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These criticisms, which are commonly quoted, make the companies behind the profit-oriented universities sound like the bad companies that want to do more harm than good. We also have several private, for-profit online schools throughout Kansas. Low-Cost Online Non-Profit Management PhD Programs Ranking. Do you have good guidelines for dealing with plagiarism and fraud? To find the best solution for you, compare the best schools and programs in the USA.

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These rankings highlight the best small colleges that offer online school-leaving. The National Center for Education Statistics reports that about one in four undergraduates attended an online course in the autumn term of 2012. The number is predicted to increase drastically as more and more enrolled college graduates benefit from the versatility of an online programme.

The advantages of an online programme are a wide range of programmes, low costs and the opportunity to keep working while you advance your careers. On-line courses of study enable working adult students to obtain a university qualification in order to remain competitive in the market while at the same time keeping a good equilibrium between work, living and schooling. We' ve compiled this is the best small scale online graduate schooling.

Rehearsal for this listing was drawn by Collegiate Navigator on the basis of scale, costs and bachelor's graduation online programme offers. Small has been set as less than 4,100 for the purposes of this listing. The numbers used for this rankings are taken from the Collegiate Navigator. Information resources included collegiate sites, the Princeton Review and the U.S. World and News Report.

The Florida Institute of Technology provides a comprehensive listing of online bachelor's courses of study via a state-of-the-art study system. Student attendees have full online support for streams, online forums, webcasts, and MP4 videos. An online tutor is allocated to online learners to help them register, order and familiarise themselves with E-services.

IT assistance is available to the student at all times. These programmes do not require a presence oncushion. On-line bachelor courses: The Lynn University provides six different courses of study that are online expedited and have accreditation. This online application uses an iPod syllabus and all pupils are provided with an iPod Mini as part of the application.

Under the Learning Counts programme, applicants with relevant personal or professional experiences can earn up to 30 points. Lynn University's online programmes are designed to suit the needs of working adult learners. On-line Bachelors Courses: The Regent University has more than 30 different online BSc courses that correspond to professional interests.

The lecturers are specialists in this area and have experience in lecturing online learners. He has been voted number 11 by U.S. News and World Report for Online Bachelor's Programmes and is A-rated by the American Council of Trustees and Alumni. On-line bachelor courses: The Herzing University has an online programme of over 20 different bachelor's programmes.

Pupils are looked after personally and can login when it is most comfortable for them. The online libary, the scientific research centre and an admissions consultant are available to online users. Career Development Program provides student job search services during and after university. Herding uses the blackboard system to create an attractive study setting that is important for the mature student.

On-line bachelor courses: The Dominican University is a fully accrediated organization that offers six different online expedited programmes for adults. Undergraduates can apply between 70 and 90 hours of study to their Bachelor's degrees. Undergraduates will have at their disposal careers guidance and the opportunity to use the gym oncushion.

Our teachers are experts with the necessary knowledge, expertise and educational abilities to distinguish themselves in the online world. On-line bachelor courses: Bridgeport University has been providing correspondence course since 1997. The UB employs a comprehensive educational concept with individual counselling and careers planning as well as training programs designed by the school.

Candidates take classes via the online educational portal Canvas, which provides round-the-clock assistance. U.S. News and World Report has included the University of Bridgeport as its top online program for 2015. On-line bachelor courses: The Everglades University provides engaging and engaging programmes in a 100% online world.

Through an online educational portal, you can discuss and chat with your lecturers and colleagues online. Undergraduates are given guidance by phone and a scientific adviser available to them during their stay in the EU. After you graduate, Graduates of Graduate Studies at everglades University are offered job recruitment service. On-line bachelor courses:

LINFELD College has six different online bachelor's courses of study in order to satisfy the needs of today's mature undergraduates. The graduation ratio at linfield is higher than the nationwide averages, due to a powerful online alumni assistance system. LINFELD provides admission consultants, academics, engineering and the blackboard education platforms that simplify online education.

Undergraduates with previous knowledge or education can take a priority learning portfolio and receive up to 31 CER. On-line bachelor courses: The Palm Beach Atlantic is a Christian First School that offers a personalised online learning opportunity to graduate in a cyberspace. The student can hear their lecture or lesson via podcast.

