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Toyota New Sport Car – 2017 Toyota Supra


Toyota New Sport Car – 2017 Toyota Supra ~ Have you been hearing the rumor of the release of the new 2017 Toyota Supra? Well, you have heard it right. This car will be one of the highest selling cars in 2017. Recently, the independent renderings for this car have even surfaced online. These pictures simply show how convincing this car will be. Based on the pictures, it is easy to tell the details and proportions of this car. The photos show the greatness of this car which adds more reason on why you have to consider this new car to be bought this year. Let’s learn more about this futuristic-styled car.

Toyota New Sport Car – 2017 Toyota Supra

Toyota New Sport Car – 2017 Toyota Supra

Fun to Drive Car

According to the leaked Toyota Supra’s brochure, the manufacture, Toyota, claim this car as fun to drive car. This tag clearly shows how importance of the success of this car for Japanese brand in general. With this branding, it is easy to tell that this car targets mostly the young generations. It doesn’t only offer advanced features and details but also fully enjoyable entertainment system for all the car owners. Of course, engine performance is one of the focuses.

Light Car to Drive

Apparently, exterior body of the new upcoming 2017 Toyota Supra has also been another focus. Toyota and many other car manufacturers believe that lightweight body contributes to driving experience and engine performance. To be clear, the lighter the car, the easier it is to control and drive. In other words, making maneuver will be so much easier. On the city road, this feature is very helpful considering narrow roads around the city. According to the same brochure, this 4-passneger car will only have 1400 kg of weight. For a car in its class, it definitely is among the lightest.

Futuristic Exterior Design

Just recently, Toyota Supra was tested in last September in Europe. And some reliable sources have successfully stolen the pictures of this car. From the observation, the overall design is satisfying. It brings futuristic design. Take a look at its front bumper design for instance. You can tell how this design will be very inspiring. Apparently, it may be inspired from Toyota F-1 car. Yes, imagine how great it will be to have car with F-1 inspired exterior design.

What more does this car have, anyway? Let’s see the roofline concept. This time, Toyota Supra will offer ducktail spoiler on this car’s bootlid and coupe’s sloping roofline. You can also notice the existence of different tail lights. It combines the design of F-1 Toyota car and the last Supra. In summary, the exterior design is sport luxury marque-inspired design. Unfortunately, the details on both the front and rear bumper remain unclear because of the prototype’s heavy camouflage. At least, its headlight appearance already looks so great. And the wheels are looking great as well. With wonderful futuristic design, the inside of this car will be great as well.

Turbocharged Engine

In the last few years, turbocharged engine has definitely been stealing the attention. This time, 2017 Toyota Supra has decided to choose this engine as well. According to leaked information, Toyota will be powered with turbocharged engine with 4 and 6 cylinder petrol. Of course, it is not a surprise because this great car clearly should be and remain powerful car in any terrains. The engine will come with 260 kW power figures for the configuration. It is something possible considering the lightweight body. There is also additional information regarding the hybrid engine which will make a great offer. For the new car owners that have already paid attention to sustainable environment, hybrid Supra will be better choice than the non-hybrid version.

All these features, details and specifications are big news of course. They have given more than enough reasons to consider buying this car. So, do you know when this car will finally be offered in the market? You only have to wait a few more months because it will be officially released in October. And, how much will it be? Approximately, it will be sold at around $100.000.