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Search the degrees, courses and classes offered by Baker College Online. Acquire a recognised university degree through online education and distance learning. At present they maintain fourteen basic campuses and an online college. The Baker College Official Bookstore; Contact us.

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You' re looking for training to enhance your careers, but a conventional college based learning environment isn't right for you. Baker Online gives you the liberty to purchase a qualification on your own conditions. Bringing together undergraduates and teachers from around the globe, Baker Online gives them a truly world-class prospect.

Our online training is taught by highly trained teachers and each course we provide online is built on a fully certified syllabus. Every pupil is allocated to a fictitious class room where he can take part in discussion, ask a question and ask tasks, just like in a conventional schoolroom. As our online training starts and ends on fixed times, our undergraduates have the freedom to schedule to suit their time.

You can also take online lessons on the side of the classroom if that works best for you. Straighterline is a proud company that Baker College is proud to work with.

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When you have a full calendar, Baker Online is an excellent way to graduate. The Baker Online is the "virtual campus" of the Baker College System. Baker Online allows you to graduate without ever having to set foot inside a college or university. More than just an exhilarating way to learn online.

This allows individuals to incorporate higher learning into their bustling timetables rather than changing their teaching time. Baker Online offers a truly world-class prospect to Baker Online enrolled college members and undergraduates. The courses that Baker Online offers are not self-paced; lessons start and end on certain appointments and tasks are scheduled to keep you on your way to graduation.

Pupils work with highly skilled online teachers and communicate with their peers in their online classrooms. They do research, ask tasks, ask questions and take part in discussion in the online environment, similar to a schoolroom. Each online course we provide is built on a fully certified syllabus, so it's simple to mix online and on-site classes when it works best for you.

CA Immediately after the launch of the Online Education Consortium (OLC), the world's premier online education and training organisation, today announces that the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse and Baker College have received the OLC Exemplary Endorsement in recognition of the excellence of their online education programmes.

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