Classes can be accessible from a computer, tablet or smartphone so pupils can keep in touch. PHOENIX BUILDING phoenix building company is accepting points of transfers and vocational training so that the student can complete the course in a shorter period of the year. On-line bachelor courses: The Cornerstone University provides online graduation programmes that can be graduated in less than two years. On-line programmes are in a cohort form that allows the student to work together and build business relations.

The programmes are provided via an easy-to-use online training and education system. The Cornerstone is perfect for working adult workers, family members and college graduates seeking part-time employment. Cornerstone is the #1 online Michigan based Edudemic-Schule. On-line bachelor courses: University of Minnesota Crookston Online Programme has won multiple honors and recognitions from U.S. News and World Report, The Princeton Review, Affordable Colleges Online and The Best Schools.

More than 14 different Bachelor programmes and several online certifications are available. The programmes are adaptable and are aimed at working adult and part-time student learners. The Moodle Content Managment System allows the student to view their work anytime. On-line bachelor courses: University of Wisconsin -Superior has been providing correspondence courses for over 35 years. ranks UW-Superior as one of the cheapest online programmes in the state. UW Superior provides six different Bachelor's programmes, most of them without oncampus. Pupils have online at their disposal the Distance Learning Library, online tutorials, advice, a typing centre and technological service. Ongoing graduate and college seniors can use the Carer Service to find a position or get information about their careers.

For those who have already earned military/ACE credit or who passed the test, Prior Learning accreditation is available. On-line bachelor courses: The Creighton University provides two different online bachelor programs in an expedited form. The two programs are conceived for full-time students with a variety of job-related specialisations and eight-week programs.

On-going undergraduates will have contact with the coordinator of the Studentenwerk and the careers section, who will keep them informed and help them plan and develop their careers. The new focus on the needs of our customers gives our customers 24×7 help desk 24×7 help desk for help. On-line bachelor courses: The Norwich University provides online degrees via a state-of-the-art educational environment.

The courses have set timetables so that the student can timetable according to their course work. Online bachelor's programmes in criminal law and strategic studies and defense analysis are among the top 35% of all programmes ranked by U.S. News and World Report. The Kreitzberg Library and the Career Services Center offer online enrollment to help them with their studies.

On-line bachelor courses: The Lawrence Technological University provides an online qualification in business administration or information technology. The two programmes are academic and prepare for work. Undergraduates will have easy and convenient online links to an online helpdesk and a comprehensive online book. Our clients profit from the same experience of our teachers as their colleagues.

He has been ranked among the top 30% of Boston Business schools by the Princeton Review in the "Best of the Midwest" rank. On-line bachelor courses: On-line bachelor courses: The John Brown University is a non-profit organization with online programmes for working adults.

This online programme was developed with the help of a $2 million US Department of Commerce subsidy to extend online literacy in the state of Arkansas. Enforcing a vibrant, state-of-the-art online educational system for college graduates who want to finish their studies with little or nothing oncushion.

A student has online guidance website that contains a help desk, credentials, online guides, and other online materials. On-line bachelor courses: The programmes are provided in a Cohort format that allows them to get to know each other and work together during their stay at Concordia.

Concordia TRANSPORT ADVANDAY provides a US$2,000 grant to Associate graduates who move to Concordia to earn their Bachelor's degrees. The course work is concluded via an online training plattform. On-line bachelor courses: The Charleston Southern University provides three different online bachelor's programmes completely online.

A Bachelor of Science in Organisational Studies with a focus on health care and hotel business, as well as personnel managment and risk assessment. There are seven weeks of online classes, with six semesters per year for faster semesters. The members of the department are seasoned managers in this area, participating in discussions and teaching activity through a state-of-the-art online schoolroom.

On-line bachelor courses: The Brandman University provides online diploma courses throughout the year. With five different programs and over 40 different programs, Brandman is one of the largest online educational organizations in this group. The student benefits from the admission, funding and enrollment benefits to keep them on course and prepare for school.

The course work is conducted online in a online study environment that is accessible to the student at any hour of the morning and evening, perfect for the working person. On-line bachelor courses: The Granite State College provides online bachelor's courses that are available part-time or full-time. The programmes are conceived for the working person and are available in an expedited form.

