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Find out how to find schools with a balance of quality and affordability. Finding out what an affordable, cheap online college really is takes some research. Most students are part-time students and non-traditional learners who benefit from affordable tuition fees. Driving the increase of affordable online colleges further is the upward swing in tuition prices at many schools. One of the main reasons for this is because of the rising cost of a college degree and the busy schedules, affordable online colleges make a lot of sense.

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With 2018 online schools enrolled with $15,000 or less in fees per year, this listing makes it simple to find affordable, high-quality schooling. We base our referral percentage on former student testimonials through our affiliate site and the biggest online peer-reviewed resource, Notre Dame University has several online alumni programmes through Mendoza University of Business, which are divided into elite and non-profit programmes.

They are offered in a timeframe that is easy to understand for working people and does not exceed eightweek. In autumn 2017, the first full online postgraduate course opened with a Master of Science in applied and computational mathematics and statistics: It uses a framework that blends online training with students' work.

Developed in conjunction with AT&T, the graduation programme is modest enough at a rate that allows the student to surpass academic and continues to work full term, graduating in 21-month. The Kansas Christian College provides two fully online study courses, an Associate of Arts and a Bachelor of Arts in Religion with a focus on Leadership and Ministry.

Lessons for online instruction is an affordable $275 per loan lesson. There are many ways the school can provide funding, which includes academics and religious rebates. It will also double the scholarship from a collegiate institution up to $500. Abraham Lincoln University provides top-notch, affordable online educational programmes such as associated degree, bachelor's degree and doctorate programmes.

With only $30,000, the sum of study fees for a four-year Bachelor's course of study that has been taken completely online is similar to the individual study fees of many a university. Associates are available for half the costs and half the duration, a Master's is even less. Five different Master's programmes, each of which should be taken within three terms by working undergraduates.

The ALU has a number of powerful schools of economics and jurisprudence that are well established at all faculties in the online qualifications and certifications available. There are also IT and student opportunities to broaden their horizons and organise their training in the field of the fine art according to their own interests.

One of the peculiarities of the Online Lawschool is the Juris Doctor-Programme. At $36,400 in all, the course fully equips undergraduates to take the bar exam and complete their legal work. Baker College Online offers more than 70 courses of study, giving an incredible variety of options for an online college undergraduate.

There is a wide variety of graduates available, among them Associates, Bachelors, Post-Baccalaureate, Masters, and PhD. Featuring $390 underlying and $695 postgraduate loan fees, $915 Doctoral loan fees, and the one-of-a-kind $1200 postgraduate debt collection programme, it is possible to get a qualification at any end of the academics' scale at an affordable price.

Programmes in economics, legal, educational, technological, health, HR and psychological fields offer a wide variety of possibilities for studying in a format that meets their own needs. They are designed to keep the graduates up to date, with people of the same age working together in the online lab, but each individual has the full freedom to participate in the classes according to his or her schedule.

Using a fully online educational paradigm with targeted applications to live student engagement, Trident International provides diplomas and certifications at all faculties. The diplomas on offer vary from part-time study to the eight Bachelors, eight Masters and five PhDs. All of the university's programmes are based on the development of good management qualities and apply this frame to areas as varied as training, information technologies, the economy, health and internal safety.

Featuring untergraduate instruction prices as low as $250 per loan for junior and their families, postgraduate instruction as low as $325 per loan, and Ph. D. teaching as low as $625 per loan, Trident makes its graduates affordable to working adult learners. Trident provides economic and healthcare certifications for those who are looking for low-cost and effective programmes.

The Rasmussen College Online provides a wide range of online programmes backed by its campus networks across the state. Rasmussen has a wide range of courses on offer with associates and bachelor's qualifications and a few certifications and qualifications that can be earned in about a year.

There' s also a Master of Science in Nursery School in Nursery School which has been specially developed for working day care assistants who wish to pursue their career with a university qualification. Like all Rasmussen programmes, this programme can be finalised in just 18 month and can be adapted with the Flex Choice Initative.

These initiatives enable the student to pursue a self-directed course of education and to use his or her job experiences in connection with their course of education. The University of Northwestern Ohio offers a number of courses starting in the autumn and following a regular curriculum for those who wish to attend online in a more conservative collegiate environment.

It is a school for those who want to graduate from high school for four years at an affordable rate. Economics and healthcare are well covered in the available partner and Bachelors degree programs, which are priced at $275 per loan. A Master of Commerce Administration can be earned in 18 month as a full-time or twice as often as a part-time study and is available for only $400 per student loan.

You now have more than 250 online contracts. Courses cover economics, deity, training, health care, fine art, and more. Most of these courses are well attended at all grades, with programmes at certification, affiliate, bachelor, masters and doctorate level. Tuition and tuition varies by subject, programme and course, but the avarage loan is $390 and $565 for a diploma.

Libertys University provides rebates for junior members, giving all student loans an apartment $250, and $275 for university credit. Ashford University has more than 50 different Bachelors programmes, offering a variety of opportunities for undergraders. Twenty two of her graduates are within the Forbes School of Music and Technology?, which has high-profile members of the corporate world and heads Forbes Magazine on the Board of Advisors.

He also holds partner and postgraduate qualifications in economics, accountancy, pedagogy and psychological studies. There is a broad spectrum of bachelor's degree programmes in all the above areas, as well as language studies, humanities, property, sociology and a large number of intellectual and professionally orientated, practice-oriented undergraduates.

