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Attracting students online has several attractive features. Hopefully this ranking will help you find the best value for your tuition fees! On-line courses are best suited for students who are willing to be responsible for their own learning. Online Course Teaching Processes and Procedures! Which is the best college in Dubai for distance learning?

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25 top colleges & universities with free online courses and lectures

Now with a computer and broadband network, you can take free online courses from some of the best college and university in the hemisphere, as well as free classes. More and more high school students are providing videos and sound through their own web sites, YouTube EDU and/or iTunesU.

You can, for example, take a course on Old Greece or the physics basics of Yale University members, or hear a talk by an Oxford lecturer on Shakespeare. If you are a future college or college graduate looking to take a look at some of the most renowned schools and academies in the wide range of the globe, an internatinal college looking for ESL courses or just looking for something just nosy, you will probably find something that interests you in our shortlist of the 25 best schools and academies that offer free online courses and classes.

The UK University's expanding library of free classes and classes is available on Appleunes U. These free online classes span 16 major fields, covering the arts, architectural, philosophical and scientific fields. You can also use Cambridge via the iPhone and Apple Watch applications. Favourite selection of presentations and courses:

Several free online classes and classes are available on CMU's YouTube portal. At the center of the lecture are ideas and innovation from art, economy, technolgy and sciences. Every school has its own dedicated educational system, which can be viewed directly from CMU's YouTube homepage. Favorite play lists and presentations include:

The Columbia YouTube channels feature a choice of free online college classes and presentations by scientists and distinguished personalities from around the globe, bringing together video from all of Columbia's academia sections in a one-of-a-kind play list. There' s also a library of presentations on-campus which will include each meeting of the latest keyboard speakers and more.

Favourite themes and serials are among others: Cornell's free online classes and course contents are housed in the university's online archive. Some of the most frequently downloadable subjects include: YouTube and iTunes offer a wide range of free online courses, presentations, panel discussions and Duke Campuses. The Duke's various academies, the Graduate School and the Divinity School each have their own channels and playlists.

Some of the most sought-after files are: If you are a student and don't attend Emory, you can get free online classes, presentations, lectures, software, audio and updates from Emory's online ATLASU. It has almost 100 collection of videos, grouped by subject and science, such as religious, social and political sciences or scholarly research.

Whilst the university's YouTube television station provides a less extensive video library, it provides key note readings and other selected sessions and workshops on college campuses. Emory's free online classes and presentations are among the highlights: Harvard's auditoriums are now open to the general public on both YouTube and iTunes U. Harvard provides 24 online classes on everything from stats and probabilities to business and the Hebrew writings.

YouTube has published more than 2,000 video clips of presentations, workshops and other activities on our college premises. Some of the favourite presentation themes are Thousands of free classes, tutorials, notes and examinations in 11 academia sections about MIT's open-course software projects. This open e-learning platform offers students free online training and admission to the" Behind the Scenes with MIT Faculty" vignette.

Among the most seen are: Complimentary online courses, classes, recitals, concerts, press releases and other college programmes are available on the NU's YouTube channels, where the NU has organised contents according to areas of interest and academia. As well as the much-loved legal, research, journalistic and art lists, NU often complements a library of general breaking video footage that is recorded on our campuses and discusses related culture topics every wee.

Includes unique content: University of the Future in the UK provides many free online classes and presentations on iTunes U. As its name implies, Open University is one of the most advanced and user-friendly online classroom curriculum vendors today. Dedicated online course and material is available to undergraduates.

Favourite spreadsheets and classes include: Oxford has more than 5,360 lessons of online classes and presentations for the top employees of the online community, all of which are available as podcasts. Contents come from Oxford's extensive range of colleges, among them political, environmental, international, philosophical and English education.

Interested parties can take these free online classes. It has worked with more than 6,000 academics and performers and has more than 28 million iTunes U website docs. Some of the most sought-after codecs are: Complimentary online presentations and a steadily increasing number of online classes are available from Penn State's iTunes U site, which includes a podcast library specifically for Penn State Mac administrators and developer of the open-courseware application.

