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Online accredited Master Programs

Obtain a Master's Degree Online I University of Liverpool Study online for a postgraduate degree from the world-class University of Liverpool. Skip to What is an online Master's degree? Earn your master's degree online takes discipline, but with our online master's program, you can track your degree from anywhere, anytime. The Penn State World Campus offers Master's degrees online to help you advance your career. The Colorado State University offers online Master's and PhD degrees in engineering, agriculture, economics, leadership, computer science, statistics, and more.

2018 Top 30 low-cost online Master's degree courses

Low-cost online masters courses are becoming more and more attractive when it comes to post-secondary school. Also, traditionally accredited state and art schools are beginning to provide accessible online masters programs that provide more opportunities for undergraduates than ever before. The programs are well suitable for working undergraduates who need flexibility and timetables that suit a bustling life.

And even the lowest cost Master's programmes can be very useful for you. An inexpensive master's online provides good value for money educational programs on a timetable that suits your life style. You' re not going to pay on student loan twenty years later if you decide to enrol in the online master's more affordable programs, instead of high-priced choices.

In the following you will find the 30 least expensive accredited Master's programmes provided by accredited institutes. Lessons are public (as taken from the NCES College Navigator) and the number of hours taught is classified from the minimum to the maximum level. To create this rankings, our editorial staff started with a first set of almost 70 colleges that offer online master's theses.

Then, according to the College Navigator, we selected only those with less than $10,000 in school-leaving qualifications. Fort Hays State University has 16 low-cost online courses. The Fort Hays State University Virtual College has sixteen low-cost online alumni programs on offer. Areas of specialization are, among others, economics, free study, teaching techniques, educational psychology, healthcare and people.

Please be aware that some of the Master's programmes at FHSU are hybrids which requires some on-site work. The programs comprise the M. Sc. in Educational Psychology, the M. Sc. in Educational Counselling and the M. Sc. in Psychological Consulting. Schools are accredited by the University Commission.

The Chadron State College provides inexpensive online Master's courses and a range of hybrids. The Chadron State College provides a fairly extensive listing of inexpensive online master's graduates, which include programs in economics, training and consulting. Our online Master's programme in Organisational Studies focuses on the areas of HR and SP.

Though some of these programs are completely online available, some are hybride deals, among others some requiremets on on the campus. Courses are also available in an expedited, 8-week schedule so that the student can meet their study needs in time. The Grantham University provides an accessible online healthcare system managment study programme. The Grantham University provides a wide range of low-cost online Master's programs, such as a Masters of Science in Business Intelligence, a Masters of Science in Hospital System Managment, a Masters of Science in Performance Improvement and an MSN to MSN Bridge Progam.

Being a 100% online academy, Grantham's key assets are affordable and accessible. University of West Georgia has been praised for its low-cost online graduation opportunities. University of West Georgia provides several full-fledged online Master's programs. The low-cost online master's courses cover a Masters of Science in Applied Computer Science, an MBA in Business Administration, an M. E. D. in Early Childhood Education, an MSN in Nursing and an MPA in Public Administration.

The online training offered by Unfair Competition is strict and often requires even more work than conventional training. It has been honored by US News and World Report for outstanding achievements in the fields of economics, health care, and computer information technologies. The Waldorf College's inexpensive online masters offers have extraordinary recruitment ratios.

The Waldorf College's affordable online programs include: the Master of Arts in Education: An effective teacher, the Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership and the Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership. It can boast that 90% of its alumni are working within six month of completing a Waldorf programme.

The Valdosta State University's low-cost online Master's courses offer a full range of online and hybrids. The Valdosta State University has an impressive long history of low-cost courses in the humanities, community, government, education, fine art and the dramatic arts. Special courses are, among others, an MS in Criminal Justice, an M. E. D. in Early Childhood Training, an MBA in Healthcare Admin. and an M. P. A. in Administr.

Eight hybrids are available in parallel to the school's full online programs. It is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. A&M University' s West Texas Online Masters program includes an Online MBA. A&M' West Texas Grade Program provides several low-cost online Master's grades that can be earned fully online and others with online credit.

A number of courses offered comprise a Master of Business Administration (MBA), an MS in Finance and Economics, an MS in Instructional Design and Technology and an MS in Sports and Exercise Science with a focus on sports management. Diploma theses and non-diploma theses are available for online Master's degree programme holders, and a curriculum must be prepared and authorised before the end of the first year.

The UTEP is a member of the U.T.S. System and is known as the Carnegie Research School. Texas-El Paso currently has eight affordable online masters programs through its expanded college, among them several MSN and MD programs as well as a Masters of Defense and Strategic Studies, a Masters of Science in Construction Management and a Masters of Science in Systems Engineering.

Developed for the working world, these programs can be run entirely online, and many of them are available in an expedited run. UTEP also provides online alumni certification in the fields of online marketing, online marketing, online marketing, online marketing and online marketing. Kennesaw State University's online master's degree course provides a highly adaptable curriculum and accessible teaching.

