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Online accredited university programmes

A number of well-placed national universities offer both physical campus locations and established, accredited online programs. If you are looking for a valid online degree, you should apply for accreditation from a relevant national or regional accreditation body. Online degree is the degree you obtained through an Internet-based university program. Deserve a flexible online university degree. In this context, many online psychology courses require students to complete an internship.

Graduates & Programs

Adult professionals value the flexibility of the formats that allow them to bypass their work tasks and attend university at any hour of the morning. There is a large selection of courses, diplomas and certifications on the online site. A lot of working people like the liberty to do their studies online. Whilst it requires the pupils to be self-minded and organised, it also provides interactions with schoolmates and teachers.

Once the course is complete and the prerequisites are fulfilled, online participants are welcome to attend the closing ceremonies. Work with your study counselor to draw up an educational program for the year.

Example of an online class

As a rule, the classes include a multitude of tasks and discussion. Every course is eight week long and is fully online - no external learning groups needed. It is your chance to familiarize yourself with online classes. Attract the level of interest and interactivity you need with our online bachelor's and master's programs.

Furthermore, the classes you take are specifically for online study. The online study programs offer a nurturing, supporting fellowship for all our undergraduates. Indeed, our undergraduates like our online education so much that we have been included in the Top 100 "Best Online Universities" by the Online Education Database.

For more information about our accredited online study programs, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.


IOU' s trip began in 2007 with the introduction of free online graduate programs on the open college campus. After only 3 years, the first Bachelor of Arts (BA) also started in 2010. Now the university has seven universities that offer accredited online study programmes: The College of Education, College of Islamic Economics, College of Banking & Finance, College of Psychology, College of Islamic Studies, College of Business Administration, College of Information Technology und College of Arabic Language and Linguistics.

This latter company provides off-line training in Gambia, Somaliland and Guinea-Bissau. IOU' s The Global Qur'an Memorization Center also provides a great way for international student to read the Qur'an online. The IOU was created with free degree programs that are now available in the General Diplom in Islamic Studies section.

IOU launched the world's first online bachelor of arts in Islamic Studies (BAIS) without teaching hours, on the basis of a revised syllabus from Madeenah Islamic University in Saudi Arabia, Omdurman Islamic University in Sudan and Al-Azhar University in Egypt. The groundbreaking innovation uses cutting-edge open resource online educational technologies to provide affordable, university grade training to anyone with computer connectivity around the globe.

The IOU therefore works on two separate campsites: the Diplom-Campus and the Diplom-Campus, both located on the university' s own servers. That year IOU was awarded a comprehensive UN and international university licence issued by the Somali Ministry of Higher Education and included in the Somali Accredited University Register, which is recognised both by the UN and worldwide.

The IOU has started a piloting intensive course for madrassa alumni in the Gambia to cover their immediate needs and to give them the opportunity to complete higher training in cooperation with the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Schools ( "MoBSE") and the General Secretariat for Islamic and Arab Formation ( "Amanah"). It is now available in three different countries: Gambia, Somaliland and Guinea-Bissau.

In the same year, civilian military service was made a compulsory prerequisite for the completion of IOU courses and post-graduate programmes. The IOU was licensed by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology in the Gambia to run as an online university in the Gambia in 2014. Colleges of Education, Islamic Economics, Banking and Finance und Psychology mit Bachelor-, Diplom- und Zertifikatsstudiengängen.

Additionally, a new University of Applied Sciences for the Arab language and linguistics was founded, which offers a two-year crash programme for arabian. IOU also established a BA in Islamic Studies in Russian, an Ijaza Programme and a jail initiation. The IOU Android app was implemented in 2014 in a state of the art way to enhance the user experiences of studying by providing direct course entry, studies and exam participation via hand-held and smartphone handsets.

IOU has created many new programs for young people, such as the YDCP, which provides the possibility of enrolling in IOU education enhancement programs. After successfully completing the Abitur and the necessary YDCP course, the alumni are awarded an Associate's Degree. Also for undergraduate and graduate learners, the Open Education Program allows these learners to participate in various university programs at the IOU and to obtain certified degrees upon successfully completing the necessary course.

The IOU also became a member of the International Council for Open and District Training (ICDE), which was established in Canada in 1938 as the International Council for Correspondence Training. Today, it is the world's premier organisation for open, adaptable and online literacy, with members from 60 nations on all continents.

Online programmes free of study fees such as the Master of Arts in Islamic Studies, diploma and certificate courses in information technology and business administration were also introduced in 2015. In 2015, INOU trat im Jahr 2015 internationalen Hochschulen und Qualitätssicherungsgremien bei, darunter die Association of African Universities (AAU), Internation nal Network for Qualität ur Agences in Higher Bildung (INQAAHE), African Qualitäts Assurance Network (AfriQAN), Internationales Council of Islamic Finance Educators (ICIFE), Association of Qualität Agencies of the Islamic World (IQA) und das Talloires Network.

That same year, undergraduates and employees gained free entry to online journals such as JSTOR and Oxford University Press, further improving the university's goal of providing higher education for all. The university also hosted its first online conference on "Psychological Wellbeing" in 2015.

The Asian Association of Open Universities (AAOU) has expanded its membership to include Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and B.Sc. in Information Technology. Accredited by the International Council of Islamic Finance Educators (ICIFE) for its B.Sc. in Islamic Economics, Banking and Finance Programme, the university is opening four ICIFE countries in India, Somaliland, Gambia and Sierra Leone this year.

The IOU has over the years completed and initialled various declarations of intent with various internationally recognised colleges and universities, which can be found in detail on our website for the purpose of accrediting. IOU has shown its continuing dedication to the dissemination of useful know-how by moving from free certification programmes and degree programmes to free, accredited BA and MA qualifications in various disciplines.

It makes higher-education easily accessible around the globe for the good of the individual, society and mankind in general. Free-of-charge teaching for all of our undergraduates provides the same level of educational opportunity that few could possibly have if they were studying at universities around the globe.

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