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Online accredited diploma

Provides online diplomas and degrees in business and management, hotel and hospitality, IT and computing. Accredited online university degrees can be earned quickly and at your own pace. Register now for the Abitur at a regionally and nationally recognised grammar school. Inexpensive, start at any time and get national accreditation. University accreditation;


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You will be accompanied throughout your entire lifetime by two important factors: your own and your own careers. There is always enough of it to promote your training and professional development and find out what you really like. The Oxford Learning College offers a wide range of classes to help you get a diploma online.

We passionately offer you a range of services that will provide you with the best possible material in the educational community and the much needed assistance during your course. Whether you want to start at GCSE or acquire the necessary skills, our staff can help you find a way to get excited and excited.

We have all our classes online and you can check them out at any given moment. You will have online tutorials to help you through the course material or other work, as well as an online portal that will give you an additional boost to your reward. For more information about our diploma program, please get in touch with our supportive staff today.


If you study online, you will graduate in a few minutes. SABPP is a recognized trade association and quality assurance committee for personnel qualification according to South Africa's National Qualification Framework (NQF). If you already run your own company, this program ensures that you are able to take on the HR roles in your company.

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