The Kennesaw State University's affordable online master's programs cover a wide range of subjects, among them educational, health care, economics, humanities, computer science and computer science, as well as technical and civil engineer. Programmes specifically designed for this purpose comprise a Master of Science in Management, a Master of Science in Information Systems, a Master of Educational Leadership and a Master of Science in Applied Science in MSc.

While it is important to keep in mind that many of the KSU's low-cost online Masters Courses are fully online, some of them need to be on university campuses for guidance and/or examination. University of Texas-Tyler is offering low-cost online master grades in training, medical care and commerce. University of Texas-Tyler is offering low-cost online master grades from its College of education and psychology, College of the Arts and Sciences, College of nursing and health sciences and College of Commerce and Technology.

The programme includes an MA in English, a M. E. in Curriculum and Instruction, an MSN in Natural Resources Management and an MS in Human Resource Development. We also offer hybride programs in the fields of government, healthcare and healthcare. Houston State University provides twenty of the lowest cost online masters programs in the United States, among them MS, MA, MBA and Méd.

Areas of expertise are, among others, library science, communication science, higher education administration, information security and security, criminal law. Houston's Online Master's degrees reflect his on-campus programs, and each one is fully online. It is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges, and many of its programs are also specially accredited.

Both Georgia College and State University is home to hybrids and fully online affordable home grades programs. Both Georgia College and State University offer low-cost online master's programs - fully online and in part online. Several of his fully online programs cover master's degrees in managerial information system, education technologies, healthcare and HR, musical therapies and government, among others.

In some cases, several Masters of Art and pedagogical specializations in apprenticeship are possible. Semi-subsidiary Association of Universities and School Commission on Higher Institutes has accredited Georgia College & State to grant championships grades, and each of its college faculties and universities holds subsidiary accreditations as well. The Valley City State University provides affordable online master's programs in learning.

The main focus is on librarianship and information techniques, technological training, instruction and technique, primary schooling, learning and learning Englishsle. The City State is part of the North Dakota University System (NDUS) and is fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. U.S. News & World Report has placed VCSU in the top 50 best online programs for university graduates.

There is no GRE necessary for access to the school's online Master's programmes. Around 78% of Utah State University undergraduates agree that their careers have been enhanced by their USU-training. The Utah State University provides nearly a dozen affordable Master's programs, among them an M. E. D. in educational technology and learning sciences, a Master of Management Information Systems programme, a Master of Technical Communication programme and a Master of Human Resources.

The majority of these programs can be taken in 1-2 years, according to whether the student takes full-time or part-time schooling. The Utah State also provides online certifications in areas such as Geographical Information Sciences, Government Environment Policies, Women's and Sex Research and Recuperation Counselling. The outstanding online Master's programs at Dakota State University offer an MBA and a Master's in Information Public Management.

The Dakota State University provides seven affordable online Master's programs, among them a M. Sc. of Administration (MBA) and M. Sc. of Science in Applied Computer Science, Health Informatics and Information Management, Information Assurance and Computer Safety, and Algebra. On-line alumni certifications are also available in areas such as financial services, information technologies, ethics and bank safety.

DSU's online teaching is often combined with on-site services that allow cooperation between correspondence courses and conventional college kids that would otherwise not be possible. Univeristy of the Cumberlands is a privately funded religious college accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. The low-cost online Master's programmes at the Universiy of the Cumberland include postgraduate programmes in the fields of literacy, economics, Christian study, healthcare and people' skills, and judicial administer.

U.S. News & World Report placed the school's online training programs among the top 100 in the state, naming their online masters in Penal Law Prog. #11. The South Dakota Ecole of Mines and Technology provides accessible online masters in advanced technology programs. South Dakota Mines' low-cost online master's programs comprise three courses of study in engineering: a master's in civil and management science, a master's in civil and structural sciences, and a master's in mining and management.

The same high calibre teachers who also give lessons on the university' s campuses are teaching online and they can complete the course completely online or in a dual curriculum. In order to be admitted to the SD Mines Master's programmes, the student must already have a BS in natural sciences or civil engeneering or must have experiences in a related area.

The Emporia State University provides resource-rich online masters courses. The Emporia State University provides accessible programs for graduates in over 30 different departments and in as many concentration levels, many of which can be undergraduate. Several of the school's low-cost online master's courses cover courses in accounting, economics, computer science, counselling for rehabilitative work, and more.

There is also a hybride Master's programme in librarianship available. Emporia State correspondence courses are supported by many of the same benefits as conventional courses, such as technical assistance, tuition, financial assistance and librarianism. Missouri -Kansas City University is home to two affordable online masters courses: the Online MSN (Master of Sciences in Nursing) and the MSN (Master of Sciences in Dental Hygiene Education).

Programs are fully accredited and run in early and late autumn. Although the bulk of course work for these programs can be finished online, there may be some college residence needs. A UMKC online postmaster training certification is also available in conjunction with these low-cost online master's courses.

