses, both up-to-date and archive, are available as podcast and webcast videos. The courses comprise a number of disciplines such as aerronomy, computer sciences, civil and structural sciences, civil and structural sciences, civil and structural sciences, civil and structural sciences, law and philosophy. Courses on the website usually do not involve home work or examinations. Since 2006, UC Irvine has offered OCW and an extensive selection of free courses, material and lectures.

Courses of study that are not eligible for inclusion cover areas such as physical sciences, biochemistry, finance and information technology. Most courses contain videos, reading, homework and examinations. On the OCW website, UMass Boston provides free courses on issues such as education, health, history, pharmacology and law and order. The student has full use of the material provided on the website, which may contain course material, project work and schoolwork.

University of Michigan offers free courses in areas such as civil and structural engineer, computer sciences, chemical and Español; the website even has a syllabus that was initially provided at U-M Medicin. According to the course of studies, there will be courses, hand-outs and tasks as well as presentation and project work for undergraduates.

Initially provided at the school, these free, self-paced courses can involve classes, recitals, homework as well as the quiz. The Utah State Unversity offers free online courses via OCW. The courses cover everything from humanities to wilderness resource. The course resource may consist of course material, coursework, tutorials and bookwork. You can download the material or view it directly on the website.

Yale University free courses feature videos filmed in the school's classroom. Course material includes lecture videos, transcripts and sound files and may also contain reading suggestions, questions and tests. A number of our trainers offer additional material. Courses that are not credited cover courses in psychological, biochemistry, political sciences and English, and the course material can be consulted on the website or download as a PDF archive.

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