Graduates of the Bachelor's and Master's Degree Completion Pathway programs can obtain their diplomas in only 15 classes if they meet the programme's requirements. The diplomas are designed to help you enter the world of work and the postgraduate studies world. At Granite State College, we offer personalised support through our own dedicated staff of University Advising staff to help every individual achieve their career and career objectives.

On-line bachelor courses: The SUNY College of Technolgy is one of the technical universities of the State University of New York. The SUNY website provides three different online bachelor's courses for working adults. The programmes can be taken both full-time and part-time and there is no residence obligation.

The online service for undergraduates includes university counseling, online librarian service, online teaching and English language school. The SUNY online training portal Moodle. In the last 10 years, SUNY has been included in the U.S. News and World Report ranking of "Best Regional Colleges". On-line bachelor courses: If you are interested in an online level with the possibility of taking one of our hybrids, consider Valley City State University.

Curriculums can be online classes that the student can take on their own or together, week-end or full-time. The VCSU provides online student services such as the Technology Service Desk, Allen Memorial Library, Student Services and Advisory Services. U.S. News and World Report rank Valley City as one of the best online programs in the state.

On-line bachelor courses: The Peirce College was one of the first school in the land to provide online programmes. Peirce's online bachelor programmes are open and start anew every single week. The programmes are adaptable and aimed at working adults. Through a sophisticated online education portal, the student can communicate directly with teachers and schoolmates.

Online student facilities comprise an online reading room and bookshop, advisory service and academical workshop. On-line bachelor courses: The Malone Univeristy is a European church, a church and a church, a church, and a school. More than 75% of the department have a doctorate in their area. Maleone/Malone provides online business management studies with five different specializations.

The course materials and a 24×7 helpdesk are available to our course participants at any hour of the morning or evening. There is no need for campuses during their stay in Malone and they can get advice in a simulated world. An ultra-modern online libary is also available to online learners with online learning resources to help them succeed.

On-line bachelor courses: The University of Siena Heights has been offering online training since 2004. At Siena we have five different online major and four minor players. On-line bachelor's programmes are in a coherent form with a series of programmes that the student completes together. The department has experience in this sector and provides personal support for online undergraduates.

The student has direct contact to individual scientific advice, funding and an online pharmacy data base and tutors. U.S. News and World Report rank Siena Heights as "Best Online Program" for 2015. On-line bachelor courses: At Toccoa Falls College, we offer individual, personalized assistance for online learning.

The Toccoa Falls is a Christ-focused organization that offers consulting, IT assistance, online librarian service, online guidance and a tutor centre for online learners. Every term, each student is involved in ministry and public relations in their own community. We are constantly extending our online programme to provide new training options, which include sports management and counselling psychological training that is new for the 2015 year.

Pupils online are enjoying many of the same recreational opportunities as their fellow professionals, which include clubbing, band worship and track and field sports (with permission). On-line bachelor courses: The McKendree University has three different online bachelor's programmes that can be graduated in two years. The McKendree University is a College of Distinction and military friendly.

The benefits for online undergraduates are the same as for their conventional colleagues with individual academical support and admission to study facilities. A simple online education system keeps you in touch with teachers and your peers. Learn English in the classroom. On-line bachelor courses: St. Francis University provides a variety of online educational programmes to satisfy the needs of today's adults.

As there are no compulsory lessons, pupils can login at any time. Under the Prior Learning Assessment Program, the student must earn at least 64 points, with extra Prior Learning Assessment Program points being granted to persons with appropriate work placement experiences, as well as CLEP, Defense or DAAD Cards. 24×7 technical assistance is available to online schoolchildren.

On-line bachelor courses: The Chatham University has two bachelor's degree programmes through the College for Continuing and Professional Studies. The courses are available online via the online educational portal "Moodle". Using the online and one-on-one Skype interaction platforms, undergraduates can interact with each other and with faculty.

For a whole weekend, new enrolled college graduates will be attending the orienteering event. The course lasts seven weekly and allows a quick change from one course to another. Ongoing undergraduates will have online careers resource available with a plan to extend it in the near-term. On-line bachelor courses:

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