University of Georgia Southern provides several online master's programs at a reasonable price. Georgia Southern University provides a chorus of inexpensive online Master's and Online Postgraduate Diplomas in a wide range of academic fields through its Jack N. Averitt College of Postgraduate Studies. As an example, economics undergraduates can take an online Masters of Accounting or an online Masters of Busines Administration, while healthcare experts can obtain their Masters in Nutrition, Sporting, or Chinese Sociology.

Instructors have even more choice at HSE with online masters and educators in a wide range of areas of education including learning management, teaching technologies, SPEC... Bitumen University is home to several accredited, low-cost online Master's programs. Aspen University offers affordable online masters courses in areas such as economics, law, literacy, technology as well as psychological and addictive counselling.

The outstanding courses of study are the Master in Education with the focus on eLearning pedagogy, the Master of Science in Information Systems with the focus on business and application development, the Master of Science in criminal justice with the focus on terrorism and homeland security as well as the Master of Business with the focus on information management.

This low-cost online Master's programme is accredited by the DEAC (Distance Educational Accrediting Commission). Arlington University of Texas - Arlington is home to expedited inexpensive online masters' option. University of Texas-Arlington provides a rugged online correspondence course that provides many low-cost online master's programs in the fields of health care, educational, municipal and work.

The programme Spezifische Programmtitel sind der Master of Science in Nursing Administration, der Master of Science in Nursing Education, der Master of Education in Educational Leadership & Policy Studies et der Master of Public Administration. Programs on offer are expedited in size and most graduates can graduate in two years.

Besides the inexpensive online Master's programmes, several online graduation certifications are also available. The Troy University provides affordable online masters programs and hybrids as well. The low-cost online masters courses at Troy University cover a wide range of academics, among them educational, law enforcement, personnel and sports managment, communications strategy, and more.

On-line courses are conducted by professionals in this area, and with the help of the school's Canvas Management System you can plan your course work according to your already full time. If you are interested in a blend of the two formats, you can also opt for a dual mode for the class. Arkansas University has created itself as a guide in graduated correspondence courses, and has offered 20 different low-cost online master grades.

Special ische Programme umfassen den Masters of Education in Human Resource and Workforce Development Education, den Masters of Arts in Secondary Mathematics, den Professional Masters of Information Systems et den Advanced Standing Masters of Social Work. Most of the school's Master's programmes provide opportunities for consolidation, allowing the student to adapt the syllabus to their work.

It' important to remember that some University of Arkansas correspondence courses may occasionally call for a sojourn. Ambry-Riddle Aeronautical University is a trailblazer for online masters courses. Ambry-Riddle Aeronautical University provides inexpensive online programs that can only be found at Embry-Riddle. Several of these outstanding courses offer a Master of Science in Aeronautics, a Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering, a Master of Science in Human Factors and a Master of Science in Occupational Safety Management.

The Post University is home to several affordable online Master's programs, among them a Master of Business Administration, a Master of Accounting, a Master of Science in Human Services and a Master of Science in Higher Education Administration. Swiss Post's online training largely reflects the range of training available on the university' s campuses, with many of the same teachers offering both conventional and correspondence training.

The postgraduate programs are offered in 8-week fast-track modular programs so that most graduates can finish their studies within 18-month. It is accredited by the state and the region. One of Kaplan University's online master's programs is a qualification in Computer Security Mangement. The Kaplan is one of the most extensive suppliers of accessible online master's programs in our rankings, offering 25 different low-cost online master's programs.

The offer includes a Masters of Science in Educational Technology, a Masters of Health Information Management, a Masters of Science in Legal Studies and a Masters of Science in Cybersecurity Management. Kaplan's low-cost Master's programs are competence-based, and the student can write their course work according to their own schedule. The Mississippi State University provides a one-of-a-kind online Master's course in Aeronautics and Astronautics.

The Mississippi State University has over 20 affordable online alumni programs through its prestigious Center for Distance Education. Among the Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering, der Master of Science in Food Science, Nutrition & Health Promotion, der Master of Science in Forestry und der Master of Science in Workforce Education Leadership.

MSU correspondence programs provide many of the same benefits as MSU programs, such as tuition, careers service, technological and more. The Liberty University provides affordable online Master's programs based on fundamental European Christians beliefs. Libertys University has one of the longer listings of low-cost online Master's degree courses. Several of these programs contain the Masters of Arts in Biblical Science, the Masters of Arts in Apologetics and the Masters of Arts in Spiritual Service.

Naturally, the college also provides many other non-religious courses, such as a Master of Science in Project Management, a Master of Science in Nursing and a Master of Arts in Communication. Most programs are fully online and there are no registration deadlines, making Liberty a versatile option for low-cost online master's theses.

Tennessee University of Chattanooga's inexpensive online master's programs include a scarce master's in building managemen. University of Tennessee Chattanooga provides the following affordable online Master's programs: an MBA in Business Administration: He holds, der Masters of Science in Criminal Justice und der MED in Elementary Education. Please be aware that these programs may require some participation on site, although 80% of the course is 100% guarantee online.

Our rankings of low-cost online alumni programs are now complete. Which are the most popular online Master's programmes? What is the duration of an Online MBA?

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