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How Can Someone Claim That Education Perfect


Education perfect is a dream for all countries in the case of growing the quality of their human resource. It will not solely talk about the accomplishment of successful generation to pursue job for their future. But, the government is emphasized to build the great character of creative generation by serving great education for the kids. The education can be claimed as the perfect one if it fulfills some factors of requirement. It includes the media to learn, the instructor, the surrounding, the access and the method of teaching. In education, using the proper media to teach your students is very much important. Some teachers tend to use old fashion media without any interesting media to entertain students while they are learning. So, it is important to use interactive media such as the technology. But unfortunately, not all countries supported by the proper media.

Based on some Inspirational Quotes on Education, learning will not only talk about the result. But the more important is the process. Therefore, in learning process of education, the students should be occupied by great instructor and surrounding. It can be a key for the students learning faster because they feel comfortable with it. The school and government should think about it better. The next important factor is about the access. Many students or even children cannot continue their study because the access. To make Education perfect, the government should serve easy access since not all students capable to pay higher fee for schools need.

The last thing to see that the education is perfect, government should also see about how the method of teaching for all teacher. Some teachers still uses old fashion methods to teach. It influences the students’ motivation in learning. So, that’s all the factors to make the Education perfect for a country.