Aside from its sturdy collection of free categories online, Penn State also message diversion with its Apple U Podcasts targeted at Penn Sport teams information and up-dates. Favourite classes and presentations include: You can take part in free online classes, shows and activities on the Pepperdine University website.

It has a collection of presentations by world-renowned lecturers from the areas of property, film and screenplay. Some of the most sought-after ranges are Princeton University has one of the university's largest historic multimedia centers, offering a wide range of free audiovisual presentations and workshops by top scientists from the early nineties.

Today, the most favorite Princeton lecture collection on Appleunes U is one that focuses on technique and technique, legal and government issues and religious matters. Some of the high points are Complimentary online college courses and classes, organised by field of studies and final levels, are available on Seton Hall's YouTube television channels. It offers a wide range of videos, among them religious, theological and other subjects specifically designed for Stillman Business graduates.

YouTube also offers a live camcorder trip, online study tunes and a "meet our leaders" book. Some of the most sought-after presentations are The Stanford is the first college to offer free online courses and classes to the general population through iTunes U. The college builds on this heritage and remains one of the leading providers of open source on iTunes U, particularly in the areas of engineering, computer science, coding and avionics.

Besides these technically oriented classes, there are also offers for example contents of the Stanford Law School and the Graduate School of Business. Some of the most attended classes and presentations include: UCLA has been recording all of the faculty's research classes since 1998 as part of its extensive online database and made them available on its website.

The UCLA-cared videos are in MP34. BruinCast will also make some of the courses available to the general audience. UC Berkeley's free classes, courses and specialist sessions are offered both on the university's website and through its relationship with EdX. Contents published before spring 2015 remain available to the general audience via Berkeley webcasts. edu, while new contents are only available to the general audience via open course materials on

Some of the most sought-after presentations and classes of recent times: Complimentary online tutorials, previews, student movies and performance are available on UC's iTunes U site, YouTube and MindOnline. It is a meticulously controlled multi-media circulation that incorporates contents from the fields of art and human sciences, campuses and communities as well as legal and political issues.

The latest Upload files include: Complimentary online contents are available on the university's own website, Appleunes. With 12 one-of-a-kind UTunes classes, each consisting of tens of custom podcast and audio streams. Some of the favourite themes are Complimentary online classes, seminars and college programmes are available on AND's YouTube channels, with special play lists for each of the university's different academies, universities and students' departments.

Most of the contents of the playlist includes the school's track and field section and the course at the University. Unrivalled deals include: The USC provides free classes, tutorials, and podium discussion about U and gives undergraduates the opportunity to take advantage of the USC learning curve. There are three complete classes available, but you can also choose to take a course that is available through specialised applications through the University Lecture Series, which is available online through a special section of the University of Undergraduate Studies.

Here you will find information about forthcoming courses and undergraduates. Free-of-charge presentations, breaking newscasts, and college activities and programmes are available on Vanderbilt's YouTube television with special play lists for research initiations and research activities, as well as for each college within the city. Other free online contents are available on the school's Apple U page.

Unrivalled deals include: Currently Yale has 40 different online classes on various subjects that range from biomedicine to theology. There is a comprehensive research library of high-quality lecture videos, as well as sound recording and transcript download. More free presentations and applications can also be found on Yale's iTunes U site and YouTube channels.

A long enrolment process of prestigious invited speaker per semester was supported by a number of highly respected lecturers: That cooks down to the admission rates, student loans failure rates, withholding rates, graduation rates and percentage of the students enrolled in online classes. The datapoints all come from information provided by higher education institutions and institutions of higher education to the National Centre for Education Statistics.

Every element is equally balanced to provide an unbiased overview and to identify the 25 best schools and academies that offer free online courses and classes. Admission rate (20%) + failure rate (20%) + retention rate (20%) + completion rate (20%) + percentage of students registered in online classes (20%) = end result.

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