To help you find the cheapest way to purchase a deal from Ashford, there is a net price calculator to provide a net price estimation of the costs of your new deal. Some courses of study may not be available in all federal states. In an effort to remain at the forefront of online learning, South University Online provides an extensive selection of fully online courses via the Brightspace online learning experience.

South University Online, with graduates from associates to doctorate in the areas of health care, accountancy, government, and information technologies, provides a versatile opportunity for those seeking higher learning. One of the most affordable ways to get online grades is through this groundbreaking online class. University of the Southwest provides online courses at junior and postgraduate level as well as a Ph. D. in economics.

A Bachelor of Business Adminstration degree covers 11 specialisations in the areas of accountancy, power supply chain services, e-commerce and non-profit-making. Postgraduate programmes are offered through the School of Business and Professional Studies and the School of Educa-tion. Seven different Master of Science in Science in Educa-tion degree programmes cover guidance, training administrative and specialised pedagogy, and the ten different M.B.A.s cover prosecution and correction, as well as sports and leisure time.

Costs per loan vary from $449 for academic achievements to $599 for academic achievements. The ECPI University Online has particularly powerful programmes in the fields of technology, penal law and economics, as well as several other qualifications available online. There is a broad spectrum of Bachelor and Diploma courses, with app-compatible study elements and real-time livecon.

The online educational tool Canvas provides these functions in an intuitively designed lay-out that prioritises your videos to make your course work appealing and simple to use. These courses are leading in the areas of clouds, electro-mechanics, homeland safety and computer safety, to name but a few. ECPI's online pricing tool makes it fast and simple to find out how much you need to plan for your studies at ECPI.

Waldorf University, located in Forest City, Iowa, provides online partner and Bachelors courses in 12 different subjects and Masters courses in eight. Most of these areas have several different courses of study, such as Fire Science, which include an associated qualification, six Bachelors and one Masters all focused on different fire-fighting issues.

Lessons are $290 per loan lesson for undergraduate students and $365 per loan lesson, with rebates for members of the army. Different programs cover the areas of economics, law, homeland securities, HR, psychology as well as securities. Waldorf is dedicated to its vision as a Free Art Academy, based on the convictions of its Lutheran founder in Norway, and seeks to make its academical excellence accessible in an online forums to those looking for a qualification that meets their needs.

The Western Governors Univeristy is an online college providing a variety of bachelor's and master's degrees. These programmes are split between four universities, each in a different subject area: the College of Health Professions, the College of Information Technology, the Teachers College and the College of Business. The Western Governors Univeristy enrols all year round and courses begin on the first of each monthly.

Western Governors, unlike most schools, charge per semester, not per loan per university. This allows the student to finish his studies faster without additional cost. Lessons for a semester start at $3,190, but it can fluctuate between institutions, programmes and grade group.

The Columbia Southern Unversity (CSU) is an online college that provides associated diplomas, bachelor's diplomas, master's diplomas and certifications in a broad range of fields including penal law, economics, firefighting, healthcare, and more. In addition, she holds a doctorate in economics. Courses of study are provided by the four faculties of the CSU, the College of Arts & Sciences, the College of the Business, the College of Safety & Emergency Services and the Dept. for Continuing Education.

Lessons are based on the grade of study and are the same for all universities and the various subject areas. Underwriting programmes are $225 per loan lesson, while postgraduate programmes are $300 per loan lesson. PhD program fees are $375 per loan lesson. Southern New Hampshire Univeristy (SNHU), established in 1932, is a privately owned, non-profit institution with over 200 online undergraduates.

Currently, over 80,000 enrollment is underway. At the SNHU, candidates at both the junior and postgraduate level will find opportunities in the fields of accountancy, economics, the humanities, applied sciences, applied sciences, and information-technologies. You can also register for one of the many SNHU online certification programmes.

Lessons are priced per loan lesson at a $320 for online study programmes and $627 for online alumni programmes. Most partner programmes at the SNHU need 60 credit hours, while most Bachelors programmes need 120 Creditours and most Masters programmes between 30 and 45 Courses.

The Capella Univeristy is an online education facility that provides certification, bachelor's, master's and doctorate courses in various fields such as economics, healthcare, medical science, economics, psychology, and more. There are two different types of degrees available at the university: GuidedPath, follows a more conventional online teaching method, with pre-set appointments and course plans.

GuidedPath classes are calculated per lesson. Fees per loan per lesson range from $402 to $780 for a certification programme, $370 to $402 for a undergraduate programme, $424 to $780 for a Masters programme and $525 to $925 for a doctorate programme. The Central Christians Collegium of Kansas is an Evangelical-Christian collegiate church attached to the Free Methodist Church.

It provides online degree courses at the subgraduate levels, which include two associates and multiple Bachelors programmes in areas such as crime-law, health care, economics, and economics and economics in organisational management. We offer all online grades from the Central Christian college of Kansas in an out of sync mode so you can login and take lessons when it's most comfortable for you.

Classes cost $425 per loan lesson for all online programmes and include all necessary text books, as well as some e-textbooks. There are no registration or transcription fee for new undergraduates. The website provides information about the language schools for interested schoolchildren. Publication of a Schools Directory on this website should not be construed as approval by the schools of this website.

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