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The WGU design includes flexible and cost-effective programs. Your competence-based learning approach allows you to personalize your course of study. It is more than just a ranking of the cheapest online Master's programmes. Classify the cheapest accredited online bachelor's degree programmes. On-line MPH programs can be particularly beneficial for busy adults.

Top 25 Affordable Online Colleges for 2018

It can be an ideal way to saving your wallet costs and gain a degree with the necessary degree of agility. More and more institutions are expanding their range of courses to include online qualifications, providing a worldwide network for those seeking affordable higher educational opportunities. In the following rankings, we present the top 25 affordable universities online for 2018.

They have been chosen from a thorough research effort that focuses on what makes an affordable online university degree a rewarding goal. You can also check our rankings of the best online universities for more information on correspondence courses. The teaching and enrolment information comes from Collegiate Navigator and the relevant online university website.

Below is a listing of the 25 universities listed online. Established in 1899, Northern Arizona is a forward-looking scholarly society that appreciates the variety in the college and university. The NAU's affordable online college offers over 125 areas of studies for graduate undergraduates with the same high quality training as NAU college undergraduates.

Graduates of this diverse online academy cover healthcare, economics, psychology, care of the sick, social studies, pedagogy and much more. NAU offers many scholarships and funding programs for eligible scholars to make teaching even more affordable. Valdosta State University, which comes from Georgia, has a long university tradition spanning a hundred years.

VSU's online educational department is home to very affordable correspondence courses. The VSU online is a versatile way for graduates to obtain a degree in several fields of studies; these areas of specialisation cover communication, healthcare, economics, education, fine art and STM. The Valdosta State's Online College also provides a SmartPath programme that allows correspondence courses to be accelerated.

The Indian River State College is a prestigious college with a dedicated department and a varied educational background. There are a large number of associated and Bachelors degree programs on the informal university campuses of the International Relations Centre, including associated degree programs in economics, computer science and engineering. You can also enrol for bachelor's degree programs in economics, penal law, and more.

The Indian River State College works with each and every one of our students to find ways to maximise study funding. Florida International University, with its excellent department and 96% fraternity, has proved to be a high-quality and cost-effective study opportunity. Financial University online has remote education options that cover Bachelors of Art in Humanities, Biochemistry, Business Management, Computer Sciences, Healthcare and many others.

In addition, the FIU has more than 80 master's degree programmes and opportunities for specialisation. The FIU is constantly re-evaluating the standard of its online study environments. Park University is regarded as a university with the best price-performance ratio and has received awards for both its graduates and its low fees. These top affordable colleges online is especially suited for working adult students who need mobility.

Park's online programs offer 24 bachelor's degree programs in the fields of general economics, computer sciences, communications, military and educational sciences, and much more. Southern Utah University is a community-based institution and continues to be one of the cheapest universities in the state. Keeping His Excellency on its remote educational trails, Tu SU is an affordable online university of the highest calibre.

Distant learners registered at SUU can study accounting, communications, general education and general business administration. South Utah is among the expanding listing of colleges that constitute the living and working experiences for colleges approval; this option will add possible savings to acquiring an upper affordable online university degree. The University of North Dakota is a large, globally recognised institute with almost 15,000 registered enrolments from over 80 states.

UND's affordable online programme is interesting for almost every graduate; these areas cover art/humanities, economics, training, civil and structural engineer, health care, mathematics, science and research and technology. These affordable correspondence courses colleges have earned accolades from US news and the world review, affordable colleges online, and among a few others. The Brigham Young University in Idaho is a healthy and privately owned university attached to the Church of Latter-day Saint.

BYU Idaho has affordable online degree choices and will offer credentials, student degree and bachelor's degree. BYU's top online degree programs cover topics such as practical managment, computer science as well as inter-disciplinary research and medical care from level 1 to level 2. BYU online also provides the possibility of "stackable degrees", which enable the student to simultaneously take part in associated, Bachelors and certification programs.

Jackson State Univeristy, known as the High Research Activities Univeristy, is a technologically progressive and affordable way of higher educational achievement. JSU's degree program covers its affordable online college; this correspondence course offer has been developed to promote student's career advancement and degree programs, all of which are aimed at establishing or promoting them. The many online qualifications available are a B.S. in Penal Law, B.S. in Child Care and Childcare, M. A. in Social Sciences, M. A. in Social Sciences, M. S. in Social Pedagogy or M. S. in Sport Sciences.

To further deepen your studies, you can choose from a range of specialist programmes in the fields of training, specialised pedagogy or training admin. King is a privately held institution of higher and higher study located in Tennessee with a vibrant academical world. It extended its possibilities for correspondence courses by making available an affordable online higher school offering career-oriented courses. Most of King's online degree programs are at Bachelors levels, which includes, but is not restricted to, a B.A. in English, B.S. in Communications, B.S. in Law and Order, B.S. in Public Affairs and B.S. in Information Technologies.

King's online has an MBA, a M. E. and an MS in Healthcare. King's online college has received awards from many prestigious figures in the field of educational as, Niche, and Colleges of Distinction. Mississippi State University, established in 1878, has continually developed into a globally oriented, multifaceted educational area.

The MSU has set up an affordable online college that offers state fees to all pupils and makes the training available to even more price-conscious schoolchildren. MSU online enrollment provides MSU enrollment candidates with cutting-edge technologies, experienced faculty and an outstanding academicriculum. Mississippi state offers B.S. degree programs in primary schooling, industry and multidisciplinary programs; MSU's affordable online masters programs cover science of science, agriculture, biological sciences, civil and environmental sciences, and many others.

West Texas A&M University is a top class university with high scientific standard and has a proud educational record. The online department of this school is an important pillar in the U.S. News and World Report's Best Online Programs rankings, which is mainly due to its excellent access for veteran students. The West Texas Training on Demand feature is a self-study online course that allows correspondence students to speed up a course duration.

WTAM's low-cost online courses include courses in management, healthcare, criminal law, RN to MSN, finances and economy as well as an MBA with several available specialisations. The Aspen University is a 100% online language course that offers a wide range of study opportunities and high levels of student mobility. An affordable online academy with the goal of keeping your fees low, Aspen works with the capacity of each student to make payments and offers ample weekly installments and support.

The top five has more than 50 graduation levels ranging from staff to PhD students; this set of qualifications is subdivided into four specialised colleges, including the School of Professional Studies, School of Nursing, School of Education and the School of Business and Technology. University of Iowa is a huge scholarly alliance of eleven colleges, all of which together cover a wide variety of specialist interests.

The University of Iowa's affordable online colleges are another way to get a degree, and correspondence students can choose from 40 different programs. University of Iowa online has degree programs in this field in undergraduates, graduateships, and certifications, including a BA in Business Administration, Politics, BS in Sports and Leisure Managment, MA in Education, Stategic Communications, MS in Healthcare, and more.

The accessibility of this language course is increased through scholarships for online schoolchildren. Drury University has recently been named by Kiplinger's Personal Finance as the best institution and enjoys a good name for high scientific excellence. Drury's affordable pricing includes its low-cost online degree programs, which are part of Drury's Collegium of CSE.

Drury's online course instructors are known for being alert, informed and technically adept with the online course visual. It has staff and bachelors degree programs, some of which specialise in behavioural research, law, crimes, emergency response planning, psychological issues and more. Amberton University is aimed at working adult students looking for an affordable and adaptable degree and provides the same fee for both Bachelor's and Master's programs.

The Amberton is a charismatic organization with online grades that the student can begin at the beginning of each term working towards their objectives. Amberton's online offering includes six Bachelor's and twelve Master's programs, including a BA in Career Engineering, a BS in Practical Study, an MA in Advising, an MBA in Spiritual Strategy, an MA in Sr. and Familiy Medicine, and more.

That prison faculty encourage commerce derivative instrument that diminish the possibility for the grouping of long intellectual indebtedness. Arkansas University is a large academia that will enroll nearly 30,000 in 2017. The university is very impressing and affordable correspondence course degree run the scale from university to Ph. D... The low skill online degree includes a Bachelors of Art in Communications, a Masters of Educa-tion, a Ph. D. in Pedagogical Management, to name but a few.

World Awesome has been consistently ranked among the best value online grades in the Nation. The Oregon Institute of Technology, a polytechnical institute, is a truly unparalleled scientific achievement. The Oregon Tech's online campus is affordable and focuses on healthcare technology, communications, economics, business administration, economics, business administration and economics. Remote education offers the possibility of graduating employees up to a master's degree, in addition with certificates and specialisation programmes.

The Oregon Tech Foundation has over 125 grants totaling $345,000. The Fort Hays State University correspondence course was rated among the best in the nation by U.S. News and World Report. The affordable online FHSU training is a student-centered training that works with personal careers. FHSU's alumni have the online degree rating fervent for its low enrollment fees, dedication of the department, and willingness of the staff.

Online FHSU undergraduates can choose between twenty Bachelor's and ten Master's theses. There is a difference to this course that it has no fee related to the online teaching rates. The Central Methodist University has been providing high-quality, study-accompanying training for various study interests since 1854. The top of the range has an educational system that promotes communicative, curious and community-based learning.

CMU's affordable online university has eight or sixteen weeks of classes that maximize student mobility for those looking for a bachelor's or intermediate degree. Central Methodist's low-cost online grades range from bookkeeping, pediatric care, nurse care ranging from RM to BSN, social sciences, law enforcement and sport and CMU online masters programs including MS in mathematics or health care.

The American Public University is an exclusive online institute that offers a high degree of degree graduation flexibilities. The APU has over 200 diplomas and certifications, and the classes take place in either eight or sixteen weeks. Being the most affordable online colleges, APU has low costs per loan for both undergrad and postgradates. American Public's most sought-after online academia programs cover sport and healthcare research, psychological research, law enforcement, psychological research, environment research, and intellectuals.

In addition, online undergraduates profit from small classes, very imaginative teaching materials and thoughtful university counsel. The Georgia Southwestern State University is a student-centered university that offers small classes and a broad spectrum of undergraduates. GSW's online section offers the same level of training at affordable fees. Southwestern' Georgia State correspondence courses are open to almost any college or college graduate and keep the hourly fee well below $300.

Under these affordable online college degree program choices are a BS in Penal Law, BS in Economics, BS in Information Technologies, MS in Healthcare, MS in Computer Sciences, and more. The Georgia Southwestern State online programs are engineered to meet the needs of a wide variety of people. Columbia College, Chicago, is a prestigious college that draws talented college and experienced faculty.

Columbia's Low-Tuition Online Collage is engineered to satisfy the flexible needs of almost all undergraduates. The Columbia Collegium online has qualifications covering all subject areas such as economics, computer science/mathematics, historiography, politics, psychology, health care, penal law or general study. The Columbia Collegium online alumni enjoy the same consulting and careers service as the university' academic team.

University of Alabama is the state's most important university, with 38,563 welcome in 2017. The university has demonstrated high scientific excellence for its staff, teachers and curricula. World Acknowledged for producing highly qualified grads, including Rhodes Scholars, Goldwater Scholars and other prestigious undergraduates. Alabama University also has a top affordable online university and offers degree options from undergraduate to doctorate levels.

To remain affordable, UA awards accreditation for previous educational or work-related work. Previous listing shows the top 25 affordable